Chapter 72 – The President Will Be in Trouble

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To begin with, Xia Xingchen didn’t want to prepare any gifts for him, but she went to the mall unconsciously in the afternoon.

This is the largest famous shopping mall in the capital, in which only the top brands in the world are allowed. She contemplated for a while and found that she could just afford a shirt as a gift to Bai Yeqing.

In fact, he had hardly worn any of these brands. His tie clips, buttons and trousers were all cut and sewn by the chief designer by hand. But she couldn’t afford those kinds of clothes, even she had that money, the chief designer wouldn’t serve her.

Xia Xingchen was walking alone in the mall, and at the moment, her mobile phone rang. She looked at the screen, it was from Xu Yan.


“Today I will go to Beswell Hospital. Do you want to visit your father?” Xu Yan asked.

“Can we get in?”

“Now the condition is under control, and this time I have to accompany a leader in. At that time, you can stay in the monitoring room for a while, it won’t cause any trouble.”

“OK, I’m not busy right now.” Xia Xingchen checked her watch. Bai Yeqing and her had a date in the evening, but now it was just over 4 o’clock, so it is okay for her to go to the hospital to visit her father.

“Where are you?” I’ll pick you up.”

Xia Xingchen didn’t refuse his kindness and told him the address directly. This mall is very close to the President’s office, and it is also on the way to the hospital, so it wouldn’t take much time for her to make both appointments.

She hung up the phone and went into a store, which mostly sells black or white shirts in simple and elegant style, but the fabric feels very comfortable when worn.

She picked a black one at a glance, but the price is too expensive for her – it will cost her for several months of salary.

Holding the shirt in hand, she was about to ask the shop assistant to wrap it up, then she heard a familiar voice coming from outside.

“It’s so hard to ask you out, this is the first time we meet since when returned to China!”

It was Xia Xingkong.

Xia Xingchen looked up subconsciously and saw that Xia Xingkong was coming in arm-in-arm with a lady.

And that lady is…

“I have many friends to meet, so I’m kind of busy.” Song Weiyi reasoned to Xia Xingkong.

Xia Xingchen is quite surprised as she didn’t expect that Xia Xingkong and Sun Weiyi knew each other. What a small world!

She turned her sight away and let the shopkeeper lead her to pay the bill. Xia Xingkong got sharp eyes and she recognized XXC based on her figure, a trace of joy appeared in her eyes.

What a surprise!

Now she is with Song Weiyi.

Xia Xingkong proposed, “Weiyi, let’s go into this store and have a look. Aren’t you going to prepare a birthday gift for your boyfriend?”

“What’s good about this kind of store? My boyfriend doesn’t wear this brand at all.” Song Weiyi glanced at the shop and had it judged. They only wear high-quality customized clothes, even famous items in the museum will have to be processed and improved before giving to them to avoid being dressed in the same style and color. (Translator’s note: The world of rich people is beyond my imagination…)

Xia Xingchen heard Song Weiyi’s words and knew that her so-called “boyfriend” must be Bai Yeqing. Suddenly, she felt that it was ridiculous to choose a shirt as a gift for him.

“Sorry, Miss. I don’t want this shirt.”

She said to the shopkeeper.

“Sister, why not take it?” Xia Xingkong interrupted as she stepped up from behind. She took the shirt from XXC’s hand and sized it up, saying, “You’re going to buy this for your boyfriend, whose birthday is today, aren’t you?”

Song Weiyi didn’t want to enter this store until she turned her head and saw Xia Xingchen.

At first glance, she found XXC familiar, and at a second glance, she suddenly remembered that she(XXC) was the woman she had met in the presidential residence.

“Xia Xingkong, who is she?”

“She…” Xia Xingkong smiled, grabbed Xia Xingchen’s hand intimately, “She’s my sister, and the key point is, do you know where she lives now?”

Xia Xingchen frowned, pushed her hand away with a cold face and gave Song Weiyi a faint look. It seemed that Bai Yeqing would be in trouble, but it had nothing to do with her.

Anyway, it was he who allowed her to live in the presidential residence, so she was not afraid of Song Weiyi.

For Bai Yeqing, she harbored an unexplained resentment, and she even hoped that Xia Xingkong would expose her in front of Song Weiyi.

“I know where she lives. In the presidential residence, right?” Song Weiyi glanced at Xia Xingchen.

Xia Xingkong was so shocked that her chin almost fell off, “You knew about that?”

“I met her at the presidential residence before.” Song Weiyi said indifferently. Xia Xingkong carefully observed Song Weiyi: she knows Xia Xingchen’s relationship with the president, then how can she be so calm? It’s really not her style!

“This shirt looks good. Let me have a look.” Song Weiyi had no idea what Xia Xingkong was thinking at the moment, but the shirt caught her attention. She looked at it carefully and said, “Anyway, the gift I ordered won’t arrive today, so I can buy him a shirt first. Xia Xingkong, what do you think of this one?”

“Looks great. It will definitely match your boyfriend well. But… My sister has already chosen it.”

“So what? Can she afford it?” Song Weiyi taunted before Xia Xingchen spoke, and then turned to the shopkeeper and said, “How many of this shirt do you have? I will take them all. And I will only keep this one, as for the rest, just destroy them all.”

“…” What an overbearing attitude.

Xia Xingchen just felt funny.

“This shirt is limited, and there is really only one left in our shop.” The shopkeeper explained.

Xia Xingchen directly handed her card to the shopkeeper, “Please help me pay for it. I’ll take this shirt.”

“Yes, Miss.” The shopkeeper took her card, anyway, it doesn’t matter who will pay the bill.

“Xia Xingchen, what do you mean?” Song Weiyi’s face turned sullen.

She replied in a flat voice, “I can afford it and I like it, so I buy it – that’s what I mean.”

“I don’t allow you to sell it to her!” Song Weiyi looked at the shopkeeper coldly, commanded in an arrogant rich girl’s way, “I’ll pay ten times the price, now give it to me!”

The shopkeeper felt awkward, “Sorry, Miss. Our store stipulates that we can’t take extra money from our customers without authorization. We can only charge as much as the price of this shirt as is.”

“Sister, listen to me, don’t stick to this shirt. Weiyi is the one who deserves it. You’re overreacting yourself to buy it, just let it go before you make a fool of yourself.”

Xia Xingkong spouted these meaningful words and Xia Xingchen understood it all, but she glanced at XXK coldly, “I’m not sure if I’ll make a fool of myself, but I think you’re already a joke now. You just get back to work, now you feel tired and want to take a break again?”

“…” That was totally a threat. Xia Xingkong turned pale with anger.

Song Weiyi couldn’t understand what puzzling remarks the sisters were making, but impatiently urged the shopkeeper, “What are you waiting for? Go and wrap up this shirt for me!”

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