Chapter 75 – Bringing the Precious Grandson Home to Visit His Grandparents

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Xu Yan felt much more comfortable after his lips got moisturized. Seeing Xia Xingchen was taking care of him carefully, he couldn’t feel more satisfied.

This… might be called “getting good out of one’s misfortune”.


Elder Master and Elder Madame are getting old and they enjoy living in a quiet place. The big house they live in is situated in the suburbs, and visitors have to pass several strict entrance guards to reach the main building.

When Bai Yeqing’s car went in, a well-trained soldier came out from the sentry box and made a salute.

The car stopped in front of the house, all the staff were standing in line at the door, waiting for them.

Bai Yeqing knew who these people were expecting, and he saw the Elder Madame was stretching her neck long as soon as he got off the car.

“Where’s my little grandson! Come on, I wanna see my little grandson.”

Bai Yeqing waved at his back and Xia Dabai got out of the car shortly. Before Bai Yeqing introduced him, he had called out in a melodious tone, “Grandpa, Grandma.”

“Oh, my baby grandson.” The Elder Madame burst into tears of joy but was filled with vigor. She bent down and stretched out her hands, coaxing, “Come on, give Grandma a hug.”

Xia Dabai tottered over and said in a baby voice, “Grandma, I’m very fat, so you’d better be careful.”

“How? You are perfect! Who says my little grandson is fat? I will teach him a lesson! Kids only look good when they are chubby.” The Elder Madame held Xia Dabai in her arms and looked at his white and tender face, she couldn’t be more pleased.

Then she leaned over and said, “Hurry up, give Grandma a kiss.”

Xia Dabai was a very tactful kid, as he gave a loud kiss to Elder Madame.

Seeing their interactions, the Elder Master felt envious. But he used to behave seriously, how could he ask for a kiss like that?

He coughed, “Don’t hold the kid for too long, old woman. He’s a man, it’s inappropriate for him to be held in arms all day long!”

“What do you mean, how old is our grandson and what man are you talking about?”

“Grandma, I am a man now, a little man.” Xia Dabai smiled sweetly, showing neat and shiny teeth.

Hearing this, the Elder Madame immediately changed her tone and nodded, “Yes, yes, you are a man!”

“A man has to stay with a man.” The Elder Master gave his crane to the servant beside him and then stretched out his hands to the child with a serious look, saying, “Come on, Grandpa will take you down.”

“Don’t hold yourself if you want to hug him.” The Elder Madame lay bare his lies and then said to Dabai, “Your Grandpa looks scary but don’t be afraid of him; actually, he’s more eager than anyone here to see you.”

“I’m not afraid, Grandpa is a good man.”

“Yes, I am a good man.” The Elder Master couldn’t keep his mouth shut with laughter.

“…” Bai Yeqing stood by and watched the scene, quite helpless and speechless. If they go on like this, the kid will definitely be spoiled by his grandparents!


When they entered the house, the servants have already been serving dishes in the kitchen.

“Where is Suye?” Bai Yeqing looked at the empty seat across the table and asked. Bai Suye, his twin sister, has been the head of the national security department for many years.

“It’s said that she’s going to deploy important tasks tonight and will be back later.” The Elder Madame answered.

Bai Yeqing nodded – he had a general idea about tonight’s important task.

“Here we go, what does our baby like to eat? Would you like chicken legs? Grandma will break off a chicken leg for you.” All of Elder Madame’s attention was put on the kid.

Xia Dabai simply took everything he was offered, nodding and saying ‘Yes’.

Compared with the liveliness of the Elder Madame, the Elder Master didn’t say much, but quietly put his favorite dishes into the kid’s bowl. Xia Dabai looked up and smiled sweetly, “Thank you, Grandpa.” Hearing this, the Elder Master couldn’t maintain his serious look but just narrowed his eyes with laughter.

Well, well.

What a happy family with a baby kid!


After the meal, Bai Yeqing had checked his cell phone for the third time.

Awesome, no messages or calls from her till now! She must haven’t arrived at the presidential residence yet.

“What are you looking at? You’ve been staring at the phone all night and stayed absent of mind.” The Elder Madame turned her face to talk to her son.

“I’m looking at the time.”

“No need.” The Elder Madame pulled a long face, “No matter what time it is, you and my little grandson will stay here tonight! Master, do you think so?”

“Yeah, your mother had a hard time waiting for you to come back, and the rooms are all tidied up.”

“Yes, my dear grandson will stay in the children’s room.” The Elder Madame smiled and fed Dabai fruit, “Grandma’s room is next to the children’s room. How about Grandma telling you a story tonight and getting you to sleep?”

“Excellent. I will take a good bath and wait for Grandma.”


Xu’s mother didn’t feel very well, so after staying in the ward for a while, Xu’s father sent her back home.

Xia Xingchen accompanied Xu Yan and fed him porridge cooked in the hospital. He didn’t have a good appetite and ate very little, but after eating, he gained some energy.

After that, he fell asleep again.

Xia Xingchen borrowed a charger from the nurse to charge her phone at the bedside. After turning on the phone, she found it was already past 11 o’clock at night.

Bai Yeqing must be angry to crazy.

She slightly turned her body and made a call to him. The phone rang several times and nobody answered. She became very anxious: Maybe he’s so angry with me that he will never talk to me again?

Just then, someone answered the phone.

“Hello, who is it?”

It’s a female voice.

Xia Xingchen went blank upon hearing the voice, she knew it wasn’t Song Weiyi, but it was quite late now… A woman answered his phone, so what would be her relationship with him?

His private phone was installed with a perfect anti-eavesdropping system, and it needs a password to even answer the phone. If the woman was not intimate enough with him, she would never have a chance to answer her call.

“Hello.” Without hearing Xia Xingchen’s voice, the other side spoke again.

Xia Xingchen finally said, “I’m looking for…”

“Looking for Yeqing? He’s taking a bath right now. You can call back in 10 minutes.”

“… Okay.”

Xia Xingchen hung up the phone awkwardly, and for a long time, she was at a loss. Her chest was like blocked by cotton, making it hard for her to breathe.

It was at this moment that she suddenly realized that she didn’t even have a basic understanding of him – his private life and how many women he has are all unknown to her. But when she considered it carefully, she found that with his supreme status, it was not surprising that he would have other intimate female companions besides Song Weiyi.

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