Chapter 64 – Aren’t You Afraid of Being Infected?

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Xia Xingchen was not quite sober, but she could feel the warmth brought by his fingertips, so she reached out and grasped his hand.

He stunned and breathed more heavily.

“Xia Xingchen, release your hand.”

“…” She ignored him.

“If you continue like this…” His voice sounded dangerous, and his eyes fell on her lips, “I’m going to kiss you…”

Xia Xingchen, on the contrary, held his hand tighter.

So Bai Yeqing leaned over and covered her lips with his. When the soft feeling came from her lips, Bai Yeqing’s heart was likely to be hit by something with force. He had been thinking about kissing her a long time ago! But the servant showed up and played the gooseberry!

Xia Xingchen was in confusion and only felt like a huge stone was pressing on her. But when her lips was forced open by something, she woke up all of a sudden.

After struggling to open her eyes, she saw a hot man’s face. Perhaps because of the kiss just now, his eyes were sparkling with tempting light.

But before she could think more, this man’s kiss took away her breath. His kissing skills were so good that Xia Xingchen could hardly control herself. She was unable to confront with this man when he behaved overbearing and rude; and now, he was kissing her with profound tenderness, she was even more irrational and could only be immersed in it…

Wait a minute…

Why were they kissing?

Xia Xingchen came to herself and tried to push him away. But he grasped her hands and looked down at her with his scorching eyes as if he was going to devour her.

With an unstable breathing and heaving chest, she looked at him worriedly, “You… You may get infected…”

“You are worried about me?”

She didn’t deny this time, simply nodded and looked at him anxiously, “What if I really get WIS?”

“Then we can be locked up together. It won’t be boring to have a companion.” He whispered.

Xia Xingchen trembled. The next second, the man leaned over to kiss her again.

She groaned softly, and after a while, he stopped sucking her lips but didn’t let go of her.

He asked in a hoarse tone, “What’s the matter with you and Xu Yan?”

Before she could answer, he frowned and continued, “If you dare say you’re lovers, I’ll fire him tomorrow…”

Night carried endless ambiguity and tear down the walls of a lot of men and women.

Xia Xingchen stared at him, only felt that her heart became soft.

“I just accidentally met him in the hospital… And I didn’t want to go to his house…”

“Still want to marry him?”

Her eyelashes jittered while she spoke in a lighter voice, “… No.”

She felt as if she was charmed, because she could have lied to him; however, she told the truth.

Obviously, he was very satisfied with these answers. The gloom between his eyebrows soon dispersed.

He held her chin with slender fingers, “It seems you’re not so stupid.”


When had she been stupid?

Abruptly, Bai Yeqing interrupt her thinking with another lingering kiss. Xia Xingchen couldn’t utter any more words: why… is this man so fond of kissing?

However, at the end… 

He released her and returned to his own room, where he took a cold shower for several times in awkwardness.

Damn it!

He couldn’t repress the dryness-heat in his body, and his mind was full of her gentle and  indulgent look.

This woman must be an alluring spirit!


The next day.

Early in the morning, medical staff kept coming in and out, taking temperature, measuring blood pressure and so on. Xia Xingchen slowly woke up.

Seeing the water bag by her hand, she couldn’t help thinking about things that happened last night.

Including his kiss… Everything was like a dream, but it felt so real.

Is this man a big scoundrel or… He is actually not that bad?

Xia Xingchen was quite confused. If he was a good person, he wouldn’t have bullied her before. But if he was a bad guy, as Weiyang said, he must have driven her out early. Besides… 

She touched the cold water bag and involuntarily smiled.

A bad man wouldn’t prepare this for her, would he?

“Miss Xia, are you feeling better today?” The medical staff asked softly.

She sat up from the bed and replied, “H’m, I feel much better. By the way…”

She asked, “How about Mr. President?”

Last night, the two of them had… 

If she really had an epidemic, he would certainly have been infected.

“Now Mr. President is having a check. Your temperature has temporarily returned to normal, and we can determine your specific condition once we get the examination result by today.”

“OK, thank you.”

Xia Xingchen was still worried, so she got off the bed.

“In which room is Mr. President live? I’ll go and see him.”

When Xia Xingchen and the medical staff just came out of the room, they heard the rushing footsteps coming from another bedroom. Then the door was pulled open from inside by a nurse with a pale face, “Emergency! Notify Dr. Fu quickly!”

Xia Xingchen’s heart skipped a beat, “What’s wrong?”

“Mr. President has a fever! A very bad one!”

“Quickly, push the equipment in and get ready to draw blood! You, call Dr. Fu right away! ” The team leader of the medical team made arrangements quickly.

While those medical staff were busy, Xia Xingchen went blank. If he was really infected by her, she would be guilty! He was now the leader of a country, if he was isolated, the consequences would be serious!

Not to mention that it would become an international joke, even if the public would be in turmoil! Some people with evil intentions would definitely take the opportunity to make trouble.

She pushed the door open and went in anxiously, Bai Yeqing already woke up.

He was in a pure white shirt and dark trousers. The cuffs of the shirt were rolled up to his elbows, exposing strong forearms. Two buttons near the neckline were unfastened, giving him a lazy and sexy look; and because of the fever, there was an abnormal flush on his face.

He was sitting on the sofa, reading the mail on his computer with a tired face.

Xia Xingchen frowned when she saw this scene: he even has the mood to work now!

“Morning.” He glanced at her plainly and then looked down on his laptop. His attitude changed to the same as before – plain and emotionless.

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