Chapter 56 – Accompanying You Is a Luxury

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Leaning against the back seat, her mind was full of him and her son…

She was so afraid, afraid of being sent to the isolation ward and unable to see them for a long time, also of… their being infected by her…

“Miss, we’ve arrived.”The driver’s voice pulled her back from her thoughts. After paying the fares, she got off the taxi with struggle and she could hardly stand on her feet.

The hospital is close at hand.

It’s torturing to queue up for registration especially with her condition.


When she felt she was about to give up, a familiar voice with concern suddenly sounded.

She felt as if she were hallucinating.

Xu Yan trotted from 10 meters away.

Her eyes were blurred, she tried to answer him. In spite of her dry lips moving, her voice was so hoarse that she could not call his name.

“It’s really you!” Xu Yan looked at her with worry, “what’s wrong with you?”

Half of her face was covered by the mask.

But he could still recognize her at a glance in the crowd despite the fact that they had broken up for so long. This is amazing.

Xia Xingchen shook her head and her body looked a bit shaky. Xu Yan stepped forward and supported her, “Are you OK?”

“… You… Stay away from me…” Xia Xingchen pushed Xu Yan away, “don’t stay too close to me…”

Seeing her condition, Xu Yan frowned and directly lifted her to his chest without saying a word.

“Hey! Xu Yan…” Xia Xingchen struggled, “put me down, I may be infected with Wis!”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Xu Yan looked down at her and then continued firmly, “if you are really infected, I will accompany you.”

His scorching eyes almost pierced through her heart and she stunned.

The next moment, she suddenly got annoyed, beating him with fists, “Stop it! Do you think it’s a cold-like illness? People infected with it may die! Xu Yan, put me down now! “

“Save your energy, I won’t let you go!” Xu Yan insisted.

Xia Xingchen felt warm in heart. She looked up at him – it was the first time that she had been so close to him since they separated five years ago…

He has matured a lot…

That innocent youth had transformed into a handsome man.

He’s such a pretty man who used to be her most beautiful dream…

“Fool! If I do infect you, I won’t feel at ease…” Her eyes got misty.

He looked down at her, pulled the corner of his lips and smiled bitterly, “Xingchen, you know what? Now I think… I can accompany you at this moment… is already a luxury for me…”

His tone was so gloomy and sentimental that she felt her heart twitched a little.

At this moment, she was unable to say anything more in his arms.

She stopped struggling, looked away and didn’t answer him.

“I know a doctor here who happened to be transferred from the fever department recently.” Xu Yan continued in a soft voice, “you can rest assured that no matter what the situation is, you will not be alone.”

“Thank you, Xu Yan.” She didn’t want to refuse his kindness anymore.

Especially when she was sick and vulnerable…

“By the way, why do you come to the hospital? Are you sick?

He laughed, “You are concerned about me?”

Xia Xingchen denied deliberately, “I’m so sick now that I have no energy to care about you.”

He laughed more happily, “Don’t worry, I just have a bad insomnia recently, so I come here to get some sleeping pills.”

As a matter of fact…

After coming back from the hospital that day, he hardly closed his eyes these two nights. Once he did so, he would always remember when she was with Mr. President…

Every scene would stab his heart.

It hurt so much…


The hospital is a very troublesome place.

Xia Xingchen was asked to do one examination after another. With a heavy head and feet, she was unable to distinguish the directions. Fortunately, Xu Yan was here to help her.

He did a lot of things for her running up and down in the hospital, actually, he was even more nervous than she was.

When the nurse was drawing her blood, he patiently patted her back and comforted her gently. When she felt thirsty, he would fetch warm water for her but himself was too busy to take a mouthful of water.

After all these examinations got done, Xia Xingchen was called into the consulting room by the doctor. Xu Yan asked the doctor first, “How’s it going? Has the result come out yet?”

“There is one result coming out two days later. In these two days, the patient had better stay at home and not go anywhere. Everyone should keep her at a distance.” The doctor advised and took a look at Xu Yan, “you too, these few days don’t stay so close to her .”

“I know that.” Xu Yan was afraid that Xia Xingchen would get upset, he looked at her with concern.

She pulled her mask tighter and asked in a soft voice, “Doctor, then… With my case, is there a high possibility of infection?

“Yes. But now the result hasn’t come out, no one can say that for sure.”

Hearing that, Xia Xingchen’s heart got cold, and the tears was accumulating in her eyes.

“I’ll make a phone call.” She spoke to Xu Yan in a low voice, then went out and huddled in a small corner. Xu Yan’s worried eyes followed her.


First, she called the presidential residence and asked the butler to answer the phone.

“Miss Xia.”

“Mr. butler, please… Sterilize the whole house. Especially in the rooms of little master and Mr. President, don’t miss any corner…” She spoke in a mute voice.

“What’s wrong, Miss Xia?” The butler was worried.

Xia Xingchen was afraid that the butler would tell Bai Yeqing and Xia Dabai, so she simply said, “Do what I say, remember, don’t miss every corner. I have to make other calls, gotta go.”

Then she hung up without waiting for the butler to answer.

She contemplated for a while and opened the phone book, fixing her eyes on the number of “Future Husband”.

She was really worried about him…

Finally, she dialed the number.

In fact, she did not hold any hope that he would pick it up, because he’s always so busy…


This time, after the phone rang three times, he answered the phone.

He didn’t take the lead in speaking, but just listened to her breath coming from the other end.

Xia Xingchen also listened quietly and her eyes became misty without a reason.

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