Chapter 58 – She Disappeared Suddenly

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“Let the cars before and after go, they don’t have to follow us anymore.”

Bai Yeqing ordered.

Leng Fei responded and made a call to give a command. Soon, several cars quickly dispersed and joined the flow of cars.

After a while, the car stopped.

They waited at the street corner, which was still a distance away from the Foreign Ministry.

He sat patiently in the back seat and waited, looking at the exit of the grand gate of the Foreign Ministry. It’s still early today, so they should not miss her.

However, the driver came out alone.

He frowned.

The driver got on the car and reported, “Your Excellency, Miss Xia is not there.”

“What happened?”

“Miss Xia was on leave today.”

On leave today?

She has always been a dedicated person, so she won’t ask for leave unless it’s urgency. But when she called him today, he didn’t hear her mention anything about that.

He remained silent, and the driver was not sure what Mr. President was thinking, so he had to look at Leng Fei.

Leng Fei asked Bai Yeqing, “Shall we go back to the presidential residence first?”

“Go.” He only uttered one simple word.

This woman is really puffed up; He thought.

The first time he came to pick her up in person and she actually stood him up.

In short, she always gets some ways to piss him off.

Bai Yeqing frowned and played with his cell phone for a while, and then finally called her.


Seeing she fall asleep again, Xu Yan carefully tucked her in bed and his eyes lingered on her, feeling reluctant to leave.

At this moment, her cell phone on the bedside cupboard suddenly rang.

Afraid of waking her up, he rushed to get her cell phone and tried to mute the tone. However, when his eyes fell on the screen, he became gloomy all at once.

The phrase ‘Future Husband’ stuck out like a sword piercing through his heart.

He really wanted to know who was her ‘Future Husband’. Was it Yu Zenan or…

Mr. President?

His thumb slipped to the answering key without control. However, before he could listen to the other speak, the phone beeped and turned to a black screen.

Her phone was power off.

He stared at the dark screen for a long time and then put the phone back in place.

While at the other side…

“Sorry, the subscriber you have dialed cannot be reached, please try again!…” Bai Yeqing held his cell phone and listened to the cold mechanical voice coming from it, his face was getting more and more sullen.

He was very angry.

And he made several more calls, but each time only that mechanical voice answered him.

He now felt a little restless.

What the hell is this woman doing?

When they arrived at the presidential residence, Bai Yeqing changed his shoes and looked around downstairs with a sullen face.

“Where is Miss Xia?” He asked the servant.

“Miss Xia hasn’t come back yet.”

Hearing this, he almost got a headache. He didn’t know why he would easily get restless today.

“Dad, uncle butler said Dabao won’t come back today.”

Xia Dabai was sitting on the sofa, and he raised his head from the comic book while talking to Bai Yeqing.

“Nonsense!” Bai Yeqing didn’t believe it. They had made an appointment that she would cook for him tonight. Last time he waited for a whole night in vain, this time she dared not stand him up again.

“It’s true, you can ask uncle butler.”

The kid replied him with assurance, so Bai Yeqing frowned and looked at the butler dubiously.

“What’s the matter?”

The gloom and oppression of his face made the butler felt extremely stressed.

He lowered his head nervously and whispered, “When Miss Xia went out early this morning, she told me that she would be out for a few days, and she also told me to take good care of little master.”

“Why?” His voice sounded as cold as ice.

The butler shook his head and answered, “She didn’t tell me why. She simply put on the mask and went away hurriedly with a pale face. By the way, she called me at noon to ask me to disinfect the house. So we spent the whole afternoon sanitizing and just finished.”

No wonder he could smell a pungent odor.



The mask? Sudden disappearance? Disinfection?


That call she made this afternoon…

He already felt something wrong at that time, but he didn’t take it seriously.

Bai Yeqing turned to the servant and commanded, “Get Secretary Leng for me!”


Seeing his gloomy face, the servant dared not dawdle and rushed out in a hurry.

Leng Fei was just about to leave in the car, and the servant called him while gasping, “Wait! Secretary Leng! Wait a minute!”

He got out of the car at once and asked, “Any orders from His Excellency?”

“Yes, His Excellency wants you to see him as soon as possible.”

Leng Fei hurried to the presidential residence, and Bai Yeqing stepped out with a terrible face.

“What happened?” Leng Fei asked.

“Xia Xingchen is gone! Whatever the way you use, find her for me right now! “

“Roger. I’ll do it now!”

Leng Fei made a call while walking out.

It’s quite easy to find out a person by the intelligence network of NIA(National Intelligence Agency). But one can never use it for personal purposes.

Once someone with ill intentions knows that Mr. President looks for a woman in person, he will definitely take this chance to attack Mr. President. At that time, even Miss Xia and little master’s life could be in danger.

So Leng Fei had to rely on other resources to find Xia Xingchen.


At night.

Xia Xingchen woke up with the persisting fever, and the sweat soaked her whole body.

She got up from bed, went out of the room and saw an open kitchen. Xu Yan was busy in the kitchen. He was well-dressed and well-fed since he was a child, so naturally, he was clumsy with cooking.

“You awake?”

Feeling her sight, he suddenly raised his head and hurried out of the kitchen, “Do you feel better?”

Xia Xingchen wanted to stay away from him for fear of infection.

“It’s too late to keep me away now. Don’t worry. You see, I feel good now, right?” Xu Yan supported her to the sofa, “Sit down and I’ll take your temperature with a thermometer.”

“No need…” Her lips were dry and bloodless. Putting her hands on the sofa, she continued frankly, “I’d better go out and find a hotel to settle down.”

Xu Yan still wanted her to stay, but she insisted on leaving and he couldn’t persuade her.

“Wait for me. I’ll get the car keys and send you out.”

Xu Yan said and went into his bedroom.

Xia Xingchen didn’t want to bother him or infect him, so she took her belongings and went to the door without waiting for him.

However, the door was opened by a person outside with the key when her hand reached the handle.

When she saw the visitor, she went blank for a moment.

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