Chapter 718 – Who is the Stingiest Person? (Part 2)

Thought nothing, the Prince of Tian Luo just jumped to conclusion, “Young Master Hai, you are a miser, definitely, you don’t have to argue, because the last time you invited us to drink, you borrowed my money to pay the bill, and the money has not been paid back yet! ” After the Prince of Tian Luo said that, everyone looked at Fatty Hai with extreme contempt eyes, making him a bit embarrassed. Then in a hurry, Fatty Hai argued with Liu Ye and Bao Er, “Liu Ye, and Bao Er, I’m innocent, last time you had borrowed my money to buy Wisdom Fruits, is that true? I am a big boss, how could I am a miser, I was just a little bit of budget-conscious!”

“The money for buying Wisdom Fruits was mine, it’s just someone has helped me keep my wallet for a long time!” The Prince of Tian Luo’s words made Fatty Hai more embarrassed, and Fatty Hai couldn’t wait to find a place to sneak in.

“As a boss, is it necessary to yell since I have invited you to have a drink last year?” Learning Fatty Hai’s usual tone, Ye Kong ridiculed to the top of his bent.

“Please don’t be like this, I will invite everyone to drink once we go back!” Fatty Hai was sweating.

“Hem Hem, as a boss, would I yell since I have bought a few Wisdom Fruits for Sister Liu Ye last year? It’s impossible, I am very low-key!” Ye Kong had no intention to let Fatty Hai get away, he had made his mind up to haunt the fat man to the most. Everyone laughed, and even Liu Ye, who was the most kind and compassionate, also sneaked.

“I hate the miser most!” Bao Er directly pouted her small mouth.

“That’s my fault, ok? Monkey, you shut up and go back, I will buy Wisdom Fruits for everyone, just feed your warbeasts to death!” The tears coursed down Fatty Hai’s cheeks at that moment.  

“If Bing Er knows that a fat man who claims himself the boss is a miser…” Ye Kong also had a master card.

Fatty Hai’s brazenness was so invulnerable and impervious.

Nonetheless, he also had his Achilles heel.

He’d rather die than lose face in front of Yue Bing.

If Ye Kong told Yue Bing about this, it was probably that Fatty Hai would commit suicide.

No sooner had Ye Kong finished than Fatty Hai covered his mouth, he almost smothered Ye Kong, “Monkey, if you dare to said anything about this to Yue Bing, I will disassemble you to feed the dog. Don’t you just want to drink? Look at you, who I am? The one who is young and rich! Once the Miser’s Treasure is done, I will go back and drown you into the wine-jar!”

The Li brothers were whispering, “It is said that the wine is famous. It will be fantastic if it is used for bathing.”

Fatty Hai said angrily, “You can kill me with your knife, but what do you mean by that?”

Xue Tan Lang said with a cool facial expression, “I don’t like drinking.”

Fatty Hai showed his praise immediately, “That’s right. You are a real martial artist who devotes himself to cultivation. People like Monkey are lame ducks.”

Xue Tan Lang nodded and said, “I am not much of a real martial artist. If someone is willing to buy me a Heaven Stage level warbeast…”

Hearing that, Fatty Hai scolded in an exasperated voice, “Coffin face, do you know how much the Heaven Stage level warbeast is? It is high-demand, worth tens of millions of golds. Its price skyrockets in the auction house. It is not a Chinese cabbage sold at the market.”

After scolding, Fatty Hai felt it was not good to over offend Xue Tan Lang.

Because if Ye Kong said something bad about him to Yue Bing, Yue Bing would most probably not believe it.

They often made jokes. However, whatever Xue Tan Lang said was true because he never lied. If Xue Tan Lang said it, Fatty Hai’s image would be completely destroyed.

He quickly shifted the topic, bowing with his hands folded in front and smiling towards Xue Tan Lang, “Your second yong master Xue, you are extremely talented. Even if I want to buy you that warbeast, you won’t accept it as it is valueless. By the way, hasn’t a thunder beast been caught recently? I think it has a great potential and Princess Qian Qian plans to keep it for us to contract. As a leader whom I care about most, you must have the greatest potential, so you will contract the thunder beast. I’m going to ask Princess Qian Qian for a Heaven Stage level demon crystal of the wind attribute for the thunder beast to absorb, it may transform into the ‘Wind Lightning Beast’. I clearly remember that grandmother Wuteng once said such dissimilation may happen. With the ready-made
Wind Lightning Beast , your second yong master Xue, you don’t have to worry about the warbeast. All you need to do is to practice hard.”

“Tan Lang has the thunder beast, and what will you give me? I also seem to lack a Heaven Stage level warbeast.” The Prince of Tian Luo asked with a smile.

“Your highness, you are wealthy, please don’t poke fun at me.” Fatty Hai rushed to beg for mercy.

“What the hell are you quarrelling about? Quickly move the treasures… Fatty Hai, come in and move.” Southern Goblin King walked out of the mountain walls, holding a small golden box. Others were very shocked – when did she get in?

“Ah?” Niu Gen was amazed: “You, you can move things out of the Miser’s Treasure?”

“What’s wrong?” Southern Goblin King said strangely: “The treasure house is full of treasure chests, and I just carried one causally. Can’t that be?”

“Ordinary people can’t come out without leaving a hundred gold… Even if me have to leave something of the same value, so that I can move the treasures out. How can you carry the treasure chest like this?” Niu Gen felt faint. The miser’s treasure possessed a special and strong curse power. For ordinary people went in, they would be trapped inside for a lifetime if they didn’t leave 100 gold in it.

Even the miser had to leave money in exchange for taking out the treasures inside.

It was said that only the most stingy person in the world could break this curse.

Was Southern Goblin King, the woman who embraced the chinese lute, the most stingy person in the world? How was that possible!

Southern Goblin King suspected Niu Gen’s words and shook her head: “Maybe this curse is invalid now as time goes on? I saw a golden trapdoor, rather than red. And there are several layers in the treasure house. I didn’t leave any money, and I carried a treasure chest causally. No one asked me to leave money inside!”

Niu Gen’s eyes were widened, as if he saw a ghost.

His hand was trembling, pointing in the direction of the trapdoor: “The secret door you saw is golden? Really?”

“I also saw a gold trapdoor – purple gold to be precise. Is anything wrong?” Yue Yang also came in. His words shocked Niu Gen deeply. There should be only one being the most stingy person in the world. Why could both Yue Yang and Southern Goblin King see the trapdoor flashing golden light?

How could there be two people being the most stingy in the world?

If they were two, would they be the most stingy?

Besides, Yue Yang and Southern Goblin King didn’t look like misers at all!

Chapter 718 - Who is the Stingiest Person? (Part 1)
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