Chapter 723 – Red (Part 1)

An unimaginable power erupted from her body.

Red felt that a sense of explosion was almost about to destroy her body, and her soul seemed to be annihilated by the power.

For a common body, even a drop of God’s Blood could be an enormous burden. When Red’s consciousness was to vanish, she suddenly felt her body became light, which seemed that she was suspending in a starry night sky. Several huge vortex-like galaxies were slowly rotating, producing various gravitational forces, releasing the devastating power out of her body slightly. That greatly relieved the internal pressure in Red’s body.

In particular, there were three of the hugest vortex galaxies constantly absorbing the explosive power of God’s Blood in her body.

Is it an illusion?

She should have fallen in the master’s arms, how could she drift into the sky?

Just as Red’s consciousness was hovering over her confusion, suddenly, she felt that a stream of warm energy was flowing into her body inexorably, and it constantly guided the explosive God’s Blood energy to every part of her body. From the meridians, bones, flesh, and skin, to deep into the body, finer and finer than the tiny blood vessels. It guided almost half of God’s Blood energy into her body, which also fused it with her body. Through the washing of the divine power, a qualitative change of her body took place… and then, was the change in depth of her soul.

The warm energy also guided God’s Blood energy to this starry night sky.

The energy connected all vortex galaxies, making them double the rotation, to absorb and to assimilate God’s Blood.

Finally, with the three huge vortex galaxies as the foundation, God’s Blood energy formed a humongous star nucleus. The profound power was totally beyond Red’s description, it was just as mysterious as that the universe was born from her own consciousness. At the connection point of the resplendent star nucleus, there were three major vortex galaxies, representing different wills respectively.

Red felt dizzy instantly when her consciousness touched the wills of the three major vortex galaxies.

Then she found her thoughts retreated from the mysterious night sky.

And she could never be in that wonderful state again.

After opening her eyes, Red noticed she was not in the night sky, instead, she was levitating in front of her master, shining out with great brilliancy… She was quite familiar with the three major brilliant ancient rune patterns and the Heaven Rune patterns on her body. They were the vortex galaxies appeared in the night sky. The ancient runes representing God’s Wisdom, Power Source and Spiritual Root respectively were the permanent wills of the three major ancient rune patterns between her eyebrows, on her heart and under her umbilicus.

Red understood immediately.

The warm energy that had saved her was the Genuine Qi released from her master’s palm.

“Do not sleep. Try to understand more and improve your own strength while God’s Blood restructuring your body. Now, it’s the best time to train yourself. You will be remodeled thoroughly and become a completely new girl later.” Yue Yang told Red softly.

“OK.” Red had never been so exhausted before even in severe wars, but she kept Yue Yang’s words in mind and continued to persist in improving herself.

For her bright future, her master’s expectations and her dream of remolding herself.

Fight for it.

She did her utmost to open her arms and hugged Yue Yang tightly.

Special abilities like “Whip of Pain”, “Banshee Scream”, “Sheep Transformation” and “Flame Feathers” were reproduced in Red’s mind and then led by Yue Yang’s energy to be improved by using the divine power. No matter how tired, painful, or difficult, Red stuck at it in order to reshape herself,  become a person like mistress Wu Hen, and have a summoning grimoire as he (Yue Yang) hoped…

Time passed by in silence.

The reborn process continued.

Red couldn’t remember how much pain she had suffered in the process, nor did she remember how many times she almost sank into a deep sleep because she couldn’t keep going.

However, as long as she could feel the pure energy delivered by her master, she would persist and never give up. She knew that he was actually more tired than her at this time. She did nothing but used her consciousness to cooperate with him. It was he who reshaped her body and gave her everything. From the beginning to the end, he kept releasing his energy, with his sweat dripping on her body… He did not stop because of fatigue or difficulties, so how could she let him down?

I wanted to be a human always with my master.

I wanted to make a contract with a summoning grimoire and become the one master felt most proud of.

He applied his blood to the summoning grimoire over and over again. His blood had been absorbed by the grimoire, and he patiently waited for her to make a contract with the grimoire, how could she give up?

“I want to be a human to make a contract with a grimoire.” The Bloody Queen ‘Red’ gave out a Banshee Scream that shocked the soul of all things on earth. She spat golden blood on the copper summoning grimoire, which had been waiting for someone to make a contact in Yue Yang’s hands. At the same time, she forced herself to put her trembling hands on the copper summoning grimoire.

She saw chinks of golden light indicating success flowing slowly through gaps of her fingers.

More and more.

Proudly, she closed her eyes.

Chapter 722 - I Want to Be A Human Being (Part 2)
Chapter 723 - Red (Part 2)

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