Chapter 74 – She Stood Him up Again

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Listening to the music, scenes that happened a few years ago flashed before his eyes, and he couldn’t help stare at her affectionately… (Teaser: Warning!!! Be careful when driving!!!)

“Beep beep beep!!!” Suddenly, a car honked abruptly.

Xu Yan immediately turned his head and saw a truck rushing out of the right front at top speed and heading straight for Xia Xingchen, who was sitting in the co-driver’s seat.

Xia Xingchen was so nervous that she went blank and didn’t know what to do. Then a sharp braking noise rang – Xu Yan swerved with all his strength, so the car was thrown over and the driver’s seat hit the truck with a loud bang.

Xia Xingchen was hit and flew out from the car, but she was actually saved by Xu Yan from death.

She looked inside the car…

“Xu Yan!”

“Xu Yan, are you alright!?” Both Xia Xingchen’s voice and body were trembling. She ignored her injury and limped to the driver’s seat.

The airbag had bulged, on which Xu Yan lay askew. His face was covered with blood and looked scary.

“Xu Yan, hold on… You must hold on… I’ll call an ambulance now!” Her voice became hoarse and she fumbled around for her cell phone.

What a fool he is! He could have been safe and sound, but in order to save her, he risked his own life! (Teaser: He should have focused on driving, that’s all.)


About 10 minutes later, a wailing sound from the ambulance’s siren was heard and emergency paramedics rushed to help the wounded Xu Yan and lifted him onto the vehicle.

Xia Xingchen followed the medical staff and soon Xu Yan was taken to the emergency room.

“Doctor, how is he? Will he be alright?” asked Xia Xingchen anxiously.

“His specific situation will not be known until his whole body has been examined. Are you his girlfriend? He will have an operation later, please inform his family members to come and sign the paper. We cannot operate on him with just your signature for it will not be valid for this case.”


Xia Xingchen called Xu Yan’s parents with his cell phone. After that, she had been waiting outside the emergency room.

Xu Yan was soon pushed out and then received all kinds of examinations. Xia Xingchen followed him all the way and didn’t get time to treat the wound on her leg.


On the other side.

Bai Yeqing was sitting in the hall, waiting for her.

The butler hung up and said, “Your Excellency, I still couldn’t get through to Miss Xia.”

Bai Yeqing pursed his thin lips and remained silent, no one knew his emotions at this moment. After a while, Leng Fei came forward and said, “Your Excellency, Elder Master and Elder Madame are urging us to start off, it’s time to go now.”

“Who are Elder Master and Elder Madame?” Xia Dabai looked up and asked curiously.

Bai Yeqing picked him up from the sofa with a deadpan face, “We will visit your Grandpa and Grandma tonight.”

“Grandpa and Grandma? Do I have grandparents?”

“Without grandparents, where did you come from?”

“But don’t we need to wait for Dabao? She must also want to see Grandpa and Grandma!”

“Really? I don’t think she really wants to see them.” Bai Yeqing’s tone was a little cold.

It was half past 7 now, obviously, she stood him up again on his birthday night, and there was no excuses or explanations from her! What’s worse, she didn’t even answer his call.

He waited for her for two hours in vain.

Maybe she had forgotten all about their date tonight and his birthday!

Who is she with right now? Is she so happy that she forgot about their date?

Bai Yeqing took Xia Dabai into the car and told the driver to go. The car drove all the way to the quiet suburbs, and Bai Yeqing kept looking outside the window with a cold face.

Xia Dabai pouted, “Dad, today is your birthday. Don’t put on that face, it’s really annoying.”

“…” Bai Yeqing ignored him. He’s already in a terrible mood, so how could he spare time to worry about a kid’s mood?


In the hospital, Xu Yan was placed in the VIP ward after completing various examinations.

Xia Xingchen had been sitting in the corner, and the injury on her ankles had already scabbed. Xu’s parents stayed by the bed. Xu’s mother was not in good health, after knowing that her son had an accident, though she was exhausted, she still came to the hospital and couldn’t help shedding tears when seeing her son’s condition. Xia Xingchen wanted to comfort Xu’s mother, but she didn’t know what to say.

Any comfort given will be useless before such a serious accident.

She pulled out the facial tissue and handed it over to Xu’s mother, while the latter looked at her and sighed, “Before he wakes up, go and treat your wound. Although he’s in a coma, he keeps calling your name, so if he sees you are alright once he wakes up, he will feel much better.”

Xia Xingchen shook her head, “I’m okay, it’s just a small wound.”

Xu’s father said, “You’d better take care of it in order to avoid infection.”

Xia Xingchen finally went to handle the wound. In fact, after she broke up with Xu Yan, she hadn’t met Xu’s parents for many years. When the news of her pregnancy spread over, she had thought Xu’s parents would look down on her as others had done, but she didn’t expect that they would treat her as friendly as before this time.

It made her feel more relaxed and less embarrassed.

When she was dealing with the wound, she remembered her appointment with Bai Yeqing today and looked up at the clock on the wall, crying in her heart: My God, it’s over 8 o’clock now!

She fumbled for her cell phone and wanted to call him to explain. As a result, her phone was powered off.

It seems that I have to borrow a charger.

While Xia Xingchen was thinking about that, someone pushed open the door, “Miss Xia, Mr. Xu woke up! Go have a look!”

“Ah! OK! ” Xia Xingchen’s attention was suddenly distracted. She put her dead phone back in her pocket and rushed to the ward.

Xu Yan was having a fever and was not conscious enough.

But once seeing Xia Xingchen, he gave a long sigh of relief and tried to wave his arms in the air to grab something. Before Xia Xingchen realized what was going on, her hands were already put into Xu Yan’s by his mother.

He then grasped her hands tightly.

“You see, I said she was okay. All you need to do now is to recuperate your health, don’t worry about anything else.” Xu’s mother said while wiping tears in her eyes.

Xia Xingchen realized that he had been worrying about her as soon as he woke up.

She felt so warm and touched. His hands were cold because of bleeding too much. Xia Xingchen patted him soothingly on the back of his hand, “Rest assured, I’m all right and got no injury.”

“… I’m sorry.” Xu Yan’s lips were dry and his breath was weak, “Today… I should have taken you to visit your father…”

He struggled to speak.

“Stop talking and have a good rest. The doctor said that you’ve broken a few ribs and you’ll have an operation tomorrow.” Xia Xingchen whispered, wetted the cotton swab and moisturized his lips.

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