Chapter 719 – Heavenly Crystal? It’s Mine! (Part 2)

Speaking of Southern Goblin King’s status in the Eastern Goblin Tribe, she was absolutely a favorite with her people. Therefore, it was hard for her to stop living an extravagant life.

The answer was uncertain, and everyone was looking at Yue Yang. Everybody including Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Princess Qian Qian, Xue Wuxia and others was certain that Yue Yang must know the truth.

Thinking about it briefly, Yue Yang said, “Virtually, it was a restriction of the strength of mind. People like Liu Ye and Bao Er whose spiritual power failed to reach a certain state could not enter the treasure vault even if they saw the secret door. Similarly, you could not leave even if you were brought in from grimoire world.”

Ye Kong was surprised and pointed to Fatty Hai, “How could Hai leave without being hindered?”

Yue Yang threw a faint smile, which was as brilliant as the sunlight, “Young Master Hai’s strength and his spiritual state are no match for yours, but his obsessions deep in his heart were tougher than steel. The same is true of Niu Gen. You must have encountered something that affected your will. Even if it is hidden deep down, it will slowly reflect itself in life…”

“Is such obsession the human miserliness?” Princess Qian Qian seemed to understand a little.

“No, except for miserliness, there may be other obsessions. For instance, it is not Captain Wild Bull’s stinginess but his heart of power and politics that transcends the limit of the Miser’s Treasure, so he can enter. He is stingy, but his bribing his men proved that he has a stronger desire for power than stinginess.” Hearing that, Southern Goblin King nodded happily, “That’s right. I’m not stingy, I just love collecting treasures.”

“……” Hearing that, everyone became a little dizzy. How strong her desire to collect the treasures was that it went beyond the limits of the [Sage]-level treasures in the Miser’s Treasure! On this point, everyone never thought about!

“How about us?” Yue Bing, Yi Nan, Liu Ye, Bao Er, they looked at Yue Yang.

“You are all good children. In addition to cultivation, you thought nothing, so you don’t have strong desires. It’s normal that you cannot compete with the Miser’s Treasure’s restriction. ” Yue Yang caressed Yue Bing’s small head, “You guys go back to the grimoire world since you cannot stay here. All the Miser’s Treasures have curses – you don’t need them!”

“OK!” Yue Bing and others, hearing Yue Yang’s praise, all became happy, and they were taken back to the grimoire world by Bloody Queen and Ah Man.

“Is everything of the Miser’s Treasure here?” Princess Qian Qian opened a few boxes and found that there were just medicinal materials, minerals, a few gemstones, the demon crystals, and all kinds of weapons which were loot. There was nothing she was interested in, she was disappointed.

“There are a lot of boxes sealed by runes behind the secret door, and deep inside, there is a huge gem like a hill – it may be a good thing.” Southern Goblin King couldn’t see these things.

In her mind, only treasures were worth collecting.

Niu Gen burst into tears again.

He had worked hard to collect these treasures, but they spurned it. Was there any justice for this?

If the Captain Wild Bull knew that these people had spurned the materials he looted, which sacrificed a lot of his subordinates, he would pop out of the stone directly!

Niu Gen couldn’t understand at all how did Southern Goblin King, who was not a miser but a wastrel, move the box inside out? Why did the curse power in the Miser’s Treasure not work for her? Did she have some treasure that could ignore [Sage]-level treasure’s curse power?

If she did… Was it Divine Equipment?

With this in mind, Niu Gen immediately broke out in a cold sweat from the scare.

He understood now why these women spurned the precious items the Wild Bull Thief Guild had plundered in more than a decade. Because they all had Divine Equipment, they despised these garbage!

The space behind the second secret door was much smaller than the huge first floor.

There were nearly a hundred boxes here.

Each box was sealed by the Heaven Rune… Niu Gen explained that Captain Wild Bull looted some city owners to these treasures, and some were rewards the Emerald Lord gave Captain Wild Bull. Niu Gen could not detect what these treasures were. Moreover, with his ability, the box could not be moved out, so Captain Wild Bull always trusted Niu Gen.

“It can’t be put inside the grimoire!” Fatty Hai tried and found that he couldn’t put the boxes sealed by Runes into the grimoire or the Storage Ring.

“The restriction power here is even stronger!” Xue Tan Lang felt more difficult to enter the second secret door when he came in.

“Yes.” Yue Yang nodded. The gray wolf was clever enough to pick up the treasure chests sealed by Runes and move them into the grimoire world one by one. Niu Gen was once again shocked. He had never seen such a wolf, not to mention such a person… He was definitely a robber, not a miser!

“Let’s go into the third secret door.” Princess Qian Qian rushed to the third secret door.


Yue Yang was the last to come in, and he found a huge red crystal stone in front of a rockery. He immediately cried out: “Heavenly Crystal? This is Heavenly Crystal! Well, this Heavenly Crystal must be ownerless. Then that will be mine! Congratulations to myself!” Niu Gen burst into tears after hearing his words. Yue Yang was more like a robber than Captain Wild Bull. Compared to him, Niu Gen was not a robber at all!

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