Chapter 82 – Sweet Love Affair (2)

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She was both shocked and nervous, reaching out behind to push him wildly, “Bai Yeqing, I won’t let you do that… You rapist…”

This kind of address was harsh for him.

Bai Yeqing squinted, turned her face around and bit her ear, “If Xu Yan wants to sleep with you, you won’t refuse, will you?”

“I’m not your pet, you can’t humiliate me like this, disregarding my feelings…” Xia Xingchen’s eyelashes jittered violently, and a thin layer of mist wrapped them up. She grasped the front resting handrail so tightly that her fingers grew pale. Seeing Bai Yeqing behaving so rude and like a beast, she was somewhat scared, as she couldn’t imagine what she would have experienced if he got her laid now. It was even possible that he would tear her apart!

Bai Yeqing gasped heavily, his hands were still on her waist, holding her tightly, but he didn’t go further. He tried very hard to restrain himself from doing it right now.

At this moment…

Xia Xingchen’s mobile phone rang abruptly. She dropped her cell phone on the chair just now, and when it rang, the screen kept flashing and the light shone on them. Xia Xingchen blushed and she was relieved that he didn’t find it out as she was facing him with her back. But…

The next moment, when she saw the name on the screen, her relief disappeared immediately, because the one who called turned out to be Xu Yan!

She felt that Bai Yeqing minded about Xu Yan very much, probably because she stood him up on his birthday and stayed with Xu Yan. Therefore, every time she mentioned Xu Yan, he would become very annoyed. At present, seeing this name, she was afraid that this man would get furious again!

Xia Xingchen was a little panicky and reached out to grab her cell phone. However, Bai Yeqing grabbed the other end of the cell phone at the same time. He shot a glance at her, but she didn’t let go of the phone.

“Let go!” He commanded in a warning tone.

Xia Xingchen didn’t move. He continued, “If you don’t let go, I will have you here right now!”

“…” She bit her lip, wondering whether he dares to do so or not.

“One!” He stared at her and started counting.

She loosened her fingers a little and stared at him. He was as indifferent as ever, “Two!”

When the man counted to three, Xia Xingchen loosened her grip immediately. Bai Yeqing pressed the answering button directly and put it by his ear.

Xu Yan’s voice of concern came from the other end. “Hello, Xingchen, have you got home??”

“…” Xia Xingchen still bit her lip and stared at Bai Yeqing, wondering what he really wanted to do. But she could guess that he wouldn’t say anything good.

Hearing no answer, Xu Yan was worried and inquired hurriedly, “Xingchen, are you there?”

“Yes.” Bai Yeqing finally spoke. While speaking, he was staring at her with deep and cold eyes, which were hard to see through. Xia Xingchen tried to snatch her cell phone, but seeing his frightening look, her hand froze in the air, and then she withdrew her hand with embarrassment.

She always feels helpless with this man, so whatever he likes to say! Anyway, there is no future between she and Xu Yan.

With that thought, Xia Xingchen became calm.

Just then Bai Yeqing continued, “She’s doing exercises with me now… Exercises on the bed… She’s very tired, so I guess she cannot answer your phone. But I can pass on your words to her…”

“Bai Yeqing!” What a man!

Xia Xingchen blushed again. Although it is impossible for her to continue with Xu Yan, she is a woman after all, not as thick-faced as Bai Yeqing is!

“If you don’t want another round, put on your skirt and get ready to get off the bus.” Bai Yeqing, however, ignored her protest and spoke more openly. And clearly, he said these to Xu Yan deliberately. Xia Xingchen was so angry that her eyes became red, and she stared back at him with a mist of grievance in her eyes. But he reminded her with the embarrassing situation of them two, so she turned back, tidied herself up and got off the bus.

Bai Yeqing seemed quite satisfied with Xu Yan’s call as he looked not as cold as before. He added, “Sorry, we’re busy now. Let’s talk another day.”

Then he pressed the hang-up button directly and kept up with Xia Xingchen.


When hearing the sound ‘di-’, Xu Yan still didn’t collect his thoughts. It was not until his mother came and patted him on the shoulder that he suddenly regained consciousness. All of a sudden, he seemed to have lost his soul and leaned back on the sofa limply.


Once Xia Xingchen got off the bus, Leng Fei stopped her. Remembering the scene on the bus, she looked down to avoid Leng Fei’s stare.

They must have all seen that scene.

“Let me go.” She said to Leng Fei while dodging to leave. But after only two steps, she was stopped by another person again.

She was somewhat discouraged and exhausted.

Then she turned around and glared at Bai Yeqing, who was pacing with ease. He glanced at her and showed the cell phone in her hand, “Don’t you want it anymore?”

Xia Xingchen suddenly remembered that she saved his private number in the name of ‘Future Husband’ – which Xia Dabai didn’t change though she had tried all methods. If Bai Yeqing saw that now, she would be a big joke in his eyes!

She went up and reached for her cell phone, but Bai Yeqing suddenly raised her cell phone high; as a result, Xia Xingchen could only jumped into his arms.

Bai Yeqing looked down at her from the top, “Why do you panic?”

Xia Xingchen bit her lip and stepped back, “Give me back my cell phone.”

Bai Yeqing stared at her for a while, he could see clearly that she had a secret from her expression, but he didn’t check her phone like a spy. Holding her cell phone in hand, he pulled the car door and said, “Get in the car.”

Xia Xingchen didn’t move, “I can go back by myself…”

He had little patience. With a simple grab, she was pulled over and hurled into his chest. She stared at him angrily, “What on earth do you want to do?”

“Get in before I loose my patience!”

“Can’t you stop provoking me?” She said while looking down, her voice suddenly became hoarse and her eyes darkened with a thin mist, “You have so many women beside you, Song Weiyi, or any other woman. Just go to find them, why bother me?”

As she spoke, she looked into the inquiring eyes of Bai Yeqing and felt bitter. She then removed his hand, turned around and walked away.

She still remembers that day when he asked her to get out and never come back, she also has self-esteem, so she couldn’t be that thick-faced and return to the presidential residence with him. Actually, she had made up her mind not to tangle with him anymore. But in a twinkling of an eye, his appearance completely disrupted her life again.

Bai Yeqing got stunned for a while. Next moment, he took a step forward and stopped her.

“What woman are you talking about just now? Explain it!” Bai Yeqing pulled her and pressed her against a street lamp at the bus terminal with force.

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