Chapter 723 – Red (Part 2)

Two drops of tears rolled down her face, gently falling on Yue Yang’s sweaty arms.

Red pressed her one hand on the summoning grimoire and then kissed Yue Yang on the mouth desperately. She couldn’t express her excitement; she could only silently show her pride by a kiss with tears. She did it – she finally became what he had expected. Starting today, she would also be a Holy Beast, a life closest to human beings, and a woman like mistress Wu Hen… She was finally qualified to be with him forever, and do everything for him as mistress Wu Hen did.

In brilliant rays, the wings on her back fell one by one.

And then drifted.

Finally, they turned into energy and returned to her back.

Red, who slept after making the contract and the hot kiss, knew nothing about that. In the midst of sleep, the Bloody Queen ‘Red’ got close to a higher life and became a Holy Beast. Moreover, she was a high-level Holy Beast, perfectly humanoid.

When Red woke up for the second time, she found that Yue Yang was not with her.

It was near morning.

She had no time to check her summoning grimoire, Inherent Skill, and Guardian Spirit Beast. As long as she sensed his breath, she immediately flew over to Yue Yang. She reached the destination in an instant – Red herself, who was known for fast speed, was even surprised by her speed now. At this moment, she saw a usual scene – mistress Sickly Beauty gently massaged master who fell asleep for tiredness, and toweled him at the same time.

The only difference from the usual was that today he was burned out because of her, rather than for Ika or refining extremely highest grade Martial Spirit Pill and so on.

“Hush,” sickly beauty told Red to be quiet as usual so that she wouldn’t wake Yue Yang up.

“OK,” Red stopped talking, though she was excited.

Looking at her master, who was exhausted, and went to sleep directly without taking a bath after helping her restructure her body with God’s blood, Red was deeply touched for the first time.

Tears ran down her cheek like floods. ‘Red’ was neither a crybaby nor a coward, she was just so touched. Sickly beauty beckoned ‘Red’ over to take over her work and gave her a searching look as if she was asking, “Can you do this?”

Ordinarily, ‘Red’ shook her head shyly. Please support original translation from wangmamaread.

‘Red’ loved masters like Yue Yang. However, to take over her mistress’s work to look after Yue Yang, ‘Red’ was diffident.

Today, seeing her mistress’s encouraging eyes, ‘Red’ took the silk handkerchief from sickly beauty and nodded her head affirmatively: Leave it to me.

Watching Yue Yang sleeping quietly, ‘Red’ laughed and wept all at once.

She was moved to cry.

She laughed because she led a happy life.

For the first time, she felt she was not only his Guardian Spirit Beast, but a woman who loved the man.

Now that she had thoroughly remolded herself and become a human being, she had no problems on pursuing her own happiness. For the master who had given her everything and with whom she fell in love for a long time, couldn’t she has enough confidence? ‘Red’ decided to love and accompany him for a lifetime, just like mistress Wu Hen…

Sickly beauty softly embraced ‘Red’ who was excited and left, feeling relieved.

‘Red’ sat down by the water and picked up the silk handkerchief, softly wiping the sweat from Yue Yang’s body with tenderness, like sickly beauty.

The next day.

When Yue Yang opened his eyes slowly, he saw a snow-jade nude was cradled in his arms. It’s not sickly beauty – it’s an unfamiliar while familiar beauty, was she Red? And she was sleeping on his bed, being naked.

Her bold behavior embarrassed Yue Yang, and when he was to get up quietly, Red, who felt the sudden stir, also came to her senses. As she saw Yue Yang, she didn’t escape as usual, but opened her arms and grabbed his body bravely, pressing her carn close to Yue Yang, holding back her shyness and nervousness, she said in her sleep, “I… I want to serve you like mistress…”

“Where is Wu Hen?” Yue Yang was shocked by what Red said.

“Mistress asked me to replace her… Red’s work is bad though, I will work hard.” Just like sickly beauty had treated Yue Yang, Red simulated the gentle behavior of mistress with slight trembles and exerted them one by one.

Human beast? Please support original translation from wangmamaread.

Could Red now be considered a beast?

She was now a woman, pure and simple. Who said that she was a beast, he was a blind man.

Since she was not a beast, but a woman, why she couldn’t be slept with? Well, forget it, this kind of bother was simply superfluous. Just gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

Only the stupid moralist would fail the beauty, falling into the confusion for a second, Yue Yang asked himself, ‘is me a moralist?’ ‘I’m not, then can I make an ass of myself?’ As for the confusion, he knew he couldn’t grasp the truth at once, so he reached for Red and caressed her, who was serving him with the footless tongue skill. After Red raised her head and eyes shyly, he smiled with evil and asked, “Wanna improve your combat skills? Come, let me teach you.”

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