Chapter 757 – It’s Great When One Is Around (Part 2)

“Since you mention it, I remember one person.” Empress Fen Wen Li smiled as if she recalled something funny. After a while, she came back and pressed her hand lightly on Yue Yang’s shoulder, “Maybe he could give you a hand in the Heaven Realm. That guy is alike your team member Fatty Hai, a cowardly bully. He always looks for the weakest opponent on the battlefield, while he possesses the same character as Fatty Hai, utter loyalty. When I was crossing the Boundless Ocean on the tenth floor of the Tong Tian Tower, I met and defeated him. Then he decided to give up his great career as a pirate and joined my team to conquer the Heaven Realm. All the other old subordinates who had followed me all the time left and founded their own sects, except him who accompanied me to the end.”

Yue Yang asked his name, and Empress Fen Wen Li said it was little C. 

Little C? What a stupid name! 

Empress Fen Wen Li was delighted and explained, “His real name was Cook Caribbean He’s good at the pirate sword skill and always drew a c-curve. Even though his skill is 

effective, it looks too slick so that everyone called him Little C and forgot his real name Cook.”

“What does this Cook Caribbean look like?” Yue Yang certainly couldn’t call a predecessor Little C, who had practiced for ten thousands of years.  

“He dressed like a pirate, with an iron hook on his left hand and a captain hat on his head. He loves colorful clothes and his mustache, by the way, he wears an eye patch, even though his eyesight is great. Just some snook likes to be slapped around.” The figure Empress Fen Wen Li described made Yue Yang a cold sweat. Even though Yue Yang hadn’t stayed for too long in the Heaven Realm, he hadn’t known such a strong ranker. Hope the infuriating Cook Caribbean wouldn’t let others killed!

Ten thousand years later, Empress Fen Wen Li and Yue Yang didn’t keep it in mind to look for old friends in the Heaven Realm. They just wanted to take a chance, after all, there were many changes over the past ten thousand years. Moreover, the Heaven Realm was a realm without limit and boundary, and if Fen Wen Li’s subordinates hid somewhere, how could he find them? 

Before leaving the Black Hole, Empress Fen Wen Li specially instructed Xiao Wen Li some skills and lessons in order to increase her strength. Her instruction was simple but effective. Like Fourth Mother, Empress Fen Wen Li inherited the knowledge of combat directly into Xiao Wen Li’s mind. Of course, the inheritance was only for her battle skills. Now she could not bear the kind of inheritance with a huge amount of knowledge, just like that of Fourth Mother instructed Yue Yang. On the other side, the war-oriented Empress Fen Wen Li was not good at this kind of inheritance either… In terms of inheritance, she just pointed her finger on Xiao Wen Li’s forehead, shared it with her and the whole process was in a second. Xiao Wen Li turned into a beam of light and returned into Yue Yang’s body to sleep, slowly digesting the combat skills she received.

All Xiao Wen Li’s Guardian Spirit Beasts – Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunderbolt Naga, and Ice Serpent Demon got a drop of blood from Empress Fei Wen Li, thanks to their long-term and tough fight. What’s more, Fen Wen Li felt that their weak strength would directly influence Xiao Wen Li’s development, as well as Yue Yang’s safety. On the surface, it was just a drop of blood, but Empress Fen Wen Li condensed it so hard and endowed great power in it. Though it’s not as good as God’s blood, it’s more suitable for their growth.

When Fen Wen Li bit her forefinger and dripped blood into their mouths respectively- Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunderbolt Naga, and Ice Serpent Demon, the four Guardian Spirit Beasts burst with great momentum, more dramatic than that when Red absorbed the God’s Blood. Their scales fell off and their skin flaked. Through this fusion of the “God’s Blood”, they were reborn in an instant, each bursting with an almost Mythical Beast-like supreme will and dazzling brilliance.

“Unfortunately, I’m still in a weak period so the energy in the blood isn’t in a very full state. Otherwise, their strength will become stronger.” Empress Fen Wen Li sighed a little sadly. Yue Yang felt a little ashamed since he had tried his best to cultivate them, but all his effort seemed not effective than a drop of Fei Wen Li’s blood.  

“Hang on a little longer, I’ll get you out of here!” Actually, Yue Yang didn’t want Fen Wen Li to consume her own energy to cultivating the war beasts. What he really desired to do was to break the Black Hole Seal and bring her out.

“Don’t worry, I’ve waited for ten thousand years. I don’t care to wait a few more years.” Empress Fen Wen Li embraced Yue Yang joyfully and gave him a kiss.

After Stone Element Medusa and others returned to the grimoire world, Yue Yang also left. When Empress Fen Wen Li was about to sleep, she suddenly tittered, “It’s great when one is around to have a shoulder!”

*** *** ***

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