Chapter 65 – The President Was Not Well-Intentioned

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Xia Xingchen was now worried about his illness and completely forgot things that happened last night, so there wasn’t any embarrassment between them.

She walked over and unconsciously put her little hand over his forehead.

The temperature shocked her, “You have a terrible fever.”

“It’s okay.” He replied in a flat voice.

“Dr. Fu will be here very soon, how about…” Xia Xingchen went away to spread out the quilt and continued, “You take a rest in bed first? you don’t look so well.”

Bai Yeqing stared at her, and her fears and concerns were clearly exposed in her eyes.

He squinted and then put his laptop away, saying to her, “Come here.”

As always, he said in a tone of command. He had become accustomed to treating her with such attitude.

After a long stay in the presidential residence, Xia Xingchen also got used to it, so she walked to him tamely.

The next moment, he abruptly reached out to hold her waist. Xia Xingchen was surprised, and the scene of they kissing passionately last night flashed out in her mind. Her heart was pounding faster and her face blushed. She subconsciously drew back.

But Bai Yeqing held her tightly. He then parted his long legs and pulled her with a little force, she immediately leaned forward and got trapped between his legs.

She tried her best to support herself by putting hands on the sofa so as not to fall on him.

Now their eyes were level.

Her eyelashes jittered like butterfly wings, and her breathing also accelerated. The heat along with strong male hormones smell rushed to her, she felt hot and nervous at once.

It’s so dangerous to get close to him… 

“Why are you so nervous?” He gazed at her and whispered. Compared with her nervousness, he was as calm as usual.

It’s so unfair, why can he act as if nothing happened?

“You… What do you want to do?” When his hand reached out, Xia Xingchen turned her face away, and she was so nervous that she even stammered.

“Turn your face around!”

“…” No way!

She started to move, trying hard to stand up. Bai Yeqing’s hand was still on her waist, when he sensed her actions, he put more strength to hold her.

“Turn your face around, or I will do something else we all like…” His tone was both overbearing and ambiguous.

“Who said I liked it?” Xia Xingchen turned around, blushing and refuting, “I don’t like it!”

Bai Yeqing glanced at her and reached out to take the temperature on her forehead, saying softly, “Don’t you like it? Then who reacted to me last night?”

“…” Xia Xingchen was speechless.

Great, it’s back to normal temperature. He put his hand down and continued to ask, “Who kissed me on the neck?”


“Who held me in her arms and didn’t let me go?”

“…” Xia Xingchen wanted to shut him up.

She was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole to bury herself.

However, it was clear that this guy seduced her first, why were these things all her faults now?

She knew that he was not well-intentioned! He must have planned early to embarrass her in the morning!

“I’m a patient, besides, after taking so many medicines, I have been confused for a long time…” She found herself an excuse. “If you hadn’t told me that, I even don’t know that you are the rogue who entered my room last night. If it was someone else last night…” 

“What if it was someone else?” His voice sounded threatening and his eyes also got a tint of danger.

It seemed that he was warning her to answer this question carefully, or the consequences would be very serious!

Xia Xingchen was about to speak when the bedroom door was pushed open.

Fu Yichen, who wore the protection suit and mask, came in solemnly from the outside. Seeing the situation in the room, he said emotionlessly, “Both of you have good psychological qualities, with such circumstances, you still have the mood to flirt with each other.”

If others were in their shoes, they would have cried and knock their head on the ground desperately!

Bai Yeqing glanced at him, and Xia Xingchen got so embarrassed that she immediately pushed away Bai’s hands and ran away from him.

He didn’t stop her anymore, allowing her to retreat behind Fu Yichen.

“Miss Xia, I heard your fever has subsided.” Fu Yichen talked to Xia Xingchen while asked the rest of the medical staff to come in.


“You look a lot better today. Don’t worry too much. Maybe it’s just a cold.”

“I hope so.” Xia Xingchen looked at someone sitting on the sofa. “But he has a bad fever as well.”

Hearing that, Fu Yichen went to check on him, while Xia Xingchen waited anxiously by his side.

“It seems that the virus carried by Miss Xia is very active. You have a powerful physique, therefore, you won’t be affected by the common virus so quickly.” Fu Yichen looked serious as he suspected it was the WIS epidemic.

“Maybe I’m not infected.”

“You mean you only caught a cold?” It was impossible, because Bai Yeqing had been training intensively since childhood, he was as strong as an iron man.

Last time he was wounded in the terrorist explosion, but he still got over with it.

“Yes. It’s just a common cold.” Bai Yeqing paused and finally said, “I took a cold shower at midnight, so it’s not surprising that I would catch a cold and have a fever.”

“Now the temperature at midnight is only a few degrees, why did you take a cold shower?” Xia Xingchen asked.

“…” Bai Yeqing glanced at her and said nothing.

Fu Yichen gave him a tacit smile, “It seems that your mood is better than I expected.”

Bai was piqued, “Shut up and nobody will think you’ve lost your tongue.”

“As for your physique, taking a cold shower cannot calm you down, then was it ten times?

“… I am not a beast.” Bai Yeqing glared at him.

“Not ten times, maybe seven or eight times?”

“… Dr. Fu, it seems that you are free now. How about you helping me to take a bath personally next time?”

“Thanks for the opportunity. But I think I’d better be a full-time doctor.”

These two men were debating with each other, while Xia Xingchen was completely confused. At first, she didn’t understand why Bai had to take a cold shower again and again at midnight. Isn’t that self-abuse? Second, she didn’t understand how taking a cold shower could relate to ‘beast’. What on earth are they talking about?


In the afternoon, Xia Xingkong was packing. It was scheduled that today she would go to France with the Ambassador to perform with the purpose of enhancing the friendship between the two countries. As a result, just after closing the suitcase, she received a call from the dance troupe.

“What did you say?” Xia Xingkong could not believe what she had heard, “How could you drop me at will? We have rehearsed well and the tickets are already booked. Are you mistaken? Hello? Hello!”

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