Chapter 61 – Xia Xingchen, You’re Dicing with Death

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Where could she go if she didn’t go back to the presidential residence now? What’s more, she was a person who needed to be quarantined.

So, they refused to budge all along the way.

Until the car had stopped in front of the presidential residence and someone came to respectfully pull the door open, she put on her mask and took the lead to get off.

But her legs along with her body were still limp. When the autumn wind blew over, she felt sometimes hot and sometimes cold.

Bai Yeqing was still angry, so this time he left her to walk slowly in the manor but didn’t support her.

Xia Dabai, who was wearing slippers and pajamas, flew downstairs and called out excitedly, “Dabao.”

He was like a little angel who was trying to hold Xia Xingchen. She indeed wanted to hold her baby, but she couldn’t.

“Dabai, don’t come close to me.” She frowned and kept retreating as if confronted by a formidable enemy.

Bai Yeqing ordered the butler, “Take the young master into the main resident! He is not allowed to enter the annex resident these two days! “


The butler stopped the child directly.

Xia Dabai saw his dad and Dabao went to the deputy building together, but he didn’t understand what was going on.

Lying in the butler’s arms, he giggled and asked, “Uncle butler, is my dad having a date with Dabao, so I’m not allowed to disturb them?”

“… Maybe.”

“They’re going to make a baby!”

“…” The corners of the butler’s lips twitched: This kid…

“Dad said that two people sleep together can make a baby. Then I will leave them alone, uncle butler, you should also ask others not to disturb them.”


“I want a younger sister, uncle butler, can they make a little sister for me to play with? But what if they make a little brother? I don’t like boys.”

The butler really wanted to tell him that he thought too much. But looking at this little fellow’s expectant face, the butler became speechless.


It was very dark in the room as there was no light at all. Xu Yan lay on his bed with his eyes closed.

Even after such a long time, he could still smell her…

He breathed hard, trying to find some comfort to fill his empty and painful heart.


The more he did so, the more his heart hurt…

She was taken away by Mr. President in his arms, he was just there, but could do nothing…

Then she went farther and farther from him…

After lying for a long time, he fumbled for his phone on the bedside table and made a call.

“Xu Yan-ge, I don’t want to break up with you…” As soon as Xia Xingkong answered the phone, she started to beg him, crying, “I won’t cancel our engagement… I disagree!”

“I’ve decided, I’m sorry.” Xu Yan’s words sounded so ruthless that there was no chance to retrieve the situation. After a pause, he continued, “Tomorrow, go to apologize to Xingchen, please.”

“Apologize to Xia Xingchen?!” Xia Xingkong was trembling with anger at his last remark, even her voice was also trembling, “Xu Yan, you’ve gone too far! She took away my man, and she should apologize to me though I will never forgive her! Why should I apologize to her? I would rather die!”

In the end, Xia Xingkong’s voice became shriller and she more hysterical.

Xu Yan had never seen Xia Xingkong behaved like this.

He rubbed between his eyebrows and said, “Don’t blame Xingchen. It’s all my fault. Xingkong…”

He paused and sat up tiredly, his voice became deeper and lower, “I have never loved you, I am a selfish guy who just wants to find a substitute of Xingchen. However, I found out that… You are two completely different people…”

Xia Xingkong breathed heavily.

“I am sorry, if you are angry, just vent your anger at me. But Xingchen really has nothing to do with all these matters, so I hope you won’t get mad at her any more.”

“You…” Xia Xingkong was too angry to say any words, because Xu Yan took over all the responsibilities to protect Xia Xingchen.

“Both of you are shameless! Xu Yan, it’s OK you want to dump me, but you will never be with Xia Xingchen! As long as I have a rough time, you will pay for it!!!” After that, she hung up abruptly.

Xu Yan sighed as he watched the screen darkening.

He knew it was not an appropriate time to confess his thoughts, but the situation could get worse if he kept hesitating.


Bai Yeqing took Xia Xingchen to the annex building and settled her down. After a short while, Fu Yichen and his team went in.

The medical team were all in white coat, wearing masks and gloves. Fu Yichen gave Xia Xingchen a basic examination. On the other side, someone was taking Bai Yeqing’s temperature.

“Miss Xia, I’ve got all your results in Linchuan Hospital today. From the results available, we can’t give you an accurate diagnosis for the time being. However, no pulmonary infection has been found, so we will treat it as a common cold first.”

Fu Yichen talked to her while going through the files.

“Thank you for your hard work, it’s so late now…” Xia Xingchen’s voice was weak, with a drip hanging over her arm.

“Don’t mention it. These are our job.” Fu Yichen said, “Our team will stay here today. If vomiting or other symptoms occur to you at night, ring the bell immediately, OK?”

“OK.” Xia Xingchen blinked as a consent.

“Have you eaten any food today?”

“No, I have no appetite.”

Hearing her words, Bai Yeqing finally knew why this woman couldn’t even walk steadily. Even a normal person will get feeble if he/she hasn’t eaten for a day, not to mention a patient.

“Ask your people to write a menu and send it to the kitchen.” He said to Fu Yichen.

Fu Yichen nodded. Xia Xingchen shook her head, “I really have no appetite.”

Bai Yeqing was decisive, “Do as I say.”

“…” Xia Xingchen pouted: this man is too domineering.


The medical team stayed here, while Fu Yichen soon left.

Bai Yeqing personally sent him out, leaving Xia Xingchen alone in the room.

She remembered that she had to ask for leave from work tomorrow, so she took out the cell phone and found it was already power off. She fumbled and made to charge the phone at the end of the bed, thinking to make a call to Chi Weiyang when it was fully-charged.

When she was resting on the pillow with her eyes closed, the phone rang. She then opened her eyes and reached for the phone.

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