Chapter 717 – Old Master Bao Gu (Part 2)

Although the cross-border conquest was a bit unacceptable, the Heaven Realm was a place paying attention to strength. The three sects had conquered Black Wind City, and it was reasonable they took over the city. The problem was that the Western Heaven Realm’s three sects completely regarded this city as a place to commemorate Master Jun Wu Ye, and also classified it as a city-state. Only for this reason, even if the Emerald Lord was gentle, he would also be angry!

The most important thing was the bad attitude of the Western Heaven Realm’s three sects. They said that Wu Ye City was a city state and no longer belonged to any power, and that any evil force having a hand in Wu Ye City would be regarded as a violation to Master Jun Wu Ye…

These actions completely blocked the possibility of negotiating with the Emerald Lord.

Now, there were two kinds of people happy.

The first was the rebels.

The second was the residents and merchants of the original Black Wind City.

Especially the merchants of Wu Ye City, they were very lucky! The Heaven Stage of the Western Heaven Realm had made a three-year tax exemption instead of confiscation of their property. Three years tax free? What does it mean? It meant that the money three businessmen earned could build an entire gold-made Wu Ye City! All merchants of the Southern Heaven Realm would definitely come to the tax-free Wu Ye City. The black market here would be filled to capacity by merchants!

In the black market, which still had huge profits under severe exploitation, if it was not taxed, the income would be much more than robbery!

Even the one percent tax after the three-year tax exemption was also low. Generally speaking, the tax in the black market was at least 30%, and even 50%.

If not the heavy tax, how could the Master of Black Wind City be the wealthiest city lord nearby?

How could he get so much help from Heaven Stage?

“Bao Gu, why didn’t you die?” The person, who knew the pedlar the round head Bao Gu, curiously asked.

“What did you say? How dare you call master’s name Bao Gu? You should call him Master Bao Gu!” said two men, in cloak behind Bao Gu, angrily. They showed their strength of the Heaven Stage level, murderous, glaring at the unlucky one, and almost scared the guy to die.

“Ma…Master Bao Gu?” stuttered the guy, who was so scared that he almost urinated in his pants. He could not believe that a pedlar who was driven out of the sect can have two Heaven Stage-level experts as his guards. Was the strength of the Western Heaven Realm really strong enough to this extent? They even took experts of Heaven Stage-level as guards?

“I, Bao Gu, is not strong or talented. Thanks to Wu Ye, I temporarily serve as the General Representative for foreign affairs of Wu Ye City.” The round head Bao Gu was not arrogant. He was still as humble as usual, giving the other party salute, and said, “Bao Gu belongs to hump. Fortunately, I’m still alive after suffering a lot, but Wu Ye… I can’t protect my friend, and I survive alone. I’m really ashamed!”

After hearing what he said, everyone understood.

It turned out that the two were the guards of Jun Wu Ye, and the three sects specially sent them to protect Bao Gu.

Bao Gu should have been killed along with Master Jun Wu Ye. Although his status was inferior, he had been accepted by the Western Heaven Realm’s three sects as the Master Jun Wu Ye’s friend, and his status was highly increased now. It’s not expected that the lucky guy, Bao Gu, did not die even he was pressed by the giant rock, and became the General Representative for foreign affairs after the three sects of the Western Heaven Realm conquered Black Wind City.

Even the tycoons who had looked down their noses at Bao Gu also came here after they heard the news.

Respectfully, all they gave Bao Gu a salute and sent their regards to him, calling him the General Representative.

Those who had offended or ridiculed Bao Gu was now impotent. All of them were confused that whether they should apologize to him or not.

Everyone present knew that Bao Gu was just a contemptible pedlar, and even so, he was incompetent. But Bao Gu was lucky enough that the human being he consorted with casually was just the rarest alchemy master in the Heaven Realm.

That very day, Bao Gu bet his life to protect the alchemy master Jun Wu Ye, so that he was beaten black and blue by the vice president Chidoo and the Guard Captain. Everyone had seen it all.

And everyone in secret, at that time, ridiculed Bao Gu for his stupid behavior.

For the sake of friends, he risked his life.

Was that worth it?

Looking back now, Bao Gu’s luck, he deserved it. At least, he had risked his life. And if he hadn’t gone to the aid of the Alchemy Master Jun Wu Ye, would the Western Heaven Realm have respect for him a pedlar? Would it be possible that they arranged two Heaven Stage experts to be his temporary guards? Totally impossible!

“Bao Gu, hum… General Representative Bao Gu, one more thing… please talk about the news of three years’ tax-free!” Someone mentioned.

“It’s true. The three sects of the Western Heaven Realm are all heroic figures, every one of them is of indomitable spirit. Could they look up to the tofu-type Black Wind City? What they really want was honor and grand respect for the master! So, Black Wind City was renamed Wu Ye City, and then it will become a free city-state and will be tax-free! Wu Ye City will have more benefits in the future. It’s just because the three sects are now in grief and are not in a good mood, so they have no time to manage it. Because of the cross-border, the high-level executives of three sects feel that there will be an impact. The comers are all juniors, otherwise, how could the Black Wind City exist now, and even the entire Emerald Territory would have been razed. The Master of Black Wind City never knows how much sin has been committed by his confidant, especially his stubborn resistance with no remorse, showed that he is disrespectful to Wu Ye! If not someone has reported and the place where Wu Ye was murdered had been found, Wu Ye would have been still buried under the dirty giant rock, and I won’t be free from imprisonment…” Bao Gu’s words made some people’s eyes shine.

Did someone blow the gab?

Bao Gu’s unintentional words unwittingly revealed a grave secret.

Who was the whistle-blowing? Who was the one telling the experts in the Western Heaven Realm and made them be able to find the place where Jun Wu Ye was murdered and confirmed the death finally? If it was not someone who had informed, then the experts of the three sects in the Western Heaven Realm may not be so furious that they immediately killed without reason …

Of course, for this useful news, many people just to remember in their mind, and what everyone had to do now was to continue to flatter Bao Gu to get more secrets.

The round head Bao Gu had been promoted from a pedlar to the General Representative of Wu Ye City, so, to get in good with him was to get in good with Tong Tian, Long Teng, and Heaven Demon!

“Bro Bao Gu, I wonder when you are available. May several of our business groups have the pleasure to invite you to drink a glass of wine and listen to the opera?” It turned out that Master Joe, having 300 joint chambers of commerce, whose fortune ranked above Master Barton, was absent, but his confidant housekeeper attended. The housekeeper, who was all smiles now, gave the pedlar whom the housekeeper had been kicked for two blocks before a salute. It seemed that Bao Gu was born to be his brother.

“Pa!” Just after hearing the news, Master Joe, who came from Green Leaf City, slapped the housekeeper, and swore, “You such a dog slave, General Representative Bao Gu is so exalted, and how dare you call him brother? Call Master Bao Gu!”

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