Chapter 83 – Sweet Love Affair (3)

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They walked along the street in dim light. His shadow covered her.

“Last time on your birthday, you lost your temper when I stood you up. That’s because I thought you were with another woman. So maybe I’d better not show up…” Looking deep into his eyes she felt her heart was pounding the whole time so she answered him directly this time.

She stopped talking as she saw his scorching look.

Suddenly she felt uncomfortable and could hardly breathe. Slightly she pushed him away and hurried him up. But he lifted her chin and asked, “Who told you I was dating someone else that night?”

Now he was confused! He was in the old house at that time. How could he go for a date?

“You really have no idea?” Her eyes became moist.

Bai Yeqing frowned. “My sister told me you called me that night. She said you would call me again in ten minutes but then I couldn’t even contact you. Xia Xingchen, you were staying with another man and you completely forgot my birthday! And now you think that’s my fault?”

Bai Yeqing still felt mad thinking about it.

“Hmmmmmm….?” Xia Xingchen was confused.

So…that was Minister Bai who answered her phone that night.

Somehow she finally felt relieved.

“I dated someone else? That’s nonsense.”

“You know clearly if that was nonsense.” Bai Yeqing stared at her intently.

 Xia Xingchen knew that night still stuck in his throat. It wasn’t her wish to be misunderstood and humiliated by him. She was somehow upset but still wanted to explain. But he never gave her a chance to do so.

And also what he said that day did hurt her.

She sighed, “I didn’t show up because of a car accident. I spent the whole night in the hospital.”

Bay Yeqing stared at her without a word as if he was trying to find out whether it’s true or not.

“Xu Yan took me to visit my father that day but we were hit by a truck. He saved my life by turning the wheels or I could not be seriously injured. So, I should take care of him. Believe it or not.”

Seeing his suspicious look, she became a little angry. But then she found his face cloud over as she kept talking, which was kind of scary under the light.

“Where does it hurt?” He asked sincerely, looking at her.

“You mean Xu Yan? Several ribs were injured but he’s out of danger now and…”

“I mean YOU!” Bai Yeqing stopped her, frowning. Who the hell wanted to care about him? Rib injury was not exactly serious for a man.

Xia Xingchen realized that he seemed to have believed what she said.

“Nothing serious. I bruised my ankles but that’s OK. But Xu Yan was badly injured.”

“Take back your last sentence!” He stopped her. Before she figured out what’s going on, her right ankle was grabbed by him. She was startled and could barely stand.

She steadied herself with her hand on his shoulder. “There’s a little scar.” She heard him saying.

Xia Xingchen looked down at him. She felt the whole thing was not real. He’s the president of the country and he brought people to their knees.

But now he’s kneeling before her. He didn’t care what people would say.

Xia Xingchen couldn’t tell how she felt like. Her ankle seemed to be warmer. She wanted to stop him. “It’s okay…”

Bai Yeqing stood up slowly. Xia Xingchen took her hand back, trying to avoid his eyes. She heard him asking, “Why didn’t you say that earlier?”

“You didn’t give me the chance to explain…” she contradicted him softly. She was going to explain that day but it turned out she was thrown out unwillingly.

Bai Yeqing didn’t feel sorry at all. “So does it mean that nothing had happened that night?”

He was eager to know.

Xia Xingchen was completely speechless. Did he have to ask in such a high voice in front of a bunch of people? She became furious, extending her hand without an answer. “Give me my phone.”

“Have you slept with him?” He stared at her as if he wouldn’t stop till he got the answer.

Xia Xingchen found it so difficult to talk with such a cheeky person. She tried to take her phone back but he grabbed her hand and pushed her against the light pole.

“What are you talking about? What else can we do after the accident? I told you I had been taking care of him in the hospital. That’s not what you think.” She was kind of mad.

She could tell from his look that he finally felt satisfied.

Seeing his expression softened, she finally felt relaxed. Following him for a while she asked, “Can I get my phone back now?”

“Is there anything precious on your phone?” He looked at her.

She shook her head.

There must be something on her phone!

“Get in the car. I’ll give it to you later.”


He got rid of the whole bunch of people and drove her home.

Xia Xingchen hardly had the chance to get in his car before. Sitting next to him, she felt the night was like a dream.

They didn’t talk along the way. Though they resolved all the misunderstandings, there was still something unpleasant left between them. He humiliated her and threw her out that day.

Xia Xingchen always thought it was a wise decision to move out and live alone so she wouldn’t beg for a place to live in. Bai Yeqing hated backing out and he would never ask her to move back.

Soon they arrived at the residential area she lived in.

“Here we are.” She unfastened her seat belt. It’s pretty late now, the whole area is silent like in deep slumber.

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IamMeowChie Posted on3:34 pm - Sep 23, 2019

Smh I feel pity to FL.
It’s not only just lack of communication, there’s all those complicated things that ML should consider and those things will only affects FL than him.
Thank you for the update.

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Mass release please. Thank you for the update. I am truly enjoying the. 🤗👍