Chapter 55 – Protect His Woman

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After they left the isolation ward area, she removed her mask and protection suit. Then a staff member led her to the waiting lounge. When she arrived, the old lady and others greeted her with a mixed expressions.

Especially Xu Yan…

His eyes were so deep and dark, like being covered with a layer of dust.

Xia Xingchen intentionally ignored him and went directly to the old lady, “Grandma, don’t worry, Dad is in good condition. Besides, as Mr. President said, the medicine will be produced soon, by then Dad will be cured.

“That’s good.” The old lady nodded reassuringly.

Li Lingyi said sourly, “Xingchen, you really didn’t waste your time messing up with those lousy men. An unmarried woman with children like you is just different from ordinary girls, you can hook up with any men as you like. I wonder what will happen if they discover how dissolute you were.

Xia Xingchen immediately realized what was going on now.

There were so many CCTV in that ward, and obviously, they had witnessed everything…

Not only she knew that Bai Yeqing’s caring about her, but they also observed that.

Xia Xingchen knew what the purpose of Li Lingyi was, she then smiled more brilliantly, “Speaking of these, you are much more experienced than me, aren’t you? My Dad knows everything about your past, but he’s still on your hook, isn’t he?”


Li Lingyi felt awkward, she didn’t expect Xia Xingchen to mention her past. When she turned to the old lady, sure enough, her expression was as cold as ice.

The old lady had long since been unsatisfied with Xia Guopeng’s remarriage, so these years, Li Lingyi behaved modest and pleased her with flattering, then the tension between the two finally eased a little. Now Xia Xingchen mentioned the past again, the old lady would naturally be unhappy.

Li Lingyi would have wanted to refute Xia Xingchen’s accusation, but someone suddenly pushed the door open.

When they looked to the door, they were all shocked.

Bai Yeqing stood in the doorway like a celebrity, even without doing anything, his compelling aura already made it difficult for them to breathe.

As if they would submit to him at once.

“Mr. President.” Xu Yan was the first to break the silence.

He took a step forward and saluted Bai Yeqing respectfully.

Bai Yeqing nodded in response to Xu Yan, and then he made a gesture to Leng Fei and others to stop behind him while he alone entered and shook hands with the old lady.

“You may rest assured as Mr. Xia will be discharged from hospital soon.”

“Mr. President, we can be at ease since you said that. Thanks for your concern.”

“My pleasure.”

He remained calm as usual.

Then without saying anything more, he turned to leave, and at the same time, he shot a glance at Xia Xingchen.

When Xia Xingchen caught his sight, the emotions in her heart burst out.

She worried about him so much that she unconsciously reached out and pulled the corner of his suit while he was turning around.

Bai Yeqing stopped at once.

He turned his head.

Then these two people looked directly into the eyes of each other and found ambiguous light sparkling.

“What’s wrong?” He asked in a flat voice.

“… If you have any symptoms later, you must go to Doctor Fu as soon as possible.”

The concern in her eyes was completely exposed.

Bai Yeqing raised his brows, “So what symptoms do you hope I will have?”

“None!” Xia Xingchen shook her head and frowned, “I hope nothing bad happens to you!”

After a long while, he finally whispered, “I see.”

After that, he didn’t move.

And his eyes fell on her hand, which was still holding his clothes. Xia Xingchen then realized that and she let go and put her hands behind.

Well, it’s a bit embarrassing.

He looked at her again and saw her blushed face, then turned around. At this moment, there seemed to be a trace of smiling on his calm face, which made him very charming.

On the other side, Xu Yan watched them with shock.

And the other three all harbored their own thoughts.

Before they just suspected Xia Xingchen’s relationship with the president, but now their interactions had verified that!

… …

Xia Xingchen went back to the Foreign Ministry, and Xu Yan drove the other three back home.

There were four people in the car, and all of them were contemplating except for the old lady.

By right they should be happy after knowing Xia Guopeng’s condition, then met and talked to Mr. President today. However, the three of them were extremely upset at this moment.

Li Lingyi originally wanted to get the bank card password, but now she completely forgotten about it. All she remembered was Xia Xingchen’s interactions with Mr. President.

When she thought of it, she would feel chest pain.

Why is that woman so lucky?

… …

Two days later.

Xia Xingchen had a fever as expected.

When the servant woke her up, she was in a complete dizziness and sweat was around her body. When she touched her forehead, she was frightened by the amazing heat.

Is this caused by WIS?

Was I infected by the virus at the hospital from two days ago?

“Miss Xia, are you awake?” Without hearing anything, the servant knocked on the door again, “you are going to be late for work.”

“I’m awake.” Xia Xingchen responded, then she found her voice become hoarse. She thought for a moment and continued, “I won’t eat breakfast, please go down and tell little master and Mr. President – they don’t have to wait for me, I’m… taking a bath.”

If it’s really a WIS infection, what she can do now is to avoid contact with them.


She has to move out quickly and have a full physical examination.

Bai Yeqing and Xia Dabai didn’t take her excuse seriously and left. Upstairs, Xia Xingchen packed some clothes, put on a mask and hurried down.

“Miss Xia.” The butler greeted her.

Xia Xingchen covered her nose and stepped back cautiously, “Mr. butler, when little master comes back in the afternoon, please tell him that I won’t be back for several days. And please take good care of him for me.”

“Miss Xia is in a hurry?” Seeing her tense look, the butler asked her with concern.

She shook her head, then hurried out of the presidential residence.

… …

She immediately rushed to the hospital without stopping. Her fever was getting worse and when she sat in the taxi, everything looked blurry and she couldn’t focus on anything.

She became alarmed as her temperature increased.

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