Chapter 70 – He Looked So Poor

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Xia Xingchen also attended the banquet as an interpreter, who followed the Minister of Finance and translated in real-time. Wearing the formal dress suits and high heels for the whole night, she felt sore all over her body, but her professional qualities kept her in high spirits.


When she got a little free time, her eyes will fall on someone unconsciously. As the leading role tonight, he was sitting in the head seat, surrounded by envoys or leaders of other countries, talking side by side.

As she looked at him from afar, she could only see his side face.

In the bright light, he looked dignified and elegant. The glamour of him was so dazzling that people around him couldn’t move their eyes away.

Even so, Xia Xingchen was somewhat worried about him. He hadn’t recovered from his cold yet, and his temperature would go up over and over again. What’s more, he hadn’t eaten anything all night because he was so busy.

The banquet came to an interval and he entered the lounge to have a rest. At last, all those guests began to have their meal.

The two vice-presidents, Song Guoyao and Yu Zeyao, were in charge of the overall situation, and the guests were enjoying themselves. Xia Xingchen was carrying a dish and walking in the middle of the room, but she had no appetite at all.

She walked around the table and picked some delicate dishes. Chi Weiyang came over, looked at it, and laughed, “Are these for yourself? They are not your type.”

“Watch your own plate.”

Xia Xingchen pushed her away and contemplated for a while. Then she went to the lounge with the plate when no one paid attention to her.

The lounge was on the third floor. Compared with the bustle on the first floor, here was particularly quiet. It was quite scary for Xia Xingchen to watch those security guards to stand there emotionlessly with a gun in hand.


There was no light in the lounge.

Bai Yeqing leaned tiredly on the sofa, he felt pain and sore between his eyebrows. He took two tablets and swallow them with water, but the pain didn’t go away.

At that moment, the door was pushed open. He opened his eyes vigilantly, and by the light outside, he could see a beautiful little face. Instantly, his tense emotions relaxed and his eyes softened a lot.

“How did you get here?” Tonight this place was heavily-guarded, even a fly couldn’t enter here.

“I happened to meet Leng Fei outside. I didn’t want to disturb you, but he insisted that I bring these in myself.” She whispered, shutting the door behind her, and the whole room regained dark.

“Bring what?” Bai Yeqing sat straight and reached to turn on a retro wall lamp. The light was dim and just covered the small area of the sofa where they could see each other clearly. Tonight, she was dressed formally, wearing a black suit, her hair was coiled high, which made she mature and quiet, that was another kind of sexy.

“I see that you haven’t eaten anything at night, so I bring you some food. Eat it now or it’ll get cold quickly.”

Xia Xingchen put the plate on the tea table in front of him.

He looked at the plate and then looked at her, putting on a smile. He took chopsticks from her, tasted the food, and asked her, “Why do you suddenly care about me so much?”

“I… I just think it hasn’t been easy for you.” She glanced at the pills and felt a light heartache.

Bai Yeqing was very upset with her answer and glanced at her, “Do I look that poor?”

Xia Xingchen shook her head and then nodded. His face turned sullen from relaxed. Xia Xingchen continued, “Today is your birthday; usually, others will celebrate their birthdays in a quiet and peaceful way with their families and have a very good time. But you have to celebrate in such a tiring way.”

She sat down beside him and touched his forehead again, “No more fevers, right?”

Her voice was full of softness that even herself didn’t notice.

Bai Yeqing’s heart was pounding faster; looking at her tender little face, his eyes got darker. After a while, he whispered, “The medical team is here, everything will be OK.”

“That’s good. Then eat. I’m going out first. I can’t leave for too long.” Xia Xingchen said while getting up.

But Bai Yeqing suddenly reached out and grabbed her.

She stopped and looked down at him.

“Stay with me for a moment.” He whispered and held her hand tighter. The tone of his voice was not as commanding as usual, but more like pleading. The fatigue and helplessness expressed on his face made her distressed.

This man has always stood at a high altitude, overlooking all people. Now he appeared to be so humble before her, she didn’t have the heart to turn down his request.

“Then I’ll stay here for a while. You can eat now.” Xia Xingchen sat down beside him.

His face looked better and he asked her, “Have you eaten anything?”

“Not yet. I am too tired and have no appetite.”

Bai Yeqing called Leng Fei and brought in another pair of chopsticks to her. Then the two of them shared the same food together.

She couldn’t help laughing at what she thought. He raised his eyes and looked at her, the tiredness on his face dispersed a lot, “What are you laughing at?”

“Aren’t you obsessively tidy, now you don’t avoid me?”

“I have answered that question, haven’t I?” They were so close to each other that when he looked sideways at her, their foreheads nearly touched. He stared at her lips, with his eyes as deep as the ocean. Feeling her heart was bouncing out of her throat, Xia Xingchen bit her lip. She heard him continued in a low voice, “How many times have I tasted your saliva?”

“…” Xia Xingchen blushed, glared at him and sat straight: what a thick face!

Bai Yeqing smiled, “Have you finished yet?”

Xia Xingchen ignored him and put down her chopsticks. He also put down his and lay down on her lap. She was stunned and looked down at him in shock. But he closed his eyes calmly, crossed his arms over his chest and said lazily, “I will sleep for a while, wake me up ten minutes later.”

“…” So, this guy was using her lap as a pillow? What’s more, just now he talked to her in a pleading way, but his commanding style came back again. It was so annoying!

When she was grumbling in her heart, the man grabbed her hands and put them on his forehead.

“I’m having a headache.”

He muttered softly and frowned tightly, while his hands were still holding hers as if doing so could relieve some pain. With her by his side, his pain indeed eased a lot. It was quite amazing.

Seeing his look, the grumbling Xia Xingchen immediately turned soft-hearted. She sighed, “Shall I do a massage for you?”

She asked him in a very soft tone. He acquiesced without saying a word.

So she pulled her hands out of his and massaged his temples.

Her fingers felt soft and her strength was moderate, everything was perfect. Bai Yeqing felt the pain eased and his eyebrows began to relax. Only then did he loosen up completely, feeling secure and obsessed.

He fell asleep in less than a minute. It looked like he was extremely exhausted.

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