Chapter 78 – Bombarding Her with Questions

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She went back to the presidential palace in a mess, the butler saw her and walked up exclaiming, “Miss Xia, you finally come back.”

“Little master went to school, right?”

 “Yes, he left home in the morning.”

Xia Xingchen nodded slightly. She wanted to ask more but at last only said: “Please ask the kitchen staff to make a pot of soup and keep it in a thermos for me. I’ll take it away after a shower.”

“Got it, Miss Xia.”

She then went upstairs to take a shower. Only after that, she felt refreshed and comfortable. Then she started to pack up the toiletries and some of her clothes.

While she was packing up, she felt uncomfortable as if somebody was staring at her.

As soon as she looked up, she found Bai Yeqing standing in the doorway with a cold face. His eyes looked cold and dark, like a sword to tear her up.

She could feel the cold shivers on her back. She never thought that he might show up in the house right now. 

“Why did you come back? What for? ”Bai Yeqing said coldly, slamming the door using his foot.

There was a loud “bang” – Xia Xingchen was shocked. And then, the man grasped her arm, and she was directly pulled up.

She didn’t sleep well last night. Though she felt better after the bath, she was still exhausted and felt weak. Therefore, she bumped into his chest directly by his dragging.

He got strong muscles, so it felt like she had just bumped into a wall and became dizzy.

“Bai Yeqing, what are you doing?” There was already a thorn jammed within her heart, seeing his attitude, she could no longer hold back her anger.

“What am I doing? I’d like to know what you were doing last night!?” He pulled her closer to himself. Her soft body was forced to arch and clung inextricably to his. He used the other hand to grab her chin and lift her face roughly, “You think it’s funny to stand me up from time to time, don’t you?”

Obviously, he was furious, and every word came out with freaking coldness. 

Xia Xingchen used her unconstrained hand to pull his hand. But she was too weak to fight against him. After struggling for a couple of minutes, her face turned pale because of exhaustion.

“I did stand you up last night. It’s my bad. But that’s because…”

“That’s because you were staying with Xu Yan!” Bai Yeqing interrupted her, “How does it feel spending the whole night with him?”

Bai Yeqing clenched his teeth in bitter hatred, and his cool thin lips almost touched her ear, “He slept with you, didn’t he? How many times did you do it last night? With what position? Who can satisfy you better, he or I? ”

He was aggressive, and every word spoken by him was full of humiliation and sarcasm. Already being shocked by the car accident, Xia Xingchen now flew into a rage when being bombarded with his questions.

Feeling both misunderstood, belittled and angry, her eyes turned moist immediately. 

Even if she stood him up several times, does he have the right to say such awful words to humiliate her? It wasn’t her fault to have a car accident!

“These are all our private matters. Mr. President, are you really that bored to care about such trifles between men and women?” Xia Xingchen sneered back.

Bai Yeqing frowned and clenched the hand holding her chin, her face turned paler. Doesn’t what she just said implicate that there is something between them? 

His eyes turned cold and sharp, like monsters going to swallow her. She felt she could barely breathe and her body was going to be crushed in his hands.

The pain on her chin forced her to fight back. She wanted to open his hands but failed. So she bit him. Bai Yeqing glared at her and all of a sudden he felt the whole thing was a joke. He felt bored and tired. So finally he let her go. Blood beads came out of his hand. But his eyes were still sharp and deeply cold as if he couldn’t feel the pain. He stared at her and said, “ Xia Xingchen, look what you’ve done!”

Every single word was enough to freeze her. 

Finally, she could have the chance to breathe freely. She looked up at him and found the fury and disdain in his eyes. Especially the hurtful disdain was so true that she couldn’t ignore. 

“I just didn’t keep my word. I didn’t come back last night. Why should you insult me like that? And…” She paused, lowered her head to pack up her stuff. And after a short silence came her explanation, “I know there must be someone celebrating your birthday with you last night. I don’t want to humiliate myself…”

Bai Yeqing didn’t know what she was saying. He just watched her packing. As she moved, his eyes grew darker and scarier.

After watching her put away all the stuff, he seemed to finally find the chance to his outburst. He knocks all the things she just tidied up on the floor.

“BANG-” All of a sudden, the toiletries and clothes all fell out and shattered around the ground.

Xia Xingchen was shocked by the loud noise that she couldn’t concentrate for a while. She was too tired to quarrel with him. So she just crouched down and continued packing up. Bai Yeqing stood there, looking down at her, “Xia Xingchen, you want to leave, don’t you?”

“At least I won’t come back in a couple of days.” It’s inconvenient for her to travel back and forth between the presidential residence and the hospital as these two places were far away from each other. So she planned to stay at Weiyang’s home for several days. She wouldn’t come back until Xu Yan got through the most difficult couple of days, there’s no need for her to always be there. 

These words made Bai Yeqing furious. She was going to be with that guy all night again. He was too furious to choose his words carefully: “You just slept with him. I bet that was so good that you can’t wait to do it again. Right?”

Xia Xingchen couldn’t bear this anymore, “You are being unreasonable! I just want to take care of him! That’s not like what you thought!”

“Taking care of him? In the bedroom? Leaving your family behind for him? What’s your relationship? Why do you need to do such things for him? ”

Bai Yeqing felt a fire burning in his chest, which made him lose his manners and mind. Xia Xingchen wanted to explain to him but she only found his eyes are like cold knives. “Xia Xingchen,” he continued, “If you really can’t wait to leave, get out. Never come back.”

“No one in this family likes you except Xia Dabai.” He added as he thought what he said just then couldn’t hurt her. 

Xia Xingchen was completely shocked. She clenched the luggage in her hand more tightly. It’s as if she has been punched so hard that everything she wants to explain has been slammed back into her throat, choking her.

His words, however, reminded her that she can’t get in the family without Xia Dubai in the first place. One day there will be a new mistress, and she will have to leave sooner or later…

She would either go on her own or be thrown out one day.

Her vacant look made Bai Yeqing feel a little nervous and confused. He frowned. If he could be given a second, he would take it back.

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