Chapter 79 – Get out of Here If You Want

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But how dare she? If she dared to leave, he would never urge her to stay!

With that in mind, he turned coldly and left.

Xia Xingchen didn’t feel physically exhausted until the door was slammed. She fell to the ground, leaning against the end of the bed, her eyes were brimming with tears again.


Bai Yeqing came downstairs with an aura of stern anger and coldness, which had frozen the atmosphere downstairs like millennium ice.

The servants all remained silent and dared not breathe heavily. Since little Master and Miss Xia moved in, it had been rare to see His Excellency behave in this way!

Just then, the butler came out of the kitchen and ordered the servant, “Prepare this soup for Miss Xia.”

When the Butler had finished, he noticed something was wrong with the president and hurriedly saluted, “Your Excellency.”

“What is this?” Bai Yeqing looked at the soup coldly.

“This is what Miss Xia asked me to cook when she just came back, saying she wanted to take it away.”

His face got more sullen, “Take it to the backyard and feed the dog.”

“…” The Butler was stunned: Feed the dog? What a waste! Besides, how should I tell Miss Xia?!

“Do you need me to say that again?” Bai Yeqing was quite impatient. He frowned at the butler and his stare scared the butler to sweat cold on the forehead. Hurriedly he replied, “Yes, I’ll do it right now.”


Xia Xingchen stood at the window and watched his car disappear into view before she came down with her luggage.

“Miss Xia, I’m really sorry, your soup…” The butler felt embarrassed.

“I’ve heard it upstairs. Never mind. I’ll just go out and buy it.” Xia Xingchen shook her head and comforted the butler. The butler sighed and noticed the luggage she was carrying, was a little bit surprised, “Miss Xia, you are…”

“I may not be here for a long time.”

No wonder His Excellency is in such a bad mood. The butler thought and then said.

“Little master would be sad if he knew Miss Xia will not be at home for a long time.”

“I’ll explain to him later.”

Now her urgent task was to find a residence, after that, she will negotiate with Bai Yeqing about their son and make the final fight, though she knew that she had no advantage in this issue.


Xu Yan was still in the operating room when she returned to the hospital. She left her luggage in the ward and accompanied Xu’s parents quietly waiting outside the operating room.

Xia Xingchen, if you want to go, just get out of here and never come back!

In this family, except Dabai, nobody cares about you!

Bai Yeqing’s words were lingering in her mind, stirred her heart and brain in pain. She stared blankly at the ground and her eyes looked dim and empty.

“Xingchen? Xingchen.”

On her side, Xu’s mother called her twice, and then she suddenly came to her senses, responding, “Ah?” Xu’s parents had already got up and said, “He’s coming out!”

It turned out that Xu Yan’s operation was over. The doctor came out of the room with ease, took off the mask and greeted Xu’s parents, “The operation went smoothly. Next, as long as Mr. Xu stays in bed for some time, he would surely recover soon depending on his good physical quality.”

“Thank God!” Xu’s mother Xu folded her hands together and made bows.

“Thank you, doctor, thank you so much.” Xu’s father shook hands with the doctor and thanked him.

Standing a few meters away, Xia Xingchen breathed a sigh of relief, she could finally rest assured as Xu Yan was okay.


Before Chi Weiyang arrived home from work, it was past 9 p.m.. She was pulling out the key to open the door and the light on her head automatically turned on because of the sound of her keychain, by then she saw someone squatting beside the door and got shocked.

“Xingchen? Do you want to scare me to death!?”

Xia Xingchen got up and patted off the dust on her trousers, “If you didn’t come back, I would have been frozen to death.”

“Why not call me? How long have you been here?”

“For quite a while.”

Chi Weiyang then opened the door and let Xia Xingchen in. Seeing the luggage that Xia Xingchen was carrying, Chi Weiyang asked, “What happened?”

“I would like to stay with you for a few days, will I disturb you?”

Chi Weiyang checked her luggage and said, “You even brought bathroom amenities with you, it seems that you don’t plan to stay for only a few days, do you?”

Xia Xingchen didn’t answer her question but went into the kitchen and took the noodles out of the refrigerator, asking, “Did you have dinner?”

“Not yet.”

“I’ll cook some noodles and we’ll eat together.” Xia Xingchen paused and then continued in a low voice, “Tomorrow I’ll go to find a place to stay. Do you have any recommendations in your neighborhood?”

Chi Weiyang put down her luggage and went to the kitchen. “What’s going on? Is the presidential residence not big enough to hold you and you keep running away from it?”

Water was boiling on the fire, Xia Xingchen leaned against the worktop, skillfully whipping eggs. Chi Weiyang’s words came to her ears, a touch of bitterness crawled on her face. She worked with a faraway look in her eyes, “That’s not my home, so I have to move out sooner or later. It’s a good thing to leave early while I’m not fully accustomed to the life there.”

Chi Weiyang supported herself by putting her hands on the worktop, observing Xia Xingchen, then inquired, “Why do I feel that what you refer to is your feelings for Mr. President?”

Knowing that there is no future, it is human’s instinct of self-protection for one to get away as soon as possible before he/she gets stuck in it.

Xia Xingchen paused and contemplated for a while before denying, “What I refer to is the atmosphere at home…”

Chi Weiyang sighed, “Did you two quarrel?”

She didn’t refer to Bai Yeqing explicitly, but Xia Xingchen understood who was she talking about.

She nodded and shook her head, “We did quarrel, but… It’s not all about quarreling with him that I want to move out.”

“Why else?”

“…” Xia Xingchen stopped whipping eggs, thought for a while, and then said, “Did you see him dancing with Song Weiyi at his birthday party the other day?”


“They’re a good match, aren’t they?”

“… Indeed.” Chi Weiyang said honestly, “They come from families of equal status, so they are naturally a good match.”

“You were on the dance floor all the time, and you should have heard that they are going to get married, right?”

“That’s exactly what vice-president Song talked with the president’s elder sister, and they… they did keep talking about Song Weiyi’s engagement to the President.” Saying that, Chi Weiyang paused, observed her expression, and then continued, “They said that… it would be better for the President and Song Weiyi to get engaged as soon as possible.”

Xia Xingchen began whipping eggs again like a robot, smiling bitterly and saying, “I can’t afford to be cheeky enough to wait until Song Weiyi comes in and drives me away, can I?”

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