Chapter 99: A Beating Heart (1)

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“……” She never thought he would reply like that. “Go to sleep!”

Bai Yeqing still held her hands in his. He stared into her eyes. “I’ll fly to Switzerland tomorrow morning at  8:15 and I won’t be back in a week. Take care of him for me.”

A week…

That meant she could only see him on TV in a week. Xia Xingchen thought it might be a good chance for her to calm down. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of him. Go to sleep now. You have to get up early tomorrow.”

“Sure.” He told her in a gentle voice. “Stay with the kid in the house these days. Don’t go back to your apartment in case he’s sick again. Understand?”


Bai Yeqing touched her earlobe slightly. “If you listen to me every time, there’s no need for me to lose my temper.”

There’s a hint of sadness and a trace of teasing in his voice. Xia Xingchen felt her earlobe was burning and her heartbeats went faster. She was standing still there until he took the quilt and went out.

She came back to her mind. Subconsciously she touched her earlobe. It was hot.

About an hour later, the kid was given his injection. Xia Xingchen checked the kid carefully and then went to bed after making sure he’s alright.

Xia Dabai opened his eyes sleepily, after finding out it was her, he moved closer. She sighed slightly and hugged him tightly.

Fortunately nothing wrong happened in the evening.

When Xia Xingchen woke up, it was still dark outside. It’s seven o’clock now. She slept for only two hours.

She got up and opened the door quietly, looking into his room. She was worried about him missing the flight. But when she went into the room she found she had worried too much.

He had already gone. There’s no one there. He didn’t make his bed before he left.

She had no idea when he left.

He didn’t even tell her.

Looking at the empty bed, Xia Xingchen somehow felt a sense of loneliness as there’s also a place in her heart became empty. Suddenly she found it was stupid for her to feel upset. It’s all for nothing. She shook her head and started to make the bed, trying not to think about him.

“Awake?” Suddenly the voice broke into the silence. Surprised as she looked back at the door, she found Bai Yeqing standing over there.

He didn’t leave!

It seemed that he was in the bathroom just now. He had already dressed neatly compared to her pajamas. The tie was hanging on his necks.

“I thought you had already left.” Xia Xingchen said. She couldn’t help looking at him. Her heart was beating fast.

He checked his watch and said. “Yep, I have to go. Leng Fei has been waiting outside for an hour.”

Bai Yeqing walked towards her, looking at her and then at the tie. She understood what he meant and didn’t refuse. While she’s tying the tie for him, he kept staring at her, which made her remember yesterday and the reading room and blushed deeply.

Leng Fei was about to hurry him up. He saw the scene in the room and soon walked out again.

Bai Yeqing must go now, time’s up. When she finished tying his tie, he went to the ward and kissed the sleeping child.

Watching the group of cars drove away in the darkness, she went back to the bed, trying to sleep. Xia Dabai was half-awake now. “Dabao, where’s Little Bai?

“Dad’s busy. A lot of things needed for him to sort out. He just left.”

“OK. He didn’t wake me up.”

“He kissed you before leaving.” She kissed him on his forehead. “Sleep. When you are awake, Doctor Fu will check on you again. If you are alright, mama will take you home.”

“OK.” Xia Dabai closed his eyes and slept.

On the president’s plane.

After Bai Yeqing had sort out his tie, he got busy with his work. Though something was interrupted last night, he felt good now looking at his tie. The color she chose matched his suit well today. He was satisfied.

“Mr.President. Your black tea.” The flight attendant handed him the tea.

Bai Yeqing stretched his hand to get the tea. Accidentally his hand hit the cup. The flight attendant was new here and it was his first time to see the president. He was too nervous to hide the hand. The cup was knocked over and the tea was spilled on him.

“Sorry. I’m sorry. Mr.President.” The flight attendant kept apologizing to him.

Leng Fei stood up and frowned. “Why are you so careless?”

“Never mind.” Bai Yeqing said softly. He waved to him to leave.

Leng Fei talked to secretary May. “Prepare another suit for his Excellency.”

“Yes.” May nodded and went to prepare.

Bai Yeqing looked at his wet tie and frowned. He took it off and handed it to Leng Fei.

“Tell May to dry this for me.”Leng Fei was about to tell May to prepare another tie for him.

“You’ll wear this one later?”


“There’s a lot of suit and ties for you to choose.”Leng Fei said. 

“No. This one is good.” Bai Yeqing went to the changing room. Leng Fei followed him. After a while, Bai Yeqing said. “Don’t leave any trace on the tie. ”

“……” That did surprise Leng Fei. When did he start to care about a tie so much?

Later at noon, Fu Yichen said it was okay for them to leave the hospital. Xia Xingchen took the kid home.

She was changing her clothes in her bedroom when Chi Weiyang called her. Chi Weiyang worried so much. “Is the boy alright? What happened?”

“He ate something bad. But he’s alright now, thanks to Doctor Fu.” She noticed the maids in the kitchen had been changed. The former ones all left. The butler handled this thing quickly. She guessed it was Bai Yeqing’s requirement, so she didn’t ask.

She was kind of worried. “I didn’t go to work. Did the boss say anything?”

“What could he say? You are here because of the president and the Vice President. What could others say? Taking care of my baby boy is your job now.”

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