Chapter 60 – The Most Hateful Girlfriend

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Even Leng Fei by their side was shocked by Xia Xingchen’s appearance.

Obviously, someone slapped her in the face.

“How did you get this?” He asked, and the overbearing air around him made people suffocated.

Xia Xingchen turned her head away and said nothing.

He grasped her chin with one hand and turned her little face to him. In this way, he could see the fingerprints more clearly.

She frowned because of pain. He glared at her and then turned to Xu Yan and questioned, “Who did this?”

Until now, Xu Yan, as a bystander, had known Mr. President’s thoughts clearly.

Xu Yan himself can do everything for Xingchen, as for this supreme powerful man of this country, he also has never flinched or hesitated before her illness.

“Mr. Xu, His Excellency is asking you.” Leng Fei reminded Xu Yan.

Xu Yan answered, “It’s just a misunderstanding. Xingkong is not as calm as Xingchen, she has always been a little reckless.”

“Xia Xingkong?” Bai Yeqing looked to Xia Xingchen, “His fiancee?”

He deliberately mentioned the word ‘fiancee’.

Xia Xingchen nodded and said, “H’m.”

He snorted, “You deserve it! Why play gooseberry!”

“…” Both Leng Fei and Xu Yan dumbfounded.

They had thought that the President was going to take it out on Xia Xingkong, or at least reclaim justice for her. But as a result…

Xia Xingchen got so angry that even her eyes turned red.

She pushed his hand away abruptly.

“I simply like playing gooseberry and annoying others. It’s none of your business…” Xia Xingchen avoided him sideways indignantly and walked out.

Bai Yeqing caught up with her in one step.

And the next second…

Her body was raised up, and then this domineering man lifted her in his arms.

“Let me go!”

“Shut up!”

“I deserve it, deserve to be slapped, and deserve to get ill, so you leave me alone!” She rattled in a fit of pique. The more uncomfortable a person feels, the more fragile he/she is.

While he didn’t mean to appease her at all, but said in a cold and dead voice, “You are now a suspect carrying WIS virus, if you run around and get more people infected, I will tie you up with a chain!”


This guy came here to find me just because he is afraid of the spread of the epidemic, right?

Xia Xingchen didn’t want to argue with him anymore. In the end, she was like tucked into the car by him.

Xu Yan came downstairs with them. After Bai Yeqing settled her down, he walked to Xu Yan.

“I’ll give Xia Xingkong one day to apologize to her. Otherwise, the consequences are at her own expense.”

His voice was so low and deep that only they two could hear it.

Then without pausing, he turned to walk to the car.

Leng Fei quickly stopped him and said, “Your Excellency, what about getting in another car…”

He had tried his best to be euphemistic.

“Don’t be meddling!”

Bai Yeqing warned him, pulled the door open and got in the limo.

He sat on the right and Xia Xingchen on the left.

Along the way, they sat face to face; he was in a sulk, and she was also still angry with his just “deserve” remarks, so she kept looking outside the window.

Bai Yeqing seemed to have no intention of talking to her, just being focused on dealing with his files.

“You feel aggrieved for this slap?” When she thought he would never speak again, he started speaking slowly.

Xia Xingchen replied, “I dare not feel aggrieved. You said I deserve it then I do.”

Her voice was dripping with sarcasm, which annoyed the listener a lot.

But Bai Yeqing didn’t get pissed off. He just raised his eyebrows and looked at her, “Do you know what kind of ex-girlfriend is the most hateful?”

“…” She didn’t want to respond to him.

“Just like you.” He fixed her with a piercing stare, “How many years have you parted? Why still meddling with each other till now?”

She was surprised that this guy now started to teach her a lesson! And he even did so in such an arrogant way!

Xia Xingchen was both upset and angry, “If it weren’t for Your Excellency, why would we break up?”

“Now you regret and want to retrieve your lover, don’t you?” His voice dropped a little.

“Of course I regret it.” Xia Xingchen looked at him with a stubborn face, “You have said that you get a way to make him marry me, now I am ready, shall we plan it now?”

Bai Yeqing’s eyes were like fierce shooting swords, “I see, one slap is not enough to wake you up from your daydreaming.”

It seemed that he was quite satisfied with this slap!

She was getting more and more angry and then raged, “Drop me off at the front, I won’t go back to the presidential residence with you!”

Even if she wouldn’t die of illness, she would do so because of anger.

“…” Bai Yeqing simply ignored her words and only glanced at her gloomily with his legs overlapped.

And his expression was full of disdain and impatience.

Xia Xingchen felt particularly aggrieved at this moment.

She didn’t want to mess up with Xu Yan at all. If she were in good health and sober, she would have left his house early, then she wouldn’t be slapped by Xia Xingkong.

Now after Xia Xingkong, he also gives vent to me, why?

After all, I haven’t offended him!

The more she thought about it, the more irritated she got. Then she made up her mind to reach out to the door.

Bai Yeqing frowned, “What are you doing?”

“Ask Leng Fei to stop the car!”

“No one dares to command me yet!” He spoke harshly.

Xia Xingchen pushed the door open abruptly.

She moved to the door and prepared to jump. (Caution: Dangerous act, don’t imitate!!!)

Bai Yeqing got so nervous that when the cool wind blew in, he immediately pulled her back with one hand.

“Xia Xingchen, you’re dicing with death!” He roared with wrath.

On his other hand, the documents were hurled out and pounded at the floor with a ‘bang’.

A sharp piece of paper flew past her face and scratched her ear, so some beads of blood came out.

His face was sullen and he stared at her as if he was going to swallow her whole.

Her heart trembled while she looked back at him with jittering eyelashes. She didn’t know whether she was frightened by his looks or what, her tears gushed out without stopping.

“Why crying?” His voice didn’t get gentle at all. Today, he was really pissed off by this woman again and again!

“…” Xia Xingchen didn’t say anything but took her hand off his in a fit of pique.

When she looked at her wrist, the white skin was now red.

What a rude guy.

Now they had nothing to say again.

She was not that dumb or bold but just wanted to frighten him. She dared not jump from the car, as there were so many cars and it was dark outside.

What’s more, although she said that she would not return to the presidential residence with him, she understood that it was just an angry outburst.

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