Chapter 98: Please Return My Child (5)

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He was taught like that when he was a kid. Xia Xingchen knew he cared about their child as she did. Xia Dabai is a good boy. He stopped crying after hearing his father’s words.

Bai Yeqing smiled slightly. “Good boy.”

When they walked outside, the car was ready. The bodyguards stood in a line and opened the door of the second car as usual. Bai Yeqing let Xia Xingchen to get in the car first and then he got in the car in pajamas with his son in his arms.

The group of cars drove to the No.1 National Hospital. He called Fu Yichen on the way to make sure he and other experts waiting there for them. Xia Xingchen’s face looked paler than the kid’s.

“Don’t worry. Doctor Fu tell me children are easier to get this serious problem than adults because their digestion’s more delicate.”

“…OK.” Xia Xingchen nodded. His comforting words could give her power to face problems.

She didn’t know exactly when the kid’s little hand got in his big warm hand. A complicated feeling washed over her now. If she took care of the kid all on her own, she couldn’t offer him the best treatment in such a short time. But the man was different…

He could have everything he wanted. Whatever Dabai needed or wanted, Bai Yeqing could offer him the best.

The car ran really fast.

After a short while, the cars stopped in front of the hospital. The hospital personnel welcomed them by cleaning all the patients’ family out. All the patients were asked to stay in their own wards. The hospital had never been so quiet before.

Dabai had totally lost his consciousness. He fainted. The doctors took him to the emergency department and had his stomach pumped.

And that moment his parents were waiting in the VVIP ward.

He grabbed her a coat but he only wore his pajamas. He didn’t even changed his shoes. But even wearing those stuff didn’t destroy his dignity. Some people were born aristocratic.He even looked good in his pajamas.

Xia Xingchen was afraid that he would get a cold. “I’d better call them to bring a coat for you. What if you get sick…”

“No, I’m good. I’m not that weak.” Bai Yeqing answered gently. He checked the time. It’s been two hours, he wondered how the kid was now.

“Your Excellency, don’t worry. Doctor Fu said the kid is out of danger.” The medical staff knew what he’s worrying about.

No one knew who the child is except Fu Yichen. Though they might wonder, no one dared to ask and talk about it. Sometimes knowing less was better. Or you’ll loose your life for it.

The kid was sent to the ward at around three. Fortunately he’s out of danger. The butler called and told it was due to the drumsticks. To their surprise, there were expired foods in the house and somehow it was the kid who ate them. That would certainly made Bai Yeqing furious. Xia Xingchen didn’t know how he dealt with it, she only saw him talking on the phone by the window.

There must be rules in the house on dealing with those problems. Xia Xingchen knew she had better not ask him. She just cared about her son. 

“Don’t let him eat anything in a couple of hours. If he’s thirsty, drop some water on his lips.” Fu Yichen told Xia Xingchen.

She nodded. Even if there were medical staff, Xia Xingchen insisted on taking care of him by herself.

Then Bai Yeqing told everyone to get out. There were only the three of them left in the ward. Xia Xingchen sat on the edge of his bed and slightly put some water on his lips with a cotton swab. Bai Yeqing watched this scene sitting on the couch. Her movements struck a deep chord in his heart.

She’s indeed a great mother.

But if he let the boy live with her, there’s no proper reason for him to visit her.

He started to feel it was good that they didn’t make it in the reading room just now. But he believed that one day, she would surrender to him willingly.

“Are you busy tomorrow?” Suddenly she broke the silence while he’s thinking of her.

He came to himself and said yes. He never had a day that’s not busy.

“Go to sleep for a while then.” Xia Xingchen took a quilt out of the closet. The ward was luxurious. It’s far better than the apartment she lived in. The quilt was brand-new and had a nice fragrance.

Xia Xingchen walked towards him with the quilt. “It’s late now. Go to sleep for a couple of hours.”

Bai Yeqing stood up and stared her gently into her eyes. “What about you?”

They were too close. The gap between them was filled with the quilt in her arms. Xia Xingchen could smell his refreshing scent, which reminded her of the kiss in the reading room. She blushed and her cheeks were burning. She tried to avoid his eyes. “I’ll sleep with Dabai. I will take care of him.”

Bai Yeqing didn’t say anything else and took the quilt. Xia Xingchen was about to turn around but suddenly she was pulled to him. She could feel his warm hand on her wrist, which made her heart beat fast.

He pulled her into his arms. She let out a yelp and subconsciously put her hands on his shoulders. His eyes watched hers. She felt thirsty and licked her lips. And his kiss arrived.

This time the kiss was lingering and soft, unlike the hungry kiss in the living room. His lips lingered on hers and his hands were placed her waist. He held her tightly to himself.

Xia Xingchen was losing her mind over him. Her hands clutched the edge of his shirt. The passion in her eyes hasn’t cooled yet when he released her.

He smiled at her with sparkling eyes. “Ah, it seems that I’m not the only one who feels it’s a pity in my reading room.”

Hearing this, Xia Xingchen felt embarrassed and wanted to huddle up in a ball somewhere.

“I don’t regret this!” She refused to admit. “You are regretting.”

“That’s true. I’m regretting.” He admitted that.

“……” She never thought he would reply like that. “You go to sleep!”

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Ah, what to do? Will he allow her to take Xia Dabai or not and will she take her child or not especially after what just happened? And now with their complicated feelings involved, this is a mess