Chapter 720 – The Scholar, Dies for His Bosom Friend! (Part 1)

Listening to what Yue Yang said, everyone shocked.

After a long while, they responded.

Happened to coincide, all people pointed at the huge red crystal stone, screaming, “Is this Heavenly Crystal?”

Heavenly Crystal, also known as ‘Heavenly Resurrection Crystal’, was the unique magic stone of the Heaven Realm. It was said that as long as the person who had died for a short time and the important torso is complete, then he can be revived with the magical energy stored in it. In Tong Tian Towers, due to the battle between the Prison Emperor and the three big shots, the special channel completely collapsed and was closed, so that the Heavenly Crystal had already run out, and there was no more… even, the later generations wondered if there really such a magical gem.

Now Yue Yang said that such a huge red crystal stone was Heavenly Crystal, no wonder Ye Kong and Fatty Hai were surprised.

Not to mention the martial artists of Tong Tian Towers, even the Niu Gen who had been living in the Heaven Realm never saw Heavenly Crystal.

Of course, Niu Gen had heard of this treasure.

In Mortal Realm of the Divine Realm, Heavenly Crystal rarely appeared. Instead, it was more popular in the Upper Heaven Realm, which was generally accessible for the Heaven Stage Level 5 or above.

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“I am stupid, I am so stupid, really, I thought it was just a red radium stone…” Niu Gen muttered to himself and almost became the Mistress Xiang Lin.

“Such a huge Heavenly Crystal, we have our day!” the waterfall poured out from Fatty Hai’s mouth.

“Keep dreaming!” Yue Yang snorted.

The red crystal stone looked as huge as a rockery though, it was not a real Heavenly Crystal. Only the core of it, the most concentrated part, which had absorbed the energy for hundreds of millions of years, was the purest kernel and the real Heavenly Crystal. With his Insight of Heaven, Yue Yang could see that the real Heavenly Crystal was just the size of a fingertip. Compared to the historically recorded Heavenly Crystal, this finger-sized Heavenly Crystal was big enough.

The smallest Heavenly Crystal was bean-sized.

The Heavenly Crystal thousands of years ago, due to the lack of records, Yue Yang did not collect much information.

However, the Heavenly Crystal of Tong Tian Towers, which was less than a million years, was mostly bean-sizes, with only a few exceptions.

And a lot of Heavenly Crystals were fake Heavenly Crystals which were not directly cut from the sky red crystal stone storing Heavenly Crystal but from the rockery-like red crystal stone, and then brought back to Tong Tian Towers. In fact, they were just the ‘sky red crystal stones’ which condensed Heavenly Crystal, all were fake Heavenly Crystal.

The fake Heavenly Crystal could not bring the dead back to life.

However, it could be used to revive some lower-level warbeasts with good potentials.

Wrapping himself in red crystals, Fatty Hai cheered, “It’s awesome. With this, we don’t have to worry about dying in battle anymore.”

Everyone was speechless for a moment.

Honestly, the crystal’s power to resurrect was limited. A headless or mutilated corpse with its heart going missing or internal organs seriously damaged is unlikely to be resurrected. Most importantly, it was futile to have the Heavenly Crystal without the best rescuer. For instance, if the Heavenly Crystal was given to Fatty Hai, he would not save himself up because he didn’t know how to use the energy stored in the crystal. But people like Yue Yang could rescue a dying person easily even if they only had a little fake Heavenly Crystal “Red Heavenly Crystal”.

Therefore, it was the people rather than the treasure itself that counted.

It was true that the Heavenly Crystal had the ability to resurrect a dead, but it wouldn’t work unless there was a man who knew how to use it.

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“How to get it out?” Ye Kong was considering it. The curse power was the strongest behind the three secret doors in the Miser’s Treasure. Ye Kong and others could not leave without the help of Yue Yang. How to get out with such a huge Red Heavenly Crystal?

“Meow!” Gray wolf shook his hands to show there was nothing he could do.

“There is a problem here…” Even Southern Goblin King found it very difficult to lift the smallest chest.

There were only five boxes behind the third secret door except for the red crystal which was as large as a rockery.

The lowest-level box was the silver-level runes box.

There were two silver-level and gold-level boxes with one platinum box in the middle.

Yue Yang looked at her and smiled, “Stop using that fool method. Which is more important to open the treasure, making equal rank exchange or just robbing it? [Sage]-level treasures were protected by the average-level curse power. Either making equal rank exchange or just robbing it will make us fall madly into the curse power as we are affected by it.”

Southern Goblin King stared at him expectantly, “What is your approach?”

“First, I will tell you a story.” Yue Yang kept them guessing: “An old miser buried a jar of golds in the garden, and no one knew that. One day, a person dug the golds up, which shattered the old miser. The former threatened the old miser with gold, asking him to do many works, which made people around the miser really happy. What do you think is the point of this story?”

“The jar of golds!” Fatty Hai blurted out without thinking.

“You only cared about golds.” Ye Kong looked at him contemptuously.

“The mysterious person who stole gold.” Southern Goblin King knew somewhat of Yue Yang’s meaning.

“I will tell you another story. There was also a miser. One day he drove a luxury carriage to the outing. On the road, an Earthquake Dragon appeared and ran straight in the direction of his carriage. His wife and children were almost scared to death. They wanted to immediately escape to the sky, afraid that the Earthquake Dragon would flatten the carriage. But the miser was not willing to give up this luxury carriage, preferring to drive the carriage to escape the trampling of Earthquake Dragon. When the Earthquake Dragon was about to flatten him, he willed his treasure to his wife and told her where the key to his treasure-house was. Besides, his wife shouldn’t forget to take out the tally book to collect taxes from tenant farmers.”

“Then?” Everyone wanted to know if the miser was dead.

“The Earthquake Dragon didn’t step on him; instead, it stopped. This miser patted his chest with a sigh of relief and muttered to himself: “It seems that next time I should find a more secret place to hide the key.” said Yue Yang. Everyone was very speechless.

“Why didn’t the Earthquake Dragon step on him!” Ye Kong forgot that this was just a story.

“Actually a miser won’t die easily.” Yue Yang laughed. “I heard that there was such a miser who couldn’t close his eyes anyway when he was on his deathbed. He held up two fingers, struggling to breathe.”

“What did he mean by holding up two fingers?” The others were very curious.

“Ordinary people can’t guess what a ​​miser’s thoughts. You should ask Niu Gen and Fatty Hai!” Yue Yang threw the question to Niu Gen and Fatty Hai.

“There should be two gold coins hidden in the corner of the wall, not being dug up!” Niu Gen guessed.

Chapter 719 - Heavenly Crystal? It's Mine! (Part 2)
Chapter 720 - The Scholar, Dies for His Bosom Friend! (Part 2)

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