Chapter 84 – Sweet Love Affair (4)

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“Here we are.” She unfastened her seat belt. It’s pretty late now, the whole area is silent like in deep sleep.

 “OK.” Bai Yeqing handed the phone to her. Xia Xingchen opened the door. She thought for a second and told him, “If Dabai is still awake when you arrive at home, give him a goodnight kiss for me.”

Bai Yeqing frowned, “If you really want to, do it yourself though.”

“……” She kept quiet for a moment. “OK. Time to say goodbye now.” She pointed to her apartment.

 Bai Yeqing frowned tightly, watching her disappearing in the corridor. He took out his phone and called Fu Yichen, “Send some scar gel to my office tomorrow.”


In the apartment, Xia Xingchen stood by the window, watching him driving off. She didn’t turn on the lights until his car completely disappeared from her sight. Then she went to have a bath.

She couldn’t fall asleep, tossing about in her bed after shower.

She didn’t spend a long time in the presidential residence, but she’s already used to having someone sleep in the room next to hers. At least, she loved to have her little child around.


Maybe they really needed to talk about their child. It would be great if she could have her child around for several days a week.

She kept thinking about it. The picture on the bus suddenly jumped into mind, which made her feel ashamed. She had no idea how that happened.


Bai Yeqing went to Xia Dabai’s room after getting home. The little one was in his bed but he couldn’t fall asleep.

Xia Dabai smiled as Bai Yeqing opened the door. His eyes looked just like a upside-down crescent moon. “Little Bai, you’re back!”


He was still cold.

Xia Dabai sat up immediately. He looked straight behind Bai Yeqing as if he’s waiting for someone to pop up. Bai Yeqing knew exactly what he’s looking for. “She’s not back.”

“……” He looked upset like a deflated balloon. “Little Bai, it’s all your fault! She wouldn’t leave if you hadn’t bullied her! Now she won’t come back!”

Bai Yeqing frowned, “Go to sleep now!”

Xia Dabai moaned and lay down but still couldn’t fall asleep. He sat up again, staring at him, and griped, “Little Bai, why are you so bad at pursuing ladies?”

“You are annoying!” said Bai Yeqing with his lips twitching.

“You have to amuse her when she’s down. Why were you mad at her? Dabao is not like me, she couldn’t bear your bad temper…”

Bai Yeqing was sick to death of his complaints. The boy had been so annoying these days!

He ignored him completely and turned off the light.

What’s going on?

A four-year-old boy tried to teach him how to pursuing ladies?


The next day.

Xia Xingchen went home with Chi Weiyang after work. She found a bookstore on the way and bought some books. She found that she finally had time to enjoy herself. Maybe reading was the best choice.

Xu Yan phoned her when she just got home. She still felt awkward thinking about last night. So she wasn’t sure whether to pick up the phone.

Fortunately it was Xu Yan’s mother instead of him.

“Xingchen, come over for dinner tonight. You live alone anyway so why not come over?” Xu Yan’s mother invited her.

“No, I’m good. I already cooked dinner.” She lied. “I’ve been busy these days so I am thinking that maybe I won’t go and see Xu Yan for a while. I’m sorry. Please tell Xu Yan to get enough rest.”

“Well, you won’t see him for a while?” Xu Yan’s mother saw there’s a disappointed look on Xu Yan’s face. She heard Xia Xingchen saying, “Yep, busy work, you know.”

Xu’s mother understood. There’s no need for her to keep asking Xia Xingchen to come so she hung up after saying goodbye.

Xia Xingchen sighed. She told Xu Yan that they wouldn’t have a relationship. Though he didn’t keep it in mind, he must know after last night.

After she finished the call, she called Xia Dabai’s chauffeur. The chauffeur answered respectfully, “Hold on, Miss. Xia. Little master just finished his class.”

She could hear his sweet voice.


Xia Xingchen cheered up immediately. “Would you like to come tonight? I will cook your favorite sweet and sour ribs and drumsticks. OK?”

“That’s great!” Xia Dabai loved it, “Heading there now!”

“Sure.” Sweet feelings filled in her heart. Talking to her son was just like being in love with someone. But the more sweetness she got, the more disappointed she felt.

She had no idea what to do with her boy in the future.

It seemed impossible to let Xia Dabai live with her. Bai Yeqing wouldn’t allow that. She couldn’t imagine how Song Weiyi would treat Dabai after they get married. She didn’t think Song Weiyi would be a good mother.

She became unhappy thinking about it. She scooped some rice up, washed it and put it in the pot. Then she started to deal with the ribs and drumsticks. Although she hadn’t cooked for a while, she’s still a good cook.

She lived in a tiny apartment with a tiny square kitchen. Everything in the house was just enough for her. It’s the best place to live alone.

She almost finished cooking when someone knocked at the door. She went to open it with her apron on.

“Dabao!” Xia Dabai rushed to her, hugged her and rubbed his head against her legs, “I miss you so much…”

Actually they had met each other two days ago. But she felt it had been so long. She spent the whole night with her little one here.

 She also missed him badly. She squatted down and got closer to him. Xia Dabai kissed her face sweetly.

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Kayame Posted on9:10 pm - Sep 25, 2019

Thanks for the update!
Honestly Xu Yan needs to accept that nothing will happen between him and her, she’s been honest and told him that she couldn’t reciprocate his feelings and that they couldn’t go back to the past. All he’s doing now is just making the friendship more awkward than it already is.