Chapter 722 – I Want to Be A Human Being (Part 2)

Especially sickly beauty, who was the most meticulous, often made herself an example.

Sometimes she cooked dinner or made the dress herself, and other times she also asked Red and Ah Man to act as her assistants. In their life, she acted to teach these beasts whose wisdom and humanity were growing up, only by this, they could be improved.

For Red, Ah Man, and others, the sickly beauty was more like their matron. Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian spend too much time training, so, the sickly beauty around Yueyang was the one with whom they got along in most of their time. The sweet-tempered little woman was the best example for them to learn. Although they never said it, Red and Ah Man definitely wanted to be a woman like sickly beauty.

After the search on runes, sickly beauty always prepared the meal for Yue Yang. Every time after she brought the meal to Yue Yang, watching Yue Yang glut himself with delicacies…

Everytime after sickly beauty brought the water basin to towel Yue Yang’s body and feet, watching Yue Yang slept soundly after the experiment…

Everytime before Yue Yang went out, sickly beauty decked him out from head to foot…

Everytime using her silk handkerchief, sickly beauty gently wiped the sweat from Yue Yang’s forehead…

All of those were in Red and Ah Man eyes and had been remembered in mind. It could be said that the most influential person to Red, Ah Man and Duo Duo was the sickly beauty who did everything with the gentle smile.

“Look at you!” Sickly beauty patted the back on Red, who was thrown into her arms, smiled tolerantly. She was just like a little mother, although Red and Ah Man were much taller than her, they sometimes were like her daughters. If not the frequent and changeable war, on which Yue Yang must focus more, they would have had babies. What’s more, everyone thought it would be better not to have a baby now. And maybe the baby born when the war was over, after Yue Yang set foot on the holy and supreme realm, would have more potential. Sickly beauty really wanted to have a baby, however, her wish was temporarily impossible. Sickly beauty extended her maternal love tenderly to everyone around her that needed to be cared about, including young girls such as Bing’er, Shuang’er and Xiao Wen Li, elder sisters like Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress and Guardian Spirit Beasts, for example the Bloody Queen ‘Red’ and Ah Man.

“You want God’s Blood, too? No way!” At present, Star Scorpion found following Yue Yang would have a promising future and it was somewhat willing to do so, especially after Simba joined the team, which made it less worried.

“Creak!” Star Scorpion was intelligent, but it couldn’t talk to express what it had in mind, which was depressing.

Hoarding them as scarce treasures and waiting for the highest bid to sell, Yue Yang didn’t worry about making contracts, and he didn’t even mention the fusion of Star Scorpion and Scorpio gloves to produce a zoomorphic “Earth Divine Soldier”.

Fortunately, Yue Yang didn’t make Star Scorpion feel desperate.

He gave Star Scorpion the golden steel-teeth sand spider poisoned by the scorpion venom and Gu Deng’s golden legs so that it could absorb energy.

In the past, Star Scorpion dared not to accept Yue Yang’s food easily. But now, it was eager to establish friendly relations with Yue Yang. Star Scorpion happily accepted the golden steel-teeth sand spider and Gu Deng’s golden legs. Furthermore, these two things would have a beneficial effect on improving its strength. It would be an idiot if it was hesitant to accept them.

The Bloody Queen ‘Red’ was excited all day and couldn’t wait to begin the fusion at night.

At night, the fusion ceremony officially began.

Yue Yang purified God’s Blood repeatedly with Nirvana Fire and turned it into pure God’s Blood without any consciousness except for the divine energy.

Yue Yang first drew some Heaven Rune patterns on ‘Red’s naked snow-white body in order to help her absorb God’s Blood better. Then Yue Yang used his own blood, combined with the occult arts of the blood rune patterns to draw three ancient rune patterns below her umbilicus, on her heart and between her eyebrows respectively. The abilities of the three major ancient rune patterns were: God’s Wisdom, Power Source and Spiritual Root.

Using God’s Blood to enhance the combat power of ‘Red’ was not what Yue Yang hoped most.

Instead, he wanted ‘Red’ to be reborn as a human being with the help of God’s Blood.

He hoped that she could have a grimoire as Xiao Wen Li, Ika, Jiang Ying, and gray wolf did, and  became a closest Mythical Beast to humans.

Even if she only had a copper summoning grimoire, her future growth path would be completely different… Wisdom could give ‘Red’ a high intelligence; Power Source could give ‘Red’ a perfect body; Spiritual Root was the foundation of everything, which could enhance her potential and improve the possibility of making a contract with a summoning grimoire, making her eligible to become Mythical Beast.

“Are you ready?” Yue Yang softly asked nervous Bloody Queen ‘Red’, God’s Blood hanging above his palm.

“I’m ready!” Although Red’s heart beat wildly, she still nodded firmly.

Her nervousness was not all because she was shy – being naked in front of her owner did make her a bit shy; also, her nervousness was not entirely because of excitement – she couldn’t calm down after fusion with God’s Blood to reincarnate and changed her life. However, what made her most nervous was her change in the future. She worried that she couldn’t live up to her master’s expectation; that she couldn’t make a contract with a summoning grimoire; that she couldn’t become Mythical Beast; and that she would disappoint her master.

However, she didn’t escape.

Instead, she resolutely accepted her master’s gift and challenged her destiny.

When Yue Yang dripped the gold God’s Blood into her mouth, ‘Red’ closed her eyes and put her hands together over her chest. At this moment, she only wanted to pray: God, please help me live up to my master’s expectations. I wanted to be a human – a woman like mistress Wu Hen. I wanted to be with my master forever as mistress Wu Hen was…

Chapter 722 - I Want to Be A Human Being (Part 1)
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