Chapter 725 – A Noble and Mysterious Guest (Part 1)

“Master, we have arrived in the Black Wind City. Do I have to tell them your name and let their city lord to meet us?” A Guard Captain riding an Infernal Nightmare at Heaven Stage Level 3 pulled back the reins gracefully in the guard riding the Magic Flame Horses at Heaven Stage Level 1, retreated to a super luxurious lengthened carriage that was pulled by eight Snow White Sky Dragon Horses that of the same color and had no other motley colors and asked the noble man in the carriage loyally and respectfully after passing the curtain raised by a beautiful slave girl.

“No, you don’t. It is said that something unforeseen has happened in the city and the former city lord was replaced by someone else. You go and send someone to inquire about the current situation. We’ll go directly to the Silver Leaf City if the new city lord was ignorant of the previous Upper Heaven Realm trade.” The noble man hesitated for a while and made the decision.

“Yes, sir.” Although the Guard Captain wanted to express his opinion, he knew that he’d better bit his tongue if his master didn’t ask him.

The Guard Captain possessing the strength at Heaven Stage Level 5 randomly sent out a guardian whose strength was at Heaven Stage Level 1.

The guardian was instructed to go into the city and find the new city lord quickly.

Originally, the Guard Captain thought the new lord of the Black Wind City would come with his subordinates in a short while and kowtow and bow to his master behind him in panic, apologizing fearfully. He had seen such scenes many times. Almost every time his master went to a city in the Mortal Realm, the city lord there came out of the city to kowtow and bow to him in fear, though he went to the Mortal Realm every ten years.

His master was a powerful and dignified man, who was respected by every Sky-rank Warrior in the Mortal Realm over the past one thousand years.

There were numerous city lords kowtowing and bowing to show their respect to the master along the way.

People whom the master of the carriage met personally were few and far between.

The city lord of such a barren and backward place in the Emerald Territory like the Black Wind City was by no means a powerful Sky-rank Innate. The Guard Captain hoped that the cidy lord would not be scared to pee in his pants.

He imagined with guilty-pleasure. Please support original translation from wangmamaread.

Unexpectedly, instead of welcoming them himself, the new city lord made an exception to send a servant of Earth Stage level 3 to meet them. Seeing this lowly servant, deep down, the Guard Captain felt uneasy. He believed that the servant should strive to be a good servant. How did such an incompetent servant have the nerve to welcome us on behalf of the city lord? Was he the most talented man in the Black Wind City? Weren’t there any slaves of Earth Rank Level 5 or above? Was the city lord here was a man of Quasi-Heaven Stage?

Would he be too scared to move and hide in the City Lord’s mansion when he saw the guards of Heaven Stage?

Touching his moustache, the Guard Captain imagined viciously.

“Where is your city lord?” He stared at the representative of Earth Stage level 3 of the Black Wind City as if he was looking at an insect.

“The Black Wind City that was renamed Wu Ye City to remember the alchemy master, Jun Wu Ye, who was killed in a previous battle for no reason, has witnessed some great changes not long ago. Now the Wu Ye City has become a free city that no longer has its city lord. I’m a man of humble origin, but I am appointed as the General Representative for Foreign Affairs by prince Long Teng in the Western Heaven Realm.” The round head Bao Gu who came to meet them saluted them with bows in welcome and answered in a way that was neither servile nor overbearing.

“A free city? You mean that you are responsible for it now?” The Guard Captain tried not to burst into laughter.

A servant of Earth Rank Level 3 who seemed not to be a battle type.

A mercenary could easily kill this guy and take over Black Wind City. Such a ridiculous thing should happen in Heaven Realm? Could ants replace the Lion King to patrol territory? Impossible!

The Guard Captain wanted to tell round head Bao Gu that he could dispatch a Sky-rank Innate at random to take over the Black Wind City.

Even if the city lacked people, how could a weak man of Earth Rank Level 3 become its General Representative?

The Guard Captain took a lot of effort to hold back his laughter. Then he asked teasingly, “I would like to know, after you served as the General Representative, was there someone in the city challenging you?”

Round head Bao Gu showed a ‘sincere’ smile, “Not yet. Maybe I have a good relationship with my neighbors. After being the General Representative for Foreign Affairs of Wu Ye City, everyone not only enthusiastically support my work, but also often treat me. In addition to the reform, citizens are also extending business. They practically encourage and support my work in Wu Ye City.”

His words stunned the Guard Captain.

This was even more uncomfortable than swallowing a mouse!

If it were not his master in the carriage looking at him, he would have drawn his sword and killed the cockroach who should dare to reply in such a way.

“Alchemy Master of Western Heaven Realm? Prince Long Teng…” The noble master in the carriage was so smart that he could figure out a lot of things by several keywords. After a short thought, the master suddenly had some interest in Black Wind City – no, it should be Wu Ye City now- which he didn’t care about at all before. For the first time in hundreds of years, he asked a servant who was not a Sky-rank Innate. He asked round head Bao Gu who respectfully bowed outside, “Excuse me, is Prince Long Teng inside?”

“Your distinguished guest, prince went out a few days ago and just returned. At this time, he is taking a bath and putting on clean clothes, so he can’t come to greet the guests now,” Round head Bao Gu answered politely.

“Since he is here, I wonder if I can see him? I haven’t met Western Heaven Realm’s expert in Mortal Realm for a long time.” The master in the carriage sighed.

“Please.” Round head Bao Gu respectfully made a gesture of ‘please’.

Seeing that, Guard Captain stamped with rage.

How noble his master was, while Prince Long Teng was a nobody he had never heard of in the Mortal Realm. But his master had to personally go to meet with him? Was the prince his master’s match? This was the biggest disrespect! The Guard Captain put his hand on the hilt. As long as his master didn’t like it, he would immediately draw his sword to kill the servant, then rushed into the city, and hang the prince’s head on the gate as a warning to others!

Chapter 724 - Star Scorpion (Part 2)
Chapter 725 - A Noble and Mysterious Guest (Part 2)

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