Chapter 92: Underground Romance Exposed (3)

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Looking at his back, Xia Xingchen could feel the tears in her eyes. He would feel awkward when Song Weiyi moved in. She didn’t want her child to be bullied.

“Why are you still there! I told you to go!” Xia Dabai didn’t hear anything so he turned around and found someone still standing there.

“Get up if you want to eat the drumsticks. You can’t eat them in your dreams.” Xia Xingchen said.

Xia Dabai thought that was his imagination. He sat up immediately and found his mother standing there. He couldn’t help crying. “Dabao!”

  The sad look on his face did hurt her. Xia Xingchen lifted him up.

“Are you hungry?” Xia Xingchen asked him. “Yes, I’m starving.” He nodded his head.

“Don’t do this anymore. You need food to grow up.”

“Dad is so annoying.” He grumbled. Xia Xingchen walked downstairs carrying him. The butler had already set up the table for dinner. Xia Dabai wanted to eat the drumsticks she cooked. She certainly would like to cook for him.

When she walked into the kitchen she realized it was way too big compared to her own kitchen. She put on the apron and started to cook. Xia Dabai followed her all the time, carrying his bowl. Xia Xingchen wanted him out because of the cooking fume. But he refused.


Bai Yeqing came back home while she’s busy cooking in the kitchen. He was talking to Leng Fei. “Your Excellency, what about Miss.Song…”

Suddenly Bai Yeqing noticed the gift bag on the table. Then he didn’t pay attention to what Leng Fei was trying to say. He walked over and saw the tie.

He was surprised.

Subconsciously he looked around. The butler knew what he’s looking for and pointed to the kitchen. Bai Yeqing walked to the kitchen. “We’ll talk about it tomorrow. Let others go now.”

“Yes, Your Excellency.” Leng Fei nodded. Looking at him until he disappeared in his sight, Leng Fei worried that the president must have fallen in love with her. But love was totally different from marriage. Maybe the president would lose his mind if things kept going in this way.

“Dabao, look! I’ve already finished the rice!” Bai Yeqing heard this before he walked into the kitchen.

“Nice. Wait outside. I’ll come out soon with the drumsticks.” Her voice sounded soft but somehow with a hint of sadness.

“No. I’ll just wait here. Little Bai is so bad. I will protect you if he wanted to throw you out or bully you.”

“……” Bai Yeqing thought the kid was pretty good at bullying him.

He walked in with a cold look.

Xia Dabai was mad at him and he finally found the chance to complain. But at this moment, his collar was pulled backward by someone.

“Who’s that! Who!” He waved his arms with his bowl and spoon in his hands, struggling in the air. He turned his head and saw Bai Yeqing’s face.

Xia Xingchen turned back as she heard the noise. Her guard’s up when she saw him. The kid was thrown out of the kitchen and then walked into the kitchen alone. The housemaids were gone, too. Now there’s only two of them here.

Xia Xingchen tried to focus on the drumsticks and ignored him. But he was born talented in disturbing her without doing anything but standing there.

“When did you come back?” Bai Yeqing asked.

“Just now.” Xia Xingchen answered. “The chauffeur said Dabai refused to eat so I came to see him. I’ll leave when he finishes dinner and goes to sleep.”

Bai Yeqing didn’t like the last sentence she added. He leaned on the fridge with his hands in pockets. “What if he still refuses to eat tomorrow?”

“Then don’t ground him. Send him to me. I can handle it.”

“No.” Bai Yeqing refused. “It can’t be changed. He’s not going out of the house. If I take back what I said, there’s no authority.”

Was this what they said, “the king’s words are to be taken seriously”?

Xia Xingchen turned around after finished cooking. “He didn’t do anything wrong. Why did you ground him? He’s just a kid. Of course, he misses me because I’m his mom. I gave birth to him and raised him up. Why did you take us apart? It’s cruel for both him and me!”

 Her emotion was getting out of control and her eyes were getting moist.

Bai Yeqing didn’t think she would be like this. She tried to avoid his eyes and wanted to get out of here after realizing she’s losing her temper. But suddenly Bai Yeqing pulled her into his arms.

Xia Xingchen felt aggrieved. She couldn’t help thinking about the invitation card. The hug hit the softest part of her heart. She didn’t want to hold the tears back anymore.

Bai Yeqing didn’t like to see her crying because he had no idea what to do. “Don’t cry.”

“Why do you always bully Dabai and I? Do we look so nice to you?” She asked, crying.

Bai Yeqing lifted her chin. “Nice? If you want to run away from home and leave us, you can do it. But I won’t allow him to follow you.”

Xia Xingchen was speechless. “It was you who told me to get out of here? How could it be like this? I ran away from home and left you?”

He’s pretty good at passing the buck.

Bai Yeqing put one hand on her waist and the other one against the fridge. She was stuck between him and the fridge. He looked at her and his eyes were just like a vortex which could easily suck her in.

He got closer and closer. His lips were so close to hers. “You left me because I said so? How could you be so obedient?”

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