Chapter 722 – I Want to Be A Human Being (Part 1)

Everyone had a different personality. It was impossible to expect Xue Tan Lang to become a big mouth like Fatty Hai.

However, Yue Yang’s decision had put some pressure on Xue Tan Lang.

In the past, it was more difficult to make Xue Tan Lang recite the Heavenly Realm Mysterious Chronicle in public than to kill him. However, when Yue Yang assigned this task to him this time, Xue Tan Lang accepted it, though his face turned pale with sudden fear. Xue Tan Lang was greatly startled by severe wars he had experienced, especially the trip to the Heaven Realm. If he did not grow stronger quickly, there would be a hidden danger to him and the whole team.

As the key person to be cultivated in his team, Xue Tan Lang had the obligation to assume more responsibilities.

After helping others in his team improve their strength, Yue Yang shifted his focus to enhancing his own warbeast. Xue Wuxia, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress had taken Yinan Yuebing and others to the Gate of Life and Death to train. In the wake of others, Captain Raging Flames and Drunken Cat Sister went there too, leaving only Yue Yu and sickly beauty stayed with Yue Yang.

Both of Yue Yu and sickly beauty refused God’s Blood Yue Yang had extracted from the Maha Elephant. Please support original translation from wangmamaread.

They had refused God’s Blood on the grounds that they were not the main fighting force, though it could improve their body constitution dramatically.

Yue Yang sighed in secret at their attitude. If he was stronger, he would simply use his own blood to improve their body constitution. At present, Yue Yang was sure that his blood had a potential similar to God’s Blood’s. It was a unique body constitution of the time-traveller that nobody else on the Soaring Dragon Continent had. It might be the result of the old Taoist priest’s underhanded trick, or his own cultivation of the Innate invisible Sword Qi skill, or his fusion with the Universal Pouch… Maybe all these three factors had worked together to contributed to his blood’s unique potential.

Anyway, Yue Yang now knew his blood was distinctive.

And the more powerful he was, the greater potential his blood would boast.

His blood might have the same invincible power as God’s Blood’s when he ascended to the holy and supreme realm.

“God’s Blood…Red, it’s your turn!” Yue Yang had thought about how to use this drop of God’s Blood for a long time. Should it be used for the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen Duo Duo who was the most valuable and had maximum potential? Or should it be used for the Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying who had gotten the Dragon God heritage? If it could be used for either one of the two, the promotion would definitely be tremendous. However, both of them were hibernating to evolve. Duo Duo would be fine because she could defend herself if the danger occurred, but Jiang Ying had been being at a chaotic state, fusing the heritage power of Dragon God Sovereign.

In fact, the best one for the promotion was Xiao Wen Li.

But little lamia loli (Xiao Wen Li) had disregarded God’s Blood before. Her “parents” were Yue Yang and Empress Fei Wen Li, so the precious God’s Blood was everyone’s dream though, it was not important to her.

Next to Xiao Wen Li, whether the Bloody Queen ‘Red’ or Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man, in Yue Yang’s eyes, they two were on a par.

Spirit of Sky Fire and Reaper Mantis were a little shy of their promotion, so it seemed to be a bit early to use God’s Blood for them.

As for Ika, the last time Yue Yang used the best treasures, his blood and God’s Blood to create a Battle Angel that even Yue Yang was not sure how powerful it would grow up. She was born with grimoires, which was just slightly inferior to Xiao Wen Li, who was born with Diamond Grimoires and the four Guardian Spirit Beasts. Currently speaking, it’s unnecessary for Ika to be promoted, if possible, Yua Yang could use his blood to help her grow after he was promoted.

As for War God Guard and Yu, the cultivation method of the two Dragon Ladies was out of the ordinary, besides, it was impossible to separate a drop of God’s Blood. Please support original translation from wangmamaread.

So, in the end.

Yue Yang finally decided to promote Red and Ah Man.

Speaking of battle, in addition to Xiao Wen Li, Red and Ah Man were the most experienced. So far, their war record was outstanding, they almost participated in all battles, and they had achieved notable merits.

So any one of them was qualified to have God’s Blood.

Yue Yang meditated in silence, he finally decided to level up the Bloody Queen ‘Red’ with God’s Blood. After all, Ah Man had owned ‘the power of the Titan’ and ‘the Heart of the Earth’. As long as she was standing on the ground, she would always be an invincible female warrior! If Yue Yang was in the Tong Tian Tower, the Bloody Queen ‘Red’ could almost resist all enemies. But when it came to Heaven Realm, the Bloody Queen ‘Red’ was not strong enough, and she gradually struggled… this was still the case without encountering much stronger enemies. If they encountered an enemy at Heaven Stage Level 6 or above, the Red would have more difficulties.

“Ah? Really?” The Bloody Queen ‘Red’ couldn’t believe her ears, her face showing how surprised she was.

“Yes.” Yue Yang affirmed.

“Wow wow…” The Bloody Queen ‘Red’ flew to the sky like a happy kid, flying around for a long time. Then she swooped down, grabbing Yue Yang and kissing him excitedly. After she did so, she told Ah Man: “Ah Man, master said this time he will use God’s Blood to help me level up. Haha, I will surpass you later!”

“That’s great!” Fortunately, Ah Man couldn’t feel jealous as a female human being did, otherwise she must be mad. You’d got God’s Blood and still came to show off?

In fact, the Bloody Queen ‘Red’ was not intended to show off, instead, she simply wanted to share joy and happiness with her friend.

The Bloody Queen ‘Red’ cooperated with Ah Man most often, so they got along well with each other. If there was good news, the Bloody Queen ‘Red’ would always tell her first.

Dancing with joy, Ah Man felt happy for her.

If Ah Man were a female human being, she would have fought with ‘Red’ and cursed: Was this something that deserved showing off? Just a drop of God’s Blood! Please support original translation from wangmamaread.

Warbeasts’ wisdom and emotional intelligence were hard to be as complex as humans’. And their character had a lot to do with their owner’s surrounding environment. If women around Yue Yang, such as Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wuxia, engaged in petty intrigue and tried to get the better of each other everyday, then Red, Ah Man and Duo Duo would definitely be imperceptibly influenced. But Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wuxia were in harmony and united, which positively affected warbeasts’ character.

Chapter 721 - Xue Tan Lang: Inherent Skill of Energy Releasing (Part 2)
Chapter 722 - I Want to Be A Human Being (Part 2)

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