Chapter 59 – Mr. President Is Here

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The visitor also stunned.

The moment that Xia Xingkong realized that it was not her imagination, she yelled, “Xia Xingchen, why are you here?!”

“…” Xia Xingchen tried to explain, but her throat was dry, and she could utter no word, so she just kept going.

But Xia Xingkong already turned red with anger, she stopped Xia Xingchen and slapped her.

Xia Xingchen tried to dodge but failed, as she was too weak now. Immediately, Xia Xingchen’s palm-sized face became red and swollen with five noticeable fingerprints.

After getting this slap, she got more dizzy and her thoughts all scattered.

“Xingkong, what are you doing?” Xu Yan saw this scene as soon as he came over.

He frowned and held Xia Xingchen in his arms.

“Let me have a look. Does it hurt?”

Xia Xingchen struggled to get out of his arms, but he didn’t let her go. He just stared at Xia Xingkong disappointedly, “Xingkong, Xingchen is your elder sister. How can you slap her?”

“Xu Yan-ge*, why do you stick up for her every time? Can’t you see that she harbours unknown intentions to you?”

(XX-ge: the way a female calls a male to show intimacy or respects.)

Xu Yan smiled bitterly – he actually hoped that she would harbour some intentions to him.


He was the one who harbored unknown intentions…

“Wait for me outside. I want to have a talk with you.” Xu Yan opened the door to drive Xia Xingkong away. Afterwards, he lifted the dizzy Xia Xingchen in his arms and walked inside.

“Xu Yan, I don’t allow you to go! Stop!” Xia Xingkong pulled him, and the fire of resentment on her face was burning.

One patient, plus two sober people, all didn’t notice the situation outside the door, where someone took a photo of them at this moment.


“We’ve found Miss Xia.” Leng Fei went to the presidential residence and reported to Bai Yeqing with caution.

“Where is she?” Bai Yeqing stood up by his desk.

“… Check this, please.” Leng Fei dared not speak more and just handed over his phone, “One of our people just sent this to me.”

Once Bai Yeqing saw that photo, his face turned icy-cold and his scorching eyes almost penetrated through the screen.

He clenched his fists.

The atmosphere inside the study cooled down in an instant, and his overbearing air made it difficult for Leng Fei to breathe.

On that picture… Miss Xia was lying in Xu Yan’s arms like a little bird, and they looked just like an ordinary intimate couple.

“Then… Are we going to pick up Miss Xia right now?” Leng Fei couldn’t figure out what he was thinking and asked with trepidation after a long while.

“Why bother, she looks perfect, doesn’t she?” He responded coldly and threw the phone back to Leng Fei, “Go back to sleep, don’t care about her!”

“…” Leng Fei caught the phone and came out of the study with doubts.

Can Mr. President really ignore Miss Xia?

Sure enough, before he left the presidential residence, someone called him.


Downstairs in the apartment building.

Xia Xingkong stared at Xu Yan with tears, “What did you say? Say it again!”

“I’m sorry. Let’s cancel the engagement…”

“Just for Xia Xingchen? Xu Yan-ge, I refuse! If you are angry with me because I just slapped her, I will apologize. I really don’t know she’s sick.” Xia Xingkong held Xu Yan’s arm as if grabbing the final straw.

Xu Yan took her hand away and said, “I’m sorry, Xingkong. Actually, it has nothing to do with today’s affairs. I’ve been trying to tell you so long ago, but I just couldn’t find an appropriate time.

“Xu Yan-ge, you can’t do this to me…”

Xia Xingkong begged him. At this moment, a few strong lights came from far away.

They looked over there unconsciously, and the lights dazzled their eyes.

And then…

Several luxury cars slowly passed the gate of the residential area and stopped before them.

Several people in black showed up, and then someone pulled open the door of one of the cars, Bai Yeqing then got out of the car in a gray overcoat.

At night, the cool wind blew and his clothes fluttered. He stood there and looking down at the two people beside him with a domineering manner.

Xu Yan was amazed, no, actually he was shocked.

“Mr… Mr. President?”

Bai Yeqing glanced at him, and his expressionless look made Xu Yan feel oppressed.

“She is here?” He turned to ask Leng Fei in a low voice.

Leng Fei nodded, “Yes, she’s at Mr. Xu’s house.”

Bai Yeqing again fixed his eyes on Xu Yan, then walked to the elevator.

Xu Yan slowly recovered from his shock and said to Xia Xingkong, “I will go upstairs first.”

After that, he followed the person in front to catch the elevator.

Xia Xingkong stood there alone and thought about all these things with jealousy: again, both the President and Xu Yan fight over Xia Xingchen, a woman who has given birth to a child; what on earth does she have that can make both of them crazy for her?


After a while, they arrived at the entrance door. Before Xu Yan could take the key to open the door, someone from inside pulled it open.

The person inside was already so weak that she could collapse at any time.

Bai Yeqing looked at her and his face looked as cold as ever.

Xia Xingchen was dumbfounded. She had never expected that he would appear before her now.

The shock and excitement in her heart lasted only a few seconds.

When she thought about her present condition, she covered her mouth and nose with one hand tightly and tried to close the door with the other hand subconsciously.

Bai Yeqing stared at her and snapped, “Dare you to close the door!”

Being shocked by his words, Xia Xingchen paused and looked up at him with misty eyes. Now he seemed to be a fierce tiger, and she was only a little white rabbit under his claws.

“Come out.” Bai Yeqing commanded.

Xia Xingchen walked out slowly as her legs were feeble.

Then he directly reached out to pull her into his arms, so she bumped into his chest like a sack. While his strong chest was as hard as stone, so she nearly fainted by this knock.

Bai Yeqing covered her forehead with his hand and was shocked by the temperature. He whispered to Leng Fei, “Ask Dr. Fu to assemble his staff and wait at the presidential residence!”

“Roger.” Leng Fei replied.

“Don’t stay so close to me…” Being afraid of infecting him, Xia Xingchen tried her best to put his hand way. Because of the severe fever, even her slender fingertips got wet from sweating.

Without loosening his hand around her waist, Bai Yeqing parted the sweat-soaked hair that covered half of her face, then a clear five fingerprints showed.

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