Chapter 93: Underground Romance Exposed (4)

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He got closer and closer. His lips were so close to hers. “You left me because I said so. How could you be so obedient?”

Looking into his eyes in such a short distance, Xia Xingchen could feel her heart jumping. The alluring eyes and the hot breath were dangerous. She certainly knew the price she’s going to pay if she stepped closer to him.

“This is your house. All the people here are under your control. You are the president and if you want me to go, there’s no reason for me to stay…” Maybe it’s the distance that made her could barely speak. Her body leaned on the fridge in an unnatural way. But he couldn’t just let her go. He stepped closer to her, asking in the gentlest and softest way. “What if I ask you to stay…”

If she lost her mind, if Yu Zenan didn’t tell her the truth, or if she didn’t see the red invitation, she would say yes.

But there’s no “if”.

Deep breath always helped her to calm down. The uncertainty in her eyes was gone. She looked up. “Can I take Dabai home?”

Everything went still in the room until the words came out. Bai Yeqing couldn’t believe his ears. “Say it again!”

“He’s my son and I have the right to take him home.”

“No. And there’s no need to discuss this again.” Every single word was freezing. He took his hands away from her waist. He looked more indifferent, more like him than a few minutes ago.

He thought he had already made it pretty clear. He asked her to come back. But she ignored the whole thing and even asked to take Dabai away.

“Bai Yeqing!” She pulled him back as he wanted to leave. Coldly he stared at her as if the whole dark ocean was contained in his eyes. “At least let him live with me till he’s 18, alright?”

The way she looked at him was torture.
“I had never begged you this way. But this time, please.” She looked directly into his eyes, ignoring the coldness in his eyes. “I was only 18 when I got pregnant. I couldn’t get over the rumors and all the hard things without him. But you are not like me. The whole country and even the whole world is yours. And … and you’ll get married soon you can have another baby with your wife…”

Bai Yeqing didn’t say anything. He just listened.

Her voice was shaking. “But Dabai means a lot to me. He’s my world. My life is nothing without him. So I beg you. Don’t take him away until he’s 18. You can see him whenever you want. I promise. Or sometimes he could live here with you. Or he could celebrate every birthday with you.”

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