Chapter 77 – Xu Yan Had Been with Her All the Time

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“So will you make the call?” Bai Yeqing looked down at his son. If he couldn’t even handle a kid, how could he be the leader of a country?

This little fellow pouted and nodded obediently, “…I will make the call, just give me your phone.”


Xia Xingchen had been out for a while, Xu Yan was worried about her as she looked in a bad mood. But he could only lie in bed, unable to move.

Just as he was about to ask the nurse to look for her, her phone on the bedside suddenly rang.

It was very late now, so he thought this might be an urgent call, then he struggled to reach for the phone and saw the screen, the light in his eyes became dim all of a sudden.

It read ‘Future Husband’.

Who could be her ‘Future Husband’? Yu Zenan, or… Mr. President?

Feeling his heart constrict, Xu Yan incautiously touched the answering button. By the time he came to himself, the call has been connected.

“Hello, Dabao, where are you?”

Xu Yan was relieved to hear the kid’s tender voice and he spirited up again.

It turned out to be Dabai. He had thought too much just now.

“Hey, Dabao, why don’t you talk?”

“Are you Dabai? I’m not Xingchen.” Spoke Xu Yan.

On the other end, Xia Dabai went blank. Blinking with big eyes for a long time, then he said, “So you are…”

“I’m Uncle Xu Yan.”

“Uncle Xu Yan?” Xia Dabai repeated, and someone’s face immediately froze. He took the phone from Dabai and pressed the hands-free button, and then threw it on the bed. After that, he gave his son the tip to continue talking.

“Uncle, you… are still with Dabao at this late hour?”

“Yeah. She’s in the bathroom now. I’ll ask her to call you back later, okay?”

“Good. But… Have you been together all day today?”

“Yes.” Xu Yan was afraid that Dabai would be worried about his mother, so he didn’t tell Dabai the accident today. He simply said, “We’ve been together all the time today. Don’t worry about your mother. She’ll go back tomorrow.”


“Dabao will spend tonight with you?” Xia Dabai asked, glancing at someone with his big eyes: What should I do? What a situation, poor Little Bai…

He seems to have no chance now!

“Well, barring accidents, I think so.”

“Okay, I’ll hang up now…” Before Dabai finished, a hand reached over and hung up the phone abruptly.

Xia Dabai looked at someone’s deadpan face, shrank his neck timidly, and quickly slid into the covers.

Bai Yeqing picked up his phone without expression, said nothing, and walked away.

“Well… Little Bai…” When he reached the door, the little fellow called him in a low voice.

He paused without turning back.

Xia Dabai asked sadly, “Is Uncle Xu in love with Dabao? Will Dabao marry him in the future?”

“… Whatever she wants!”

Leaving these three words, he opened the door and went out. Every step he took was heavy and rigid. The hands hanging on the side of his body were clenched and the back of his hands were covered with green veins.


Xu Yan didn’t think much about the bang-down of the call, as he believed it was caused by a poor signal.

Xia Xingchen looked for a nurse and have changed her dressing. After returning to the ward, she found Xu Yan was still awake.

“Is it too painful to sleep?” She asked while helping him to slow down the drops on his arm.

“You haven’t come back for so long, so I’m a little bit worried. Oh, your phone rang just now, and I’ve answered it for you. It was from Dabai.” Xia Xingchen originally thought it was Bai Yeqing’s call, but when she heard Xu Yan’s following words, her spirited heart sank again.

She reached for her phone and checked the call record, then the name “Future Husband” reflected in her eyes.

Xia Xingchen also wanted to say “good night” to her son, so she called back. But this time, the phone rang only once and then was rejected by someone without hesitation.

She was slightly surprised.

She knew it must be Bai Yeqing who rejected her call, so she gave up making another call to embarrass herself.


One night had passed.

Xia Xingchen spent the whole night sleeping on the bedside. Only when Xu’s parents came did she wake up. The coat that covered her slipped on the ground, she picked it up and found it was Xu Yan’s coat.

“It’s so late?” She looked at the time, it’s past 8 o’clock, “You are going to have surgery soon.”

“Are you OK for sleeping like this the whole night?” Asked Xu Yan.

Xia Xingchen folded the coat and put it aside, shaking her head, “It’s better than lying in bed and not moving.”

After a while, the attending doctor and nurse went inside the room. The doctor examined his condition carefully, confirmed that everything was normal, and asked the medical staff to push him into the operating room.

The doctor discussed Xu Yan’s operation procedure with his father, while Xia Xingchen and Xu’s mother listened by their side. After the doctor entered the operating room, Xia Xingchen checked the time and said to Xu’s mother, “Aunt, I want to go home first as Xu Yan is having an operation now.”

Xu Mu nodded patted her hand, “Thank you so much for last night. Now that he’s having an operation, you can go back and have a good rest. By the way, do you have any work to deal with today?”

“It’s okay, I’ll ask for leave.”

Mother Xu sighed, hesitating.

“Aunt, just go ahead.” Said Xia Xingchen.

Listening to her words, Xu’s mother spoke frankly, “I’m not a selfish person, but… Come to the hospital to see Xu Yan if you are free, please. I don’t know if you can tell what he’s thinking about you, but I’m his mother and I believe that if you could come and spend more time with him, he would heal much faster. I’m not in good health, so I can’t accompany him all the time…”

Xia Xingchen understood and nodded, “You can rest assured, Xu Yan tried to save me. Even if you don’t tell me these things, I’ll still come here to accompany him once I have the time. I’ll go back to tidy myself up, pack up some things, and cook some soup to nourish him.”

Hearing what she said, Xu’s mother was relieved, smiling, “I used to like you very much, and now I know I’m not mistaken. Although Xu Yan had been with Xingkong before, Xingkong was impetuous and not as reliable as you.”

Xia Xingchen really wanted to avoid this topic, especially those matters between Xu Yan and Xia Xingkong.

So she just smiled faintly, “Aunt, take care, I’ll go back now.”

Feeling that Xia Xingchen doesn’t like to dwell on this topic, Xu’s mother didn’t continue and let her go.


Xia Xingchen went back by taxi. Because of the accident, she still held a lingering fear, holding her seat belt tightly.

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