Chapter 76 – Waiting for Her Call

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“Xingchen?” Xu Yan opened his eyes and saw that her face was pale.

She immediately came to her senses and forced a smile, “Can’t you fall asleep?”

“Are you alright? You look very bad.”

“… I’m fine.” She shook her head, “You rest first, I will… go out to change my wound dressing.

Xia Xingchen said while pointing at her ankle. Actually, no one would stay up to change her wound dressing now. It was just an excuse for her to go out and refresh herself. But Xu Yan didn’t expose her, just nodded and let her out.


After taking a bath, Bai Yeqing came out of the bathroom wrapped in a nightgown.

On the sofa, a woman sat there with her legs crossed. She wore a white blouse, an orange skirt and 10cm-high stilettos, which made her look slimmer and prettier. No one would have thought that such a beautiful young woman would be the leader of the S National Security Department – Bai Suye.

“When did you come back?” Bai Yeqing asked, wiping his hair with a towel.

Bai Suye put down the newspaper and replied, “Just now. My nephew is very cute.”

“Not bad.” Just look who’s his father.

Bai Suye got up, poured two glasses of red wine, and handed him one and then picked up the other herself.

She leaned gracefully against the french window, and her snow-white long finger reflects the red liquid, what a beautiful scene. She looked out the window, contemplating.

“I heard that Night Owl will enter the country tomorrow.” Bai Yeqing spoke.

When mentioning the word ‘Night Owl’, he gazed at her with a deep look. Bai Suye held the glass tighter and paused for a moment before saying, “Our security department has made a very tight deployment. I’ll meet him in person tomorrow.”

“Before many of his brothers died in your hands, he looks at you as… You should be very clear about how dangerous the situation will be tomorrow.”

Bai Suye drank up the wine to numb herself and then said calmly, “Rest assured, even if it’s dangerous, neither side really dares to launch attacks.”

Bai Yeqing nodded, “You just need to figure out what he’s coming for this time, so you don’t have to confront him directly.”

“I know.”

Who is Night Owl?

He used to be the leader of mercenaries. Nowadays, his status is on a par with Mafia Boss in international society. His legions and weapons are strong enough to compete with the whole army of a country, and he has also assassinated the leader of W country, so all countries are afraid of him.

If he and the security apartment fight tomorrow, it will absolutely be a battle between the two armies, and the consequences are hard to imagine.

“Feel free to report to me about tomorrow’s situation.”

“OK.” Bai Suye put down her glass and prepared to go out. After taking a step, she paused and looked back at him, “By the way, a woman just called you. I asked her to call back in ten minutes.”

Bai Yeqing raised his eyebrows, threw away his towel, grabbed his phone and typed in the password.

It was her.

Good, it seemed that she hadn’t completely forgotten him.

“Xia Xingchen…” Bai Suye murmured the name, “If I don’t get it wrong, she’s my little nephew’s mother?”


Bai Suye nodded slightly and took a glance at him, saying meaningfully, “Song Guoyao is interested in marriage recently. Seize your chance and don’t leave it to Yu Zeyao.”

“Go to sleep.” Bai Yeqing’s eyes looked dark and unfathomable, and he didn’t respond to her remark. Bai Suye believed that he knew how to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, so without much verbosity, she opened the door and went back to her own room.

As soon as Bai Suye left, Bai Yeqing turned his phone over and checked the time again.

Nine minutes had passed.

He put down the phone and sat leisurely on the sofa, checking his mailbox with iPad and waiting for her call.

As a result… 

The second ten minutes had passed, he glanced into his phone which didn’t ring again.

Finally, he lost his patience. He threw the iPad aside, grabbed the phone and walked towards the children’s room.

The Elder Madame was too old to stand up late, so she put down the storybook and prepared to go to bed. Just then, Bai Yeqing came in.

Xia Dabai only exposed a pair of eyes in his quilt, “Little Bai, why aren’t you asleep yet?”


“I just met my aunt.” Talking about his beautiful aunt, the little fellow became a little bit shy, “Aunt praised me for being handsome, and she’s very beautiful too! Dad, could you please bring me to see my aunt more frequently in the future?”

Bai Yeqing took a glance at him and said mercilessly, “Don’t cast eyes on your aunt. You two don’t match.”

“…” Thoughts being exposed at once, Xia Dabai blushed with embarrassment. Then he hummed and turned away to avoid his father from seeing his discomfort.

Little Bai is really not cute at all!

“Do you miss your mother?” Bai Yeqing sat down beside the bed, ignoring his discontent.

“Of course I do! Little Bai, what do you think Dabao is doing now?” When it comes to mom, Xia Dabai got over his anger immediately and knit his eyebrows, “She said she would say ‘Happy Birthday’ to you in person, but now it’s about 12 o’clock, soon your birthday will be over!”

This kid always touches the tender spot.

He put on a sullen face and threw his phone to his son.

Xia Dabai played with the phone while looking at him in a confused way, “What’s wrong?”

“You said you miss her and want to know what she’s doing now. So just call and ask her yourself, then you’ll know.”

“Good! I’ll call her now!” Xia Dabai entered that familiar phone number.

Before he dialed the number, he remembered something, so he turned his big eyes around and stared at Bai Yeqing, “Little Bai, in fact, you miss Dabao a lot, right?”

“… Nonsense!”

“Then you don’t miss her?”

“No, I don’t!” He denied with a sullen face.

“Well, actually, I don’t miss Dabao that much. Besides, it’s very late and Dabao must have gone to bed. Let’s not disturb her.” Xia Dabai gave back the phone, yawned lazily and slid further under the covers, “Dad, you can also go to sleep now!”

Humph! How could say that aunt and I don’t match!

“…” Now the president’s face turned as black as the pot’s bottom. He took the phone away and stood up, “Now I’m going to find your aunt and warn her to watch out as there’s a kid coveting her beauty.”

“Nooooo!” This little fellow jumped out of bed and held Bai’s legs tightly, “Don’t talk nonsense, Daddy, that’s too embarrassing… Besides, I am not coveting, I just… I just like her very much! Don’t you like Dabao, too?”

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This Father and son crew is so delightful and funny.

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Wow, such a long wait and only one chapter. I am truly sad. Patiently waiting…😪😪

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Wow, such a long wait and only one chapter. I am truly sad. Please post more than two chapters. Patiently waiting…😪😪