Chapter 68 – Whose Dog Is Barking?

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Xia Xingkong’s arrogance soon subsided, and she stammered, “Mr… Mr. President.”

Contrary to her panic, Xia Xingchen had an indescribable sense of relief when he appeared. Those harsh words spoken by Xia Xingkong made her so angry that she even wanted to slap XXK. But the moment she saw him, all the anger seemed to disappear magically.

“Leng Fei!” Bai Yeqing called out.

“Here!” Leng Fei took a step forward.

Bai Yeqing pulled Xia Xingchen up from the chair and sat there himself, then he put Xia Xingchen on his lap and hugged her intimately, asking Leng Fei, “Do you know how to deal with an untamed dog that bites randomly?”

Xia Xingchen’s heart beat so fast and she dared not move when sitting on his lap.

Leng Fei nodded and replied, “Yes. Pull out its teeth, then the dog won’t bite. Poison it to dumb, naturally it won’t bark anymore.”

Hearing his words, Xia Xingkong stepped back in horror and felt chilling all over.

Bai Yeqing turned to Fu Yichen and said coldly, “Dr. Fu, do you have such a kind of poison?”

“Yep, I usually take it with me.” Fu Yichen said and fumbled in his pocket.

Xia Xingkong was so frightened that she immediately knelt down in front of Xia Xingchen. “Sister, I’m so sorry… I… I didn’t mean to curse you, I’m just too jealous… Please, for the sake of my love for Xu Yan-ge, ask Mr. President to spare me… Spare me this time… I’ll never do such things again.”

Xia Xingchen only felt ridiculous when seeing Xia Xingkong behave like this, but felt no pity at all.

Chi Weiyang chipped in straightforwardly, “Now you know how to beg for mercy? I still remember just now you reproached Xingchen fiercely, didn’t you? Xia Xingkong, you really help me broaden my horizon. Xu Yan wants to dump you and patch it up with Xingchen, it only proves that he is not completely blind.”

Feeling pain in her waist, Xia Xingchen hummed and tried to pull away his hand, “It hurts…”

Why did this man pinch me?

“Quiet!” Bai Yeqing responded plainly.

Xia Xingchen didn’t like his overbearing attitude and she stared at him angrily.

“You dare to stare at me!” He pinched her on the waist again.

In the eyes of others, their acts were simply flirting.

Fu Yichen covered his forehead with resignation: I just warned that they have to be isolated from each other, a few seconds later they have already forgotten my words! 

“Your Excellency, she is still kneeling here, should I poison her or not?” Fu Yichen asked. Stop flirting now!

Bai Yeqing looked at Xia Xingchen, “She’s raised by your family, you decide.”

Xia Xingchen was embarrassed, “Just let her go.”

In the end, Xia Xingkong was dragged out in an awkward way. It was more or less pleasant to see her go out in that manner since she came in so arrogantly.

Bai Yeqing actually helped Xia Xingchen, so she was really grateful to him though she was seemingly dissatisfied with him.

She is not that kind of person who doesn’t know chalk from cheese.

Bai Yeqing still put on a sulky face, “If I hadn’t come here, you’re going to let her keep scolding you like this?”

Xia Xingchen looked at him with her attractive eyes, “But… You are here now, aren’t you?”

As long as he is here, she will feel quite relieved… 

It feels so good to have someone back you up… 

His eyes got deeper, and there was a strange dark light glimmering in them.

Does this woman know that she actually behaves like a spoiled child when she spoke those words? It seems that she also has no idea about how alluring she is when she acts in such way!

Bai Yeqing felt his throat got drier and his hands became warmer.

Fu Yichen cleared his throat and interrupted them in a dull way, “Please remember that you two are patients – special patients. Promise me to be a competent patient in this special period, will you?”

After his reminder, Xia Xingchen blushed with embarrassment.

Only then did she realize that she was still sitting on Bai’s lap. Biting the lips, she got up in a hurry, and was too embarrassed to look at him again. Now her heart was pounding arrhythmically and fast.

Bai Yeqing also got up right after. He spoke coldly while walking outside, “Dr. Fu, as dull as you, hasn’t your wife ever quarrel with you to divorce?”

His words came into Chi Weiyang’s ears. She was startled and looked pale, unconsciously clenching her hands hanging by her body.

Fu Yichen didn’t answer Mr. President’s words, but glanced at Chi Weiyang with complicated feelings. But she had been stuck in her own thoughts and didn’t come to herself after a long time.

When they went away, Xia Xingchen waved her hands before Chi Weiyang, “Weiyang, what are you thinking about?”

“About you and Mr. President.” She squeezed out a smile and sighed, “I really envy you.”

“Envy us?” Xia Xingchen was bewildered, “Why?”

Chi Weiyang picked up the blanket on the rattan chair and walked out with Xia Xingchen side by side, “I can see that Mr. President is into you. While for Xu Yan, you can stop fancy about him. Now you should seize the man before your eyes! He is so good to you. Just in front of Xia Xingkong, oh my, he really helped you a lot. She definitely dares not bully you any more.”

“Falling in love with him?” Xia Xingchen remained silent for a while and looked at her bitterly, “Do you really think I can love him at my will?”

“Why can’t? Although I’m not sure that he loves you or not, it’s certain that he likes you as he cares about you so much.”

“If you were me… Knowing that liking him is being a flying moth darts into the fire and you can never be together, will you still like him recklessly?” Xia Xingchen hadn’t forgotten that ‘Miss Song’, nor the status gap between Bai Yeqing and her.

She’s been trying to be as sensible as possible.

Hearing this question, Chi Weiyang seemed stung by something, and her face became sullen in an instant. She replied, “If we were doomed not to be together at the beginning, I would never allow myself to love him…”

The feeling that you can’t grow old with each other is too painful… That pain taught her not to touch ‘love’ easily in her whole life…

After a pause, a trace of sadness emerged in her beautiful eyes, “If I really fell in love with him… I’d rather dig my heart out to forget him.”

Each word sounded so sad but also resolute.

Xia Xingchen observed Chi Weiyang closely as she felt Weiyang seemed quite wrong today.


Chi Weiyang didn’t stay long in the presidential residence; after asking Xingchen to have a good rest, she left alone.

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