Chapter 724 – Star Scorpion (Part 2)

“No war beast sucks, only some martial artist sucks. Angel Pigeon is actually better than the general strengthening-type and element-type Spirit Beast. Red, you need to cultivate them well, maybe in the future, we need them to deliver the important information by ‘Deliver Message from Afar’.” Sickly beauty also encouraged Red.

“Fighting!” Yue Yu gently stroked Red’s white cheeks. From now on, she would never regard Red a beast, but a person.

“I will try my best!” With a bit shy and a little happy, Red’s eyes hardened with determination. Clenching her fists tightly, she cheered for herself. Now, since she had a bright future, she had to work harder.

“In future battles, you can use ‘God Killing Dagger’ or ‘Black Light’!” Speaking of ‘Black Light’, Yue Yang’s mind was in a whirl.

The ‘Black Light’ was just one of the fake five colored god lights.

It’s not a real god light.

The true ‘Black Light’, one of the five god lights, may still be controlled by Jiu Xiao.

Except for the god light controlled by Jiu Xiao, there should be another three god lights, but where could be them? Just the ‘Green God Light’ was being sealed by nonuple seals, and Yue Yang couldn’t dispel the seal rashly, or his poor controlling force for the rule would suffer unpredictable damage. It should be known that the green god light itself, one of the five colored god lights, was a broken god light.

The Master of Black Wind City and Captain Wild Bull owned many treasures, but for Yue Yang, a time-traveler who had mastered Black Guizang, White Shuanghua Sword and Chixiaolian Sword, most of them were just nothing.

What Yue Yang wanted most was the Holy-ranked item or Divine Equipment.

And within those, the four god lights rest were what Yue Yang wanted most. If he could collect all five colored god lights, he wouldn’t worry about losing out to Lionheart King once more.

“Xiaosan, I’m afraid that the situation in the Southern Heaven Realm has changed since you haven’t been there for days. You’d better go there and take a look in case people who remain behind have some accidents, including Bao Gu and Niu Gen.” Yue Yu was the kindest person. Seeing Yue Yang had been busy in Rainbow Castle these days, she exhorted him to pay attention to situations both in Rainbow Castle and Black Wind City in the Southern Heaven Realm.

“I’ll go there tonight. I want to communicate with Star Scorpion in the daytime.” Yue Yang nodded.

“Star Scorpion is indeed intelligent. I believe it is much smarter than the ordinary warbeasts with elementary intelligence, though it can’t talk.” Yue Yu knew his astute younger brother would take advantage of the Star Scorpion to benefit himself, or he wouldn’t have raised it.

“Are you confident of making the Earthly Divine Soldier?” Sickly beauty knew the Earthly Divine Soldier was by no means easy to produce, and the Tao Tie Blade was made by chance.

“Come and help me in the afternoon.” Yue Yang nodded his head.

He was not sure that he could turn other warbeasts into the Earthly Divine Soldiers.

However, the Star Scorpion was an exception.

There were lots of warbeasts in the world that Yue Yang could lure to fight for him. Why did Yue Yang love the Star Scorpion so much? Please support original translation in wangmamaread.

It was because Star Scorpion possessed the innate prerequisite for becoming a Beast Divine Soldier. Its primary intelligence, attributes, body structure, the ability to fuse its potentials and other aspects all met the requirements of being a Beast Divine Soldier. If Yue Yang could fuse Star Scorpion with the Sky Scorpion Gloves that were given to Yue Yang in the Scorpio Temple, he would have a great chance of making a top-grade Beast Divine Soldier.

Yue Yang had enough beasts for riding. He was good at transfer and flying. If he was tired of riding or flying, he could turn the Tao Tie Blade into the beast shape, which was his best beast for riding.

He also had a lot of weapons, such as Crescent Moon, the Tao Tie Blade, Slaughter God, Dragon Slaying Spear, Dragon Slaying Dagger, Black Light and five colored god lights (green)… He even had the Prison Emperor’s Divine Staff, War God Guard, ‘World-Exterminating Wheel’, ‘the Wheel of Eternity’, ‘Star Explosion’, ‘Black Guizang’, ‘White Shuanghua Sword’, ‘Chixiaolian Sword’ and ‘Flames of Nirvana’. Yue Yang had almost countless weapons, so he didn’t need to worry about cultivating another Earthly Divine Soldier weapon.

But he felt it was necessary to have a pair of Earthly Divine Soldier’s Sky Scorpion Gloves in addition to the twin mask.

If he fused Star Scorpion and the Sky Scorpion Gloves into ‘Star Scorpion’.

It could be gloves in normal times, and warbeast when needed.

Then he could get a double advantage!

“Contract? You can rest assured that a man like me will definitely give you the greatest freedom! Just like the gray wolf, you don’t have to contract with me, and you can have your own will. Of course you can’t take sides against me. What you have to do is to learn from gray wolf. The beast-shaped Earthly Divine Soldier will be your final state. It is a top grade Earthly Divine Soldier, which won’t reach the limit when it is fused with you. Rest assured, it is because of the great benefits that I will do that – why should I keep a warbeast without potential at my side? Look at this Tao Tie Blade, which is the most potential Earthly Divine Soldier. It can transform between a beast shape and weapon. What are you worried about? Do you think that I need a weapon? No, I just need a pair of gloves. Is there anything more suitable for you than the Sky Scorpion Gloves in the world? Absolutely no! After you have been fused with the Sky Scorpion Gloves for several years, as long as you perform well, maybe I will use Eternal Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe to increase your potential. Oh, you have to know how many powerful treasures I have! Rest assured, follow me and you can definitely live it up! From now on, gray wolf is your boss and Simba your brother! ” Yue Yang began to bluff again. This time, he bluffed a unique scorpion in the world, Star Scorpion!

Chapter 724 - Star Scorpion (Part 1)
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Isn’t simba already contracted with the cat big sis, why is it treated like Hui Tsi Lang

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