Chapter 719 – Heavenly Crystal? It’s Mine! (Part 1)

Yue Yang gave a flick at the mountain walls, then almost everyone saw the secret door.

The only difference was the color of the door.

Like the people including Ye Kong, the Li brothers, Xue Tan Lang and the Prince of Tian Luo, the secret door’s color they saw was black, on which was a slight flash of the Heaven Rune. Fatty Hai and Niu Gen, who could see the secret door before, now the secret door’s colors they saw were orange-red with slightly golden.

“Since we can see the secret door, can we enter?” Liu Ye and Bao Er asked curiously.

“Have a try.” Yue Yang smiled slightly.

“Jesus!” Ye Kong, who always trusted Yue Yang most, stood out first and took a step. Instantly, he walked through the secret door in the stone wall and entered. Then he found there was a magnificent treasure room inside, of which various kinds of treasure chests made of pure wood, bronze, silver, and gold was full so that Ye Kong was shocked to yell. The Li brothers behind him found that the treasure vault of the Master of Black Wind City was no match for this. The Master of Black Wind City was very rich though, he was just like a beggar if compared with the Captain Wild Bull.

“There is a power makes me sick…” Not interested in money, Xue Tan Lang was keenly aware that there was an invisible curse power.

“There should be another door ahead.” The Prince of Tian Luo, who was the most attentive, found that there were boxes near the roadhead and only one direction, but nothing was there. So, immediately, combined with the words of Southern Goblin King, the Prince of Tian Luo judged that there was another secret door in that direction.

“Hey!” Liu Ye and Bao Er couldn’t enter the stone wall, the secret door of the Miser’s Treasure stopped them from entering.

Even when Liu Ye’s Perforate Deer entered the treasure vault, the force inside drove the Perforate Deer out while Liu Ye was being transmitted. Kind and selfless was she, however, even with the help of Yue Yang, she couldn’t enter the Miser’s Treasure since she had found the secret door’s entrance. Bao Er, the Golden Elf who loved nature and admired the heavens, cannot enter too.

Besides them, the cow girl, Fan Luntie and four other pig girls could not enter either.

The Southern Goblin King and Drunken Cat Sister who were female too were not hindered.

After hearing about this strange phenomenon, Princess Qian Qian, Xue Wuxia, the Luo Hua City Mistress and others all came out of the treasure world and tried.

Soon they found it easy to enter the treasure vault, but difficult to get out, as there was a very strong curse power blocking their way. Princess Qian Qian found it impossible to walk out from the secret door with a box.

Niu Gen cautiously explained: “Nobody can take the treasure away without making an equal level exchange in the Miser’s Treasure!”

Yue Bing and Yi Nan came out of the treasure world and tried to get out.

Like Liu Ye, Bao Er, Fan Luntie and others, they couldn’t leave even if they were brought in by Yue Yang from the treasure world. Their reaction startled Ye Kong and Fatty Hai. After trying the same way, they found nobody except Fatty Hai, Ye Kong, Xue Tan Lang, the Prince of Tian Luo and the Li brothers could leave the Miser’s Treasure. Niu Gen continued to explain, “Only a miser won’t be impeded by the curse power. You have to pay one hundred gold to leave, otherwise you will be trapped here forever.”

“Isn’t it so strange?” Ye Kong felt very depressed. For the first time, he found that he was inferior to Fatty Hai in some respects.

“Hahaha, Monkey, give up struggling and pay up!” Fatty Hai danced with joy.

“She was neither a miser nor a person who paid, how could she leave with boxes?” Pointing to the Southern Goblin King, Princess Qian Qian asked Niu Gen. Niu Gen put on a long face. He wanted to explain, but he was afraid that he might offend Yue Yang and the Southern Goblin King.

According to the tale, only the stingiest person could see the golden door.

But there was only one person who was the stingiest.

Moreover, both of them were not like misers at all.

Luo Hua City Mistress saw that he dared not say, so she smiled and asked Southern Goblin King: “Can you tell us how many days do you wear a suit? How much do you spend in a day? What are you interested in?”

Southern Goblin King understood what she meant and answered with a smile: “Although I like to collect treasures, I’m not a miser! Suits? Sometimes I change three of them in one day. I won’t wear a suit for a second time unless it has a special meaning for me. I just threw most suits away after I wore them. I don’t spend too much money on food and makeup every day – just about 1000 gold per day on average! I eat like a bird and I’m not a picky eater. I usually wear light makeup, but I spend a lot of money on enjoying milk bath and fresh flower bath, which are more expensive… If breeding warbeasts and collecting treasures are also included, I spend an average of 10,000 gold a day!”

The rest including Ye Kong were all shocked.

“My goodness!” Fatty Hai was very depressed. What was the rich’s life like? What was a luxury life like? Southern Goblin King was the answer! The money he saved so far even less than Southern Goblin King’s cost in a day.

“It’s too extravagant to spend 10,000 gold a day!” Niu Gen burst into tears. He asked Southern Goblin King with a cry: “Can you tell me where you usually throw garbage?” Fatty Hai jumped up and gave him a punch, yelling: “Go away! I’m the one to pick up her garbage, not you, a miser!”

“Such a consumption level is indeed a bit high.” Princess Qian Qian was also stunned. Although she also spent extravagantly, the cost would never exceed 100 gold a day.

At the Soaring Dragon Continent, 100 gold would allow a family of three to live a better life in Shang Jing for a year.

Of course, on the top of Tong Tian Towers, the purchasing power of 100 gold declined slightly.

But it was not a big disparity.

Southern Goblin King’s consumption level really shocked them.

Chapter 718 - Who is the Stingiest Person? (Part 2)
Chapter 719 - Heavenly Crystal? It's Mine! (Part 2)

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