Chapter 69 – You’re Just My Younger Sister

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There was a long distance between the entrance gate and the residence building, and visitors’ cars were not allowed to drive in, so it was quite inconvenient for them to get in and out of here. Luckily, the presidential residence provided special cars for its visitors, so Chi Weiyang waited at the door patiently. After a while, a car drove near and stopped beside her. She thought it was the car sent by their staff, so she pulled the door open and was about to give a warm salute. However, when she saw the man in the driver’s seat, the smile on her face immediately disappeared.

“Get in.” Fu Yichen slowly lowered the window, revealing his imposing handsome face.

“No. I want to have some exercise, I can walk by myself.” After that, Chi Weiyang walking on in high heels.

Fu Yichen glanced at her, found that her high heels were nearly 8cm high, which set off her tall and slender figure.

She grew up and matured. Compared with the innocent girl five years ago, now she was a real woman…

“It’s 10 kilometers away to the entrance gates. You’d better get in the car.”

Fu Yichen drove slowly after her.

Chi Weiyang looked sideways and laughed, “Dr. Fu, you are so attentive to me, if Mrs. Fu knows it, she will swim in vinegar, won’t she?”

Fu Yichen clasped his hands on the steering wheel, a trace of gloom emerged at the bottom of his eyes. But that complex feeling was only transient, as the next moment, he tried to act as calm as possible and said, “You’re my younger sister, so she won’t be jealous even if she knows it.”

The phrase “younger sister” smashed her down like a boulder, and she was so shocked that she sprained her ankle.

When she fell down in awkwardness, her eyes were already brimmed with tears.


Xia Xingkong hid in her room and cried loudly as she felt herself being humiliated. The doll threw that she threw to the corner now became the object to vent her anger, she stabbed it with scissors a couple of times as if it was Xia Xingchen.

Li Lingyi came in and saw her tearful eyes, her heart ached a lot.

“Put down the scissors, you may hurt yourself.” She held her daughter with one hand and took the scissors away with the other.

“Baby, tell Mom, what’s wrong with you? Did Xia Xingchen bully you? If so, Mom will help you to get even with her.”

“How?” Xia Xingkong sniffed, “She has the President backing her! Today, I went to the presidential residence and was nearly poisoned to dumb!”

“…” Li Lingyi swallowed. As soon as she heard “poisoned to dumb”, she got cold feet. But seeing her daughter crying so bitterly, Li Lingyi spoke again to comfort her, “Don’t worry about that. The president is just playing with Xia Xingchen. Do you really think they can last forever? Some time ago I read in the magazine, that he and the vice-president’s daughter are going to get married. How can Xia Xingchen be in between them?”

“The daughter of the vice-president? Mom, are you talking about Song Weiyi?

“Exactly? What, do you know her?”

“We used to be classmates when I was studying abroad. At that time, we were taught by the same dance teacher. However, it was only recently that I knew that she was the daughter of our vice-president.”

“Wow, as I said, my Xingkong is really outstanding. Look, you even get vice-president’s daughter as a classmate!” Li Lingyi was so proud and she rubbed Xia Xingkong’s face, “You should get more connect with her, Mom can also gain some face, especially if she’s the future president’s wife.”

“Yes! Only she can be the future president’s wife!” Xia Xingkong suddenly remembered something, “If Song Weiyi finds Xia Xingchen lives in the presidential residence, she will certainly give XXC a hard time! Mom, help me find the alumni book I brought back when I returned from abroad. You didn’t throw it away, did you?”

Saying so, Xia Xingkong got up and rummaged in her bedroom.

Li Lingyi replied, “Well, those things you brought back are scattered everywhere, so I really don’t know where to find your alumni book. Take it easy, the more anxious you are, the more you couldn’t find it.”


Soon, the results of their examinations came out, it turned out to be a false alarm. Therefore, a group of people retreated from the side building to the main building, and the happiest person was Xia Dabai.

At night.

Xia Xingchen lay in bed after her bath, she flipped through the pages of a storybook, trying to figure out which story to tell Dabai tonight. The story in “One Thousand and One Nights” couldn’t coax him anymore.

“Dabao, I’m ready.” Xia Dabai’s voice came from the bathroom.

She put down the storybook and took the cartoon bath towel in. The little boy sat in the bathtub with his body naked. His nose was stained with white foam, and his hair was rolled into a ball after getting wet and rinsed, making him look like a cute doll. As soon as Xia Xingchen got in, he put small hands into the water and covered his lower part.

Xia Xingchen was amused, “I’ve seen everything before. Why do you feel shy now?”

“The teacher said that this place should not be shown to other women casually, only my future wife can see it.”

This little fellow held his head up and spoke in a serious way.

Xia Xingchen couldn’t help laughing. She wiped off the foam on his nose with the towel and then rolled him up with a big bath towel.

“Dabao, Dad is having his birthday in two days. Do you have any gifts for him?”

After Xia Xingchen put Dabai on the bed, he asked her with blinking eyes. She was about to blow his hair when she heard his question, and she was surprised, “Is he going to have his birthday?”

“You don’t know that?”

“… I haven’t heard of it.”

Xia Dabai sighed, “Watch more news and you’ll find it. If Dad knows that the whole country remembers his birthday except you, he must be angry!”

“I didn’t mean that. There’s been so much going on lately that I get a little confused.” She murmured and then asked her son, “Do you have any gifts for him?”

“Of course I do! I’m going to make the best card for Little Bai. Dabao, do you think Little Bai would like it?”

“Sure. As long as you make it, he will like it whether it looks good or not.” Xia Xingchen thought about herself and asked Dabai with some distress, “Then what do you think Mom should give to him?”

He lacked nothing, so those cheap things certainly wouldn’t please him, but she couldn’t afford those expensive gifts. Sure enough, she couldn’t write a card by hand like the kid, which was too perfunctory as an adult.

“Isn’t that easy? You give yourself as a gift to Little Bai. Little Bai has been chasing you all the time, so you only need to say yes to him.”

“…” Xia Xingchen took a pat on his head and said, “Nonsense, who says he’s chasing me?”


Bai Yeqing’s birthday banquet was held a day earlier in the Auditorium of Congress.

Actually, it was more like a silent battlefield than a birthday banquet, as leaders from various countries would come to give their blessings, exchange feelings and enhance diplomatic relations, so everyone on the banquet would act and speak cautiously, the atmosphere was filled with both warm and tense feelings.

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