Chapter 90: Underground Romance Exposed

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They didn’t even know each other when they encountered on the court.

“Brother. Did Bai Yeqing want to be with her because of her identity?” Yu Zenan thought that might be the reason. “So he doesn’t love Xia Xingchen at all. He just wants to make use of her?”

Yu Zeyao sighed, shaking his head. “I thought so at first. But after consideration, if he did know who Xia Xingchen was, he would refuse when the vice-president tried to bring Song Weiyi and him together on his birthday. Besides, he would have contacted Lady Lanting. But apparently, she didn’t know about it.”

Hearing this, Yu Zenan felt upset. He would rather believe Bai Yeqing wanted her because he wanted to make use of her.

“So what’s the plan?” Yu Zenan asked. Yu Zeyao thought for a while. He just said. “Don’t let Xia Xingchen go. And I can handle other things.”

Looking at his brother, Yu Zenan somehow felt anxious. He put the photos into the paper bag and wanted to take them away but was stopped at the door.

Yu Zeyao gave the photo to the chief secretary. “Send these photos.”


Xia Xingchen brought Chi Weiyang to the luxury store after work. Xia Xingchen knew he wouldn’t let it go until she got him a birthday present. They went to the store where she bought the shirt.

They walked around, picking a shirt. Xia Xingchen wouldn’t buy the same one because he hated Xu Yan so much. She couldn’t find a suitable one for him so she went to the tie area.

“Excuse me, Miss. Are you picking a gift for your boyfriend?”The server here asked, smiling. “Tie is the best choice for a boyfriend. Giving him a tie means binding him to you forever.”

Binding him to her?

Xia Xingchen was shocked but soon she smiled to herself. They were not a couple, why did she need to bind him to her forever? Though she thought so, she still pointed at a dark one. “This one looks nice.”

The server took it out for her. The 4-digit price meant she would spend a month’s wages on it. But she thought he would like this one. So she asked the server to pack it up.

When she’s checking out, Chi Weiyang asked. “You do want to bind him to you?”

“Oh, you really believe that? If a tie can help bind a man’s heart, there would be fewer people want to break up.”

Chi Weiyang laughed. “You ruined their commercial. But are you sure you won’t go back?”

Xia Xingchen shook her head.

Chi Weiyang asked again. “Didn’t he ask you to move back?”

Xia Xingchen shook her head again.

Chi Weiyang sighed. “I heard from Fu Yichen that Bai Yeqing will engage with Song Weiyi soon.”

Xia Xingchen somehow felt nervous. She looked down, avoiding her eyes. “When did you get to know Doctor Fu so well?” She looked up and asked Chi Weiyang.

Chi Weiang turned back, pretending to look at those clothes. “I knew him ten years ago.”

“……” That answer did surprise Xia Xingchen. She’s curious but she didn’t ask, seeing the sad look on Chi Weiyang’s face. If she wanted to talk about it, she would say.

They went back to the subway after shopping. Xia Xingchen kept thinking about how to give it to him. Maybe she could ask Xia Dabai to bring it to him.


She went home in 20 minutes. At the moment she got out of the elevator, she found a man standing in front of her door. The slender man, leaning on the door and playing his phone.

“What are you doing here?” She noticed him. That’s Yu Zenan. “Why are you here?”

“I’ve been waiting for you. Why do you come back so late? Didn’t you finish your work early?”

“I went shopping. Why didn’t you call me?” Xia Xingchen asked.

“I thought you would come home right after work.”

Xia Xingchen took out her keys and opened the door. Suddenly she realized something. “Hold on. How could you know I live here?”

“What do you think?” Xia Zenan didn’t want to hide anything. “It didn’t take me so long to know your address.”

He took off his shoes, walking barefoot naturally as if he had been here for thousands of times.

“What’s wrong with you? Why do you want my address? If you do want to know you can just call me.” Xia Xingchen couldn’t be mad at this naughty boy.

But he looked upset today. He looked at the bag. “What did you buy?”

“A tie.”

Yu Zenan sat on the sofa, looking at her. “For Bai Yeqing?”

She was shocked. “What else did you find out about me?”

She’s not hiding anything about her private life. But Bai Yeqing was not like her. Apparently, Yu Zenan found out this by spying on Bai Yeqing. She didn’t want to be involved in the political relationships between them but she didn’t want Bai Yeqing to become dangerous. He used to tell her to stay away from Yu Zenan.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t want to know about you two.” Yu Zenan looked at her and stepped to her. “Xingchen, am I your friend?”

“Of course.” She nodded. She had a few male friends. But Yu Zenan was interesting and she felt comfortable talking to him. Of course, they were friends.

“As your friend, I need to tell you. Don’t be silly any more.”

She was shocked.

Yu Zenan asked. “Do you know who Bai Yeqing is?”

Xia Xingchen didn’t answer. He continued. “Do you know how he becomes the president at this age? What does it cost for him to be the president? You don’t even know how many people died because of him. Xingchen, people like him and my brother are different from the rich and dignitaries. People like your father are just puppets for him. They can control everything easily. But it’s tough to stay in a high position. Whatever it takes, they must climb higher. Or they themselves could die secretly! Or even you will be involved!”

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