Chapter 54 – Take a Risk with Her

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After a while, the others all left.

They were the only ones left at the corridor. Before this he was unreachable, but now he was so close to her…

“What are you waiting for?” He glanced at her.

Xia Xingchen shook her head and said. “I’ll go alone. You can wait outside. It’s so dangerous…”

All of a sudden, Bai Yeqing reached out and took hold of her hand in a natural way.

His hand wrapped around hers and the warmth penetrated her skin and directly rushed into her heart.

She could hear her heart pounding and she felt very nervous.

At the same time, she felt quite nervous.

She was like stepping on the edge of clouds, free but also like treading on thin ice; once accidents happened, she would fall down into pieces.

“Don’t do this…” She subconsciously tried to pull her hand from his. At the same time, she looked up at the camera cautiously, “There are a lot of cameras in the hospital…”

“Save your words!” Bai Yeqing pushed the door of the ward open and led her in.

Xia Xingchen stared at his broad shoulders and a mixed emotions aroused in her heart.

This man had a distinguished status, and in his every trip, he would be guarded strictly. Undoubtedly, his safety and health were extremely important to his entire team.

But now…

He knew how dangerous inside the ward was, but he was willing to take risks with her…

“We have entered the ward now, why are you still dazed?” Bai Yeqing pushed Xia Xingchen’s forward, “go ahead, you only have ten minutes.”

Xia Xingchen looked back at him, and her eyes were full of gratitude.

Then she looked to Xia Guopeng, who was lying in bed.

Xia Guopeng also saw her daughter at this moment but he couldn’t believe his eyes. He suddenly sat up from his bed and said with excitement, “Xingchen!”

… …

At the same time.

In the large surveillance room, four people were treated as guests of honor.

“Ah… How could this happen?” Li Lingyi stared at the screen with disbelief on her face, “how could Mr. President hold Xia Xingchen’s hand?”

Hearing her words, the other three also looked to the screen.

The old lady was meditating, while Xu Yan looked gloomy as his eyes were dim without light.

For a long time, they fixed their eyes on those tightly-clasped hands on the screen. Although they couldn’t hear what they were talking about, they all found this scene quite appealing…

Xu Yan felt bitter and chest-tightened.

Maybe the old lady was right, Xingchen and Mrs. President…

But how could it be possible? They were clearly people from two different worlds!

Xia Xingkong glared at the screen, her eyes were as sharp as a sword. She refused to believe that their country’s President would walk hand in hand with that ordinary Xia Xingchen who even had a son! There must be some special reason for that! Yes! There must be!

She muttered to herself and finally calmed down by self-consolation, but when she peeked at Xu Yan’s sad eyes, the fire of jealousy started burning in her heart again!

… …

“Dad!” Xia Xingchen felt sad when she saw her father’s bony appearance. As she walked to the bedside, her eyes were immediately brimmed with tears.

“How did you come in here?” Xia Guopeng’s withered hand held hers excitedly.

He was so ill that even his voice was trembling.

“He brought me in.” Xia Xingchen sat down beside the bed and turned back.

Bai Yeqing looked into her tearful eyes, walked slowly over and stood in front of the bed.

“Mr… Mr. President?” Xia Guopeng stared at the man incredibly, thinking he could have blurred vision because of the infection.

But after wiping his eyes, he found it was really Mr. President!!

Bai Yeqing nodded slightly and answered him, “Mr. Xia, don’t worry too much. The scientific research institutes have made great breakthroughs and effective drugs will be produced soon.”

His words were simple but carried a natural power to calm people down.

After hearing his words, Xia Xingchen felt quite relieved, she held Xia Guopeng in her arms, “Dad, you heard that. Don’t give up, you must keep your spirits up. Grandma, Xingkong and others are still waiting for you.”

Xia Guopeng also hugged her daughter tightly. His hands accidentally removed the mask on her face, and the mask fell into the garbage can beside them, but Xia Xingchen didn’t notice it at all.

Bai Yeqing frowned but didn’t say any words.

When the father and daughter had finished speaking, she got up and found his fierce eyes.

She was already with a heavy heart, and when seeing his cold eyes, her felt more grieved, the tears she just held back almost gushed out again.

What’s wrong with him?

Taking off his mask, Bai Yeqing asked while gnashing his teeth, “What have I told you?”

“You said I have 10 minutes.” Xia Xingchen checked her watch, “I just stayed longer by few seconds.”

“You won’t have another chance to come here!” Then he put the mask on her face layer by layer, and Xia Xingchen could see his angry face.

She was shocked.

That’s why he behaved so aggressive.

The grievance suddenly dispersed, and mixed feelings surged out of her heart, her eyes got misty immediately.

She subconsciously tried to remove the mask.

“You try it!” He scolded, staring fiercely at her.

She stared at him and refuted, “This is yours! You put it on!”

Bai Yeqing grabbed her hand, showing no gentleness. He lowered his voice and said, “Don’t make trouble anymore! If you are infected with the virus, I’ll throw you out of the house, and then you will never see your son again!”

His voice was so low that only the two of them could hear.

His tone was so fierce and full of threats, but…

She didn’t hate it at all.

Instead… Her heart was suffused with unspeakable warmth and uncontrollable emotions…

“Then… What if you get infected?” Xia Xingchen was nervous.

“I’m not as weak as you are!”

On the other side, Xia Guopeng couldn’t see them clearly, but with his blurred vision, he could still feel that there was something unusual between the two.

His daughter and Mr. President… Are in relationship?!

This is… Impossible!

Xia Guopeng couldn’t believe his eyes, but this scene was authentic, especially the way Mr. President looked at Xingchen – she was special to him…

… …

After seeing her father, Xia Xingchen felt much better.

Sigh… They do care about each other, why still resist on suppressing their affections? This must be a total slow-romance… (•́へ•́╬)

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