Chapter 721 – Xue Tan Lang: Inherent Skill of Energy Releasing (Part 1)

After leaving Black Wind City, which was renamed ‘Wu Ye City’, Yue Yang took everyone back to Tong Tian Tower.

Ye Kong and Fatty Hai couldn’t wait to go to the Guang Ming Continent to show their paces. After returning from the Heaven Realm, they felt that their strength was soaring and wanted to prove themselves in the Guang Ming Continent. But Yue Yang didn’t think so. Ye Kong and Fatty Hai’s progress was undoubtedly fast, but as to whether they could conquer the Tong Tian Tower, the answer was absolutely no.

Ye Kong and Fatty Hai were no match for Innates like Chong Ni and the Shark King, not to mention the powerful Innate Rankers such as Shun Tian, ​​the Black Prince, and Thousand Goblins Sect Leader.

Unlike the Heaven Realm’s Quasi-Heaven Beasts, Shun Tian, ​​the Black Prince, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, and the Experts in the Senate of Guang Ming Continent had summoning grimoires with unique Inherent Skill and Guardian Spirit Beasts.

Although their strength was not as strong as Sky-rank Innates, they had solid foundation… If Sky-rank Innates was a ten-story high-rise, then Shun Tian and the Black Prince were just like an eight-story castle. The castle, although not as high as the high-rise, was definitely not to be underestimated. But Yue Yang even were not 100% sure that Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian, who had comprehended the spirit domain and saint force domain and had Prison Emperor’s Divine Seal and Hellsword, and the Luo Hua City Mistress, who had Nirvana Sunflower of Heaven Stage Level 5, could kill Shun Tian.

The three of them could win, but others definitely had difficulty in defeating Shun Tian and the Black Prince, let alone killing them.

Shun Tian’s Five Transformations Power, and Diamond-ranked Level 9 Guardian Spirit Beast ‘Golden Emperor’, who excelled in combat skills and intelligence, should not be underestimated. Even in Heaven Stage, only a few experts had Diamond-ranked beasts.

“Original translation from wWw。wangmamaread。CoM.”

Diamond-ranked beasts were not necessarily powerful, but their potential was undoubtedly extraordinary.

Innate in Tong Tian Tower was not the martial artists of the same level Earth-rank Warriors in Heaven Realm.

We could make a comparison between martial artists of Earth Rank of the Heaven Realm and Innate in Tong Tian Towers.

For instance, a martial artist of Earth Rank 6 of the Heaven Realm was most likely to be killed in a second by a congenital expert of level 6 who had grimoire and understood how to use domain power… The higher level they got, the greater gap between martial artists of Earth Rank and congenital experts would be.

“Look at you. Are you putting on airs after a tour in Heaven Realm?” The old fox severely reprimanded his disciples.

Speaking of ranks, he was lower than Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and others.

However, he was eligible to teach them. Even if Ye Kong and Fatty Hai were far superior to the old fox on the force in following ten years, they could not reach his master realm which was mature in all respects. As for Elder Nan Gong, he was not a master that can be surpassed by Ye Kong and Fatty Hai in a short time. Ye Kong and Fatty Hai were superior in capacity to fight, but they knew little about knowledge, skills, warbeasts, treasures, medicinal powder, runes and history.

However, Yue Yang encouraged them after they were reprimanded by old fox and others.

After all, thanks to their hard work, they advanced rapidly, which deserved affirmation.

Previously, in pursuit of Wo Gua and Gu Deng, Yue Yang reaped a lot of spoils. He also grasped the Creation Domain. In addition, he plotted against Captain Wild Bull and defeated the Master of Black Wind City, Old Demon Wei, Sect Leader of Bai Song and others.

There were countless spoils of war.

According to his original plan, Yue Yang decided to use the warbeasts being captured to improve everyone’s warbeast. For example, Xue Tan Lang who had the strongest fighting power needed a Heaven Stage level warbeast to increase his capacity to fight. Xue Tan Lang, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Prince of Tian Luo, especially the first three were the main force in battles, so Yue Yang decided to give them Shun Tian, the Black Prince, and Thousand Goblins Sect Leader. This was exactly the reason why Yue Yang didn’t attack those enemies including Shun Tian.

Ye Kong had got the Earthquake Dragon egg before, which was spat out when the contracted Earthquake Dragon died, and now Yue Yang blended the Demon Bears’ Sky-rank demon crystals with King Kong Demon Ape, promoting this Ye Kong’s powerful warbeast to Quasi-Heaven Stage level.

Although it was difficult to promote the warbeast to the Heaven Stage Level all at once, as long as King Kong Demon Ape kept progressing, it would be raised to Heaven Stage without any problem.

As for enhancing the evolution to Holy Beast, it was impossible!

Owning the Quasi-Heaven Stage level King Kong Demon Ape and the Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle promoted with Heaven Stage Rock Giant’s ‘Rock Heart’, plus the small Earthquake Dragon with a growing potential leveling up to at least Heaven Stage Level 3 in the future, in the short term, it’s unnecessary for Ye Kong to worry about his warbeast’s combat power.

Compared to Ye Kong, Fatty Hai was stronger.

“Original translation from wWw。wangmamaread。CoM.”

For his Diamond Rhinoceros, little Hippopotamus, and Giant Lightning Mammoth, Yue Yang had used the blood of the ‘Maha Elephant’ of Heaven Stage Level 5 to enhance their power. Diamond Rhinoceros and little Hippopotamus had a low original level, so their promotion was slower than others., Because the Giant Lightning Mammoth was more mature than another two, and it had the same Heaven Stage blood with Maha Elephant, it had been benefited the most and was directly promoted to the Quasi-Heaven Stage level, surpassing Diamond Rhinoceros and the clever Wind Breath Seabird, becoming Fatty Hai’s first powerful Warbeast, which immediately doubled Fatty Hai’s battle power.

The Li brothers’ Griffin Knight was a humanoid Guardian Spirit Beast, which was difficult to be blended, but even so, Yue Yang had experimented and found that Manticore could be blended.

Taking a lot of effort, Yue Yang finally promoted the two Griffin Knights to the Earth Stage level 7.

Because of the wisdom and growth differences, the two humanoid Guardian Spirit Beasts, which were blended with Griffin and Manticore, were probably to be excluded from the Holy Beast forever…but the Li brothers didn’t care, because before all of these, they didn’t have summoning grimoire and even almost to be starving in the first floor of Tong Tian Towers. They were all they were today because of Yue Yang’s help, they were already content with their lot!

Chapter 720 - The Scholar, Dies for His Bosom Friend! (Part 2)
Chapter 721 - Xue Tan Lang: Inherent Skill of Energy Releasing (Part 2)

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