Chapter 51 – He Is Unreachable

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“… No.” When Xu Yan said that, the light in his eyes got dim.

Xia Xingkong gritted her teeth as she felt even more indignant. Does Xu Yan still have affection towards Xia Xingchen?

No! She will never allow this to happen!

… …

After hanging up the phone, Bai Yeqing directly asked Leng Fei to drive him to the hospital, while he made a call to Fu Yichen.

“How is the research on anti-Wis drugs?”

Fu Yichen replied, “It’s still under research, however, we made breakthrough progress just an hour ago. I am preparing the material to report to you.”

“How long will it take to produce this drug?”

“It will take at least a month.”

Bai Yeqing replied seriously, “Hurry up, patients nearly run out of time.”

“Okay, we will do it immediately.”

“Xia Guopeng, he is the latest patient, right?” Bai Yeqing asked.

“Yes. But I’m too busy, I didn’t have the time to see him yet.”

“Make an arrangement for me, I’m going to pay all the infected patients a visit.” It was already in his schedule to visit the patients, to give them encouragement and let them feel at ease. Now he was just going ahead of schedule.

Fu Yichen is worried, “You want to visit them now? But the virus is still very active, I’m afraid it’s too dangerous…”

“Your medical staff are on the front line. As the leader of the country, I can’t behave like a coward. Set the schedule as soon as possible!”

Fu Yichen knows his resolute character. So he didn’t go on persuading him but said yes, then hang up the phone.

… …

Xia Xingchen received a call from Leng Fei, he asked her to go directly to Beswell Hospital.

She informed Li Lingyi and then asked for emergency leave from her department head. When the taxi she was in reached the hospital, Li Lingyi, her grandmother, Xia Xingkong, and Xu Yan were already there.

“Xingchen, do you really have a solution?”

As soon as she got off the taxi, the old lady’s trembling body had already greeted her.

“Yes.” Xia Xingchen nodded, but Xia Xingkong looked at her suspiciously, “How come you manage to find a solution? Wouldn’t we come here in vain?”

“Everyone’s here, and there’s no better way, so just trust Xingchen.” Xu Yan chipped in plainly, but his words obviously stood up for Xia Xingchen.

Xia Xingchen looked at him unconsciously, and he was staring at her too.

His eyes were full of complex feelings, which reminded her of what he said to herself in Gomes Golf Course that day, and now she still felt a little embarrassed.

So, just one look at each other, she pretended to look away casually first.


Beswell Hospital’s Dean’s and other medical staff rushed out and formed a line at the entrance.

“The President will arrive soon!” The Dean announced loudly.

“Everyone tidies up and cheers up. The President is very concerned about this epidemic, and we should also welcome Mr. President’s visit and inspection with the best mental outlook.

“Yes!” Everyone answered in chorus, and their voice was tremendous.

Xia Xingchen was surprised that Bai Yeqing would be there himself. As soon as Li Lingyi heard that the president was coming, she was curious to look around, “Xingkong, they are talking about Mr. President, right? I’ve only seen him on TV before. Are we going to see him live today?

“Yes, Exactly.”

“What a surprise! We come here at the right time, we can even see Mr. President!” Li Lingyi was excited like watching stars. As soon as she finished speaking, several bodyguards took the lead and stood on both sides of the street, forming a safety barrier, which kept the crowd away from the outside.

And then…

The motorcade came slowly.

There were six cars in total.

Xia Xingchen first saw Leng Fei, and then was Bai Yeqing surrounded by the crowd.

It was a rare sunny day, he is still so charming like the moon escorted by stars.

“Good afternoon, Mr. President!”

“It’s dangerous inside. Be careful!”

“You look thinner. Take care of yourself!”

“Have you had lunch?”

These enthusiastic and kind-hearted people surrounded him with barely suppressed excitement. Xia Xingchen was shoved away by the crowd, and on several occasions, she almost fell down.

She looked up at him, they were actually very close – he was less than ten meters away from her.

But… it was an impassable distance…

Across the vast sea of people, he stood in the supreme position, while she seemed more and more insignificant.

The longer she looked up at him, the more she felt that the man was unreachable…

The crowd kept pushing and shoving, and she almost fell down.

“Be careful!” Xu Yan put his hand on her waist and looked at her anxiously, “have you sprained the ankle?”

His palm was very hot.

With his help, Xia Xingchen barely put herself up, and when she looked up again, she happened to catch his concerned eyes, feeling a little bit embarrassed.

She shook her head. “I’m OK.”

At this moment, Xia Xingchen felt someone was staring at her back. She looked back, and Xia Xingkong’s grieving eyes seemed to cut a hole in her body.

Remembering what Xu Yan said to herself in the Course that day, she unconsciously stepped back to stay away from Xu Yan.

“Xingkong, look! Mr. President seems to be looking at us!” Li Lingyi shouted with excitement and pulled her daughter’s hand.

Everyone looked back at Mr. President. Xia Xingchen looked precisely into his eyes – deep and complex.

He turned to Leng Fei to whisper a few words, and then drew back his sight, walked forward without pausing.

Xia Xingkong’s attention was all put on Xu Yan. She went over and grabbed Xu Yan, saying indignantly, “Now the President is here, let alone the isolation wards, we can’t even enter the hospital! Sister, if you can’t help, just tell us straight. Don’t waste our time here. Grandma’s health is not good, if someone shoves her to fall down, can you take responsibility for it?

Li Lingyi felt that her daughter’s words were reasonable, so she continued, “That’s it. I have pinned my hope in you, but it looks foolish now. I should have thought of it earlier, even Xu Yan couldn’t help with it, how could you?


When Li Lingyi finished, the crowd was suddenly separated by several black-coated bodyguards.

Next, Fu Yichen came slowly from the separated way and walked straight to Xia Xingchen.

“Miss Xia.” He greeted her politely.

Everyone turned to look at Xia Xingchen with inquiring and envious eyes.

Although few people knew who Fu Yichen was, so many of the president’s bodyguards clear the way for him, he wouldn’t be an ordinary person.

And what about this young girl?

Even Fu Yichen was so polite before her, so she must be even more unusual!

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