Chapter 86 – Women Need to Be Coaxed (2)

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Xia Xingchen was still shocked. She didn’t move until hearing him saying “why are you still standing over there?”     

She walked into the elevator carrying her child. She couldn’t help asking him, “Are you kidding?”    

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”     

“You can’t go to the supermarket.” Xia Xingchen reasoned with him. “There would be a mess if you go there. People know who you are.”     

He was more than a superstar. Everybody knew him.     

Bai Yeqing didn’t answer. He put his hand on Xia Dabai’s head. “You got the annoying part from your mother.”    

“……”Xia Xingchen was speechless.     

“I am not annoying at all!” Xia Daibai got rid of the hand on his head. “You ruined my hair!”

 Xia Dabai thought he had to help dealing with their problem. Who the hell wants to be such a chatty box like a grandma?    

… … 

There weren’t so many cars outside. But Leng Fei was waiting there with his bullet-proof car. He walked over to them quickly. 

He was also shocked hearing they were going to the supermarket.

“Your Excellency, that’s not a joke.” 

“When did I ever tell a joke?” Bai Yeqing glanced at Leng Fei. 

Leng Fei took out his phone. “I’ll make sure there’s no one there before you arrive.”    

“That’s too much.” Xia Xingchen looked at Bai Yeqing. “Don’t come with us. It’s not convenient for everyone. Da Bai and I will get back as soon as possible.”

Did this lady think he’s a problem?    

As the president of the country, it’s the first time he felt being despised and rejected.    

How many women had dreamed of going shopping with a man like him? But she just treated him as if he’s a big trouble. She tried to avoid him. How could he understand?    

“You go there for shopping. I go there to observe the living conditions of my people.” His look was cold like ice. “That’s not your business.”    

He walked directly to the car. The chauffeur opened the door respectfully for him. Leng Fei heard Bai Yeqing said indifferently while he was asking Xia Xingchen and Dabai to get in the car as well. “Shall we go now, Secretary Leng?”    

“Huh? Oh, alright. Sure. Your Excellency.” Leng Fei got in the car quickly. The car drove away without hesitation.    

Xia Xingchen was speechless watching the car driving away. Xia Dabai frowned slightly.“Dad is so mean. He just leaves us alone.”    

“It’s good to take a walk after dinner.” Xia Xingchen put him down. They walked to the supermarket hand in hand. The supermarket was ten minute’s walk from home.    

Xia Dabai lowered his head down. “Dabao, could you please ask him to stay with us?”    

“……”Xia Xingchen didn’t answer. He’s a good dreamer. How could it be possible for a man like him to live in such a tiny little room? The bedroom in the presidential residence was four times bigger than her whole apartment. And this was not including his changing room.    

“Little Bai certainly will take me away. Then you’ll live alone. I don’t want you to be bored and sad on your own.”    

“It’s okay. I’ll talk to him later.” Xia Xingchen touched his head.    

Her phone rang in her pocket. It was an unknown number. She answered the phone, hearing Leng Fei’s voice. “Miss.Xia, there are many supermarkets along the street. Which one are you going?”    

“……”That made her want to laugh out. Did the president just say he’s going to observe the living condition of his people? Why did he start to care about where they were going? She didn’t question him. She told him they would go to the closest supermarket.    

Ten minutes later, when Xia Xingchen showed up with Dabai, she saw him waiting there. He had already taken off his outfit and tie. He looked much more kind and lazy in a white shirt.    

Those long legs made him more charming. Even if he was wearing a mask, he’s still the focus of the crowd.    

She could tell from his eyes that he had been waiting for too long.

“Why are you so slow?” He asked as she walked over.    

“Our legs can’t compare to your wheels.”she said.    

“Let’s go.” Bai Yeqing said, holding Xia Dabai’s hand in his. The three of them walked into the supermarket together. Xia Xingchen was shocked seeing this picture. There were lots of parents taking their kids for shopping after dinner. She used to dream about it every time she went shopping with Xia Dabai. Dabai wanted both of his parents to be here, now that’s happening. People would think they were family.    

“Excuse me! Excuse me!” All of a sudden, high voice came along with the sound of wheels. Xia Xingchen came to her mind immediately.    

She looked up, finding rows of carts were coming towards her. Before she could even move, a strong arm dragged her and protected her from being hit by those carts. Nothing serious happened.    

She could feel the hands on her waist were hot like burning.    

She was close to his chest. His tall and strong body made her feel secure. Xia Xingchen could hear his heartbeat clearly. The shock she just suffered disappear quickly.    

“What are you doing? Don’t you know that’s dangerous?” He looked at her, frowning tightly. He wanted to blame her. If he didn’t pull her back, she could have been hurt badly.    

Xia Xingchen’s hands were still on his shoulders. She blushed when he stared deeply into her eyes. His breath. The unique fragrance. She couldn’t help thinking about the bus and last night. “I was just… Thinking about something…”    

Her sound even became unnatural.    

Bai Yeqing seemed to find there’s something lingering between them. His eyes became soft and gentle. “Did the carts hit you?” he asked gently in a low voice, with his hands on her waist.    

She shook her head. “No. I’m fine.”    

Then she stepped back from his hug. His hands fell down from her waist. Her heartbeat got back into its normal pace.    

Xia Dabai looked up to them with a big smile on his face. “That was pretty cool, Little Bai. You are a hero!”

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