Chapter 88 – We Are a Family (2)

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Xia Xinghen was about to tell him a “happy birthday” as a gift. But Bai Yeqing walked away without a word. He looked much colder than before.

How could he be mad again?

Why did he mind Xu Yan so much? Was that because she stood him up and missed his birthday?

Xia Xingchen sighed speechlessly.

They walked along together but he’s still mad. He was still aloof when Xia Xingchen sometimes tried to talk to him.

She stopped talking to him after being turned down for a couple of times. Then, she went ahead with the kid, leaving him behind with a cold face.

The hardest for Xia Xingchen was to understand this man. He’s obviously mad at her and tired of the crowds here. But why on earth did he keep following her?

Xia Xingchen arrived in the seafood area. Xia Dabai said he wanted crabs. So she bought some and planned to cook them tonight.

“Here you go.” The server handed her the packed crabs.

“Thank you.” Xia Xingchen held the paper bag in her hand.

“Aw!” She could feel the pain on her finger. Her bleeding finger was hurt by the crab in the bag.

“What’s wrong, Dabao?” Xia Dabai asked her worriedly.

Suddenly, Bai Yeqing rushed to her before she could even answer.

He grabbed her hand and looked at the bleeding finger. “Why are you still so careless?”

His scolding tone and the long face didn’t make her mad at all. She felt he warmed her up inside. “Nothing serious. Don’t worry.” She shook her head, as she said softly.

So Bai Yeqing stopped asking her and she took her hand back.

After all, he was not in a good mood tonight. Him being upset had affected Dabai’s mood directly.


When Dabai touched the chocolate on the shelf, he heard a cold voice, “No chocolate. Don’t you want your teeth healthy?”

So Dabai reached the second choice. The chips.

“No fried snacks. Also bad for your health.”

Sad as he was, he reached for the fast food.

“No junk food!”

He then grabbed a bottle of coke.

“No sodas!”

Xia Dabai couldn’t help crying. He hugged Xia Xingchen’s leg, crying with his eyes shining, “Dabao! Little Bai is bullying me!”

Xia Xingchen couldn’t bear his bright and shining eyes. Every time she saw this face, she wanted to offer him anything he wanted.

“……” Xia Xingchen couldn’t help him this time.

Xia Dabai was totally upset. “I won’t go shopping with Little Bai anymore!”

What an annoying dad!

He went to the cashier area mumbling.

Xia Xingchen tried not to laugh out loudly seeing this. This should have been a nice family shopping trip. But both of them went home upset. Fortunately, this wouldn’t happen every day, or she would have a bad headache.

A golden card had been given to the cashier before Xia Xingchen reached her purse. The card was a symbol of high status. People who have this card were all rich and powerful. So of course, the cashier was shocked seeing this card. She kept looking at Bai Yeqing.

His eyes were cold enough to kill people’s curiosity. The cashier looked away quickly and started to get on her own business.

Xia Xingchen was also looking at the card curiously. So no one knew Xia Dabai put a jar of candy into the cart secretly.


Xia Dabai was tired after this family trip. Bai Yeqing held him in his arm and carried the huge bag with another hand, walking out of the supermarket.

Leng Fei had already waited outside when the three came out. He opened the door respectfully for them. And someone else came over, taking over the huge shopping bag.

Xia Xinchen also got in the car. Leng Fei would send her back. Though Xia Dabai was sleepy, he dares not to sleep in the car. He thought once he slept, dad must take him home.

Finally, they arrived. Xia Dabai followed Xia Xingchen getting out of the car.

“Dad, I’ll stay here tonight! Don’t take me home!”

Xia Xingchen held his little hand. She wouldn’t let him go. They thought he certainly would refuse. But he got out of the car together with them.

He told Leng Fei to wait downstairs. Then he grabbed the bag, heading to the elevator. Xia Xingchen was confused looking at him. What’s happening here?


Apparently Bai Yeqing didn’t want to leave after dropping off the stuff. He stood in front of the door for a while, seeing Xia Xingchen didn’t realize what’s happening, said, “Slippers.”

“Well, there’s no slippers for men. Just go barefoot.”

No slippers for men meant there’s no man ever came here like he did. Including Xu Yan.

This news brightened him a little and he walked in barefoot.

The tiny room was perfect for Xia Xingchen to live alone but the room suddenly turned smaller as Bai Yeqing walked in.

“Just sit for a moment. Dabai needs to go to bed. I’ll help him wash his face.”

“OK.” Bai Yeqing nodded and sat down on the sofa. He looked so elegant sitting there with his legs crossed.

Xia Xingchen forced herself not to stare at him. She took Xia Dabai to the bathroom.

“Dabao, will Little Bai sleep here tonight?” Xia Dabai asked as the door closed.

“Of course not.” Xia Xingchen answered quickly.

“Just ask him to stay. I want the three of us to sleep together. We’ve slept together before though.”

“No. Not now, not today.”

“What’s the difference?”

Of course, something had changed. Unexpected things like last night never happened before.

Xia Xingchen couldn’t think about that. She washed his hands carefully.

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