Chapter 720 – The Scholar, Dies for His Bosom Friend! (Part 2)

“No, the old miser must had two pieces of meat left while eating a feast before he turned into his grave.” Saying that, Fatty Hai found everyone was looking at him with shock. However, Niu Gen was different – he looked at Fatty Hai with respect and held his hands tightly, “You are my confidant! I’ve never met anyone like you who resonates with me that strong. I want to become your sworn brother. Later on, you are my elder brother!”

“You are nice too…” Fatty Hai and Niu Gen bonded with each other. They shook hands and hugged again and again.

“Enough of it.” Being angry, Ye Kong kicked the two misers straight to a corner and continued to ask Yue Yang, “What’s the truth? Why the miser refused to breathe his last?”

“The reason is simple. Because the miser’s room was dark, so the miser’s son lit two lights when people came to see his father, but the miser thought it was too wasteful and refuse to snuff it. The miser’s wife who understood his disposition put out one of the lights and the miser died with satisfaction.” Yue Yang’s answer made Ye kong and others totally speechless.

“He was so adorable. I can’t imagine such a person in the world.” Hearing that, Fatty Hai and Niu Gen cried on each other’s shoulder.

“You…” Xue Tan Lang was unable to let them down.

After a long time, Southern Goblin King smiled and said, “I’ve learned something from these stories. It seems that I used to be too persistent. Let’s put that aside. Now, everybody knows the real secret to unlocking the miser’s treasure is the key.”

Niu Gen shook his head and hands immediately, saying: “Neither Captain Wild Bull nor the Emerald Lord has the key, otherwise they had taken the treasure out.”

He said this because he feared that Yue Yang would doubt his loyalty.

Niu Gen was absolutely loyal to Yue Yang, his new master.

Although Yue Yang was not a miser, what Niu Gen really worshipped was his robbery rather than his miserliness.

It was too brutal… Captain Wild Bull burned, killed and looted wherever he went, but compared with the 3rd son of the Yue Clan, he was too weak.

Captain Wild Bull was barely a robber, but the new owner, the 3rd son of the Yue Clan, was a true robber worthy of the name. Who could grab someone else’s treasure with reason? It could only be the 3rd son of the Yue Clan!

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The Captain Wild Bull was at most a warehouse clerk.

But it was so cool to follow the 3rd son of the Yue Clan. Directly carrying someone else’s treasures was Niu Gen’s dream, which Captain Wild Bull couldn’t give him…

“Go away.” Ye Kong had understood what Yue Yang and Southern Goblin King wanted to say. Yue Yang was ‘a key in the humanoid’ that could open any doors of treasure house.

Yue Yang even dared evolved ideas about Gods’ Ruins.

The Miser’s Treasure [Sage]-level treasure was useless to him – it couldn’t stop him at all.

Yue Yang asked Gray Wolf to take Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and Niu Gen all out with grimoire, while he stayed here. Since this Miser’s Treasure was a [Sage]-level treasure, it was easy to handle. The [Sage]-level treasure was just a power close to the ruling power. But compared to even the slightest ruling power, its curse power was far worse.

Yue Yang was confident that he could successfully refine this treasure by Nirvana’s Flame and the ultimate will.

The Heaven Rune patterns lit up one by one.

In addition to refining the Miser’s Treasure, Yue Yang also needed to take the opportunity to refine Heavenly Crystal. Use the precious Heavenly Crystal for resurrection? Yue Yang didn’t concern himself with that, because Heavenly Crystal could only resurrect one’s body. In a real battle, however, the three giants like Xu Kong and Jiu Xiao would destroy others’ bodies, so Heavenly Crystal was useless. Moreover, like Empress Fei Wen Li, her soul was sealed by enemies. In this case, even the Heavenly Crystal itself would be absorbed by Black Hole Seal.

The true power of Heavenly Crystal was to enhance one’s potential and shape a perfect body.

Of course, ordinary people couldn’t bear such an energy boost… Yue Yang hadn’t fully refined Ten Thousand Years Mother Earth Potion. Now with this Heavenly Crystal, he could definitely make a breakthrough. Yue Yang had no sense of urgency before, but after entering into the Heaven Realm, he saw a lot of Heaven-Stage-level cultivators. And he hadn’t even met the real talents yet.

In order to improve himself faster, Yue Yang didn’t mind using more treasures to further enhance himself.

And the power of the Heavenly Crystal cannot be used, which just let it go to waste.

Let alone the Heavenly Crystal, even the offcut like the Red Heavenly Crystal could be sufficient to achieve the promotion, instead, if they could be used for some Heaven Stage Level warbeasts-to-be, it must be of great advantage.

Half an hour passed.

Ye Kong and Fatty Hai and others who were waiting in the stone tunnel finally saw Yue Yang’s appearance.

In Yue Yang’s one hand, a holy treasure chest showed a powerful strength, which, in an instant, made all present know that it was the nature of the Miser’s Treasury. No one thought that it just looked like an ugly big box after the contraction.

“Gray Wolf, the box is in your charge.” Mr. Yue Yang handed over the treasure to Gray Wolf.

“MEW!” Grey Wolf pleased with himself, twisting the bum, he took the box.

“And Young Master Hai, the key is in your charge…” Yue Yang handed a key to Fatty Hai. Fatty Hai was over the moon at taking the key, he kissed it out of joy and then made an expression at Ye Kong, showing that ‘You see now? It’s the key. Just envy me now.’ Ye Kong kicked him away, just like a dead fly, Fatty Hai fell on the stone wall.

Full of admiration, Niu Gen looked at Fatty Hai, he knew that he had surrendered not long ago, so he was unqualified.

But only if he was loyal enough, in the future, the 3rd son of the Yue Clan would definitely give the key to him. He secretly clenched his fist and made up his mind to learn from Fatty Hai and become the key holder in the future.

“Niu Gen, this is yours.” Still another key was held by Yue Yang, Niu Gen was shocked at first, and then he dissolved in tears. Following such a master was so happy, he never thought that he had so gained Yue Yang’s trust though he had surrendered not long ago and didn’t make any major contribution yet. Taking over the key in amaze, Niu Gen was really touched beyond words, his teeth and lips were trembling constantly. Yue Yang patted his shoulder gently, “The treasure vault is in your and Young Master Hai’s charge, I trust you!”

“…” Niu Gen burst into tears, the bean-sized tears dropped on the new-made rune key.

Raising his head again, he found Yue Yang had gone far, only the back could be seen.

Niu Gen bit his lip and tried not to choke.

The scholar dies for his bosom friend!

Now, he understood the real meaning of this saying.

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