Chapter 725 – A Noble and Mysterious Guest (Part 2)

Unexpectedly, while he was about to draw his sword from its sheath, his master told him, “Set out.”

The Guard Captain nearly thought that he had misheard…

However, as a servant, he was not qualified and dared not to question his master’s honourable orders.

The carriage pulled by eight Snow White Sky Dragon Horses landed in the garden of the City Lord’s mansion.

At that time, the Guard Captain hadn’t seen the prince came out to meet them yet, instead, round head Bao Gu informed them apologetically that the prince was taking a shower and unable to get dressed to welcome them, so they had to wait a little longer. The Guard Captain could easily destroy the entire Wu Ye City if he exploded with all his rage, which was more powerful than the volcanic eruption. However, he had to resist the impulse in embarrassment since his master in the carriage was waiting patiently and hadn’t given him any orders yet.

Ten minutes later.

A man walked out of the mansion slowly, yawning, as if he had just woken up.

The Guard Captain stared at the man who embarrassed him, trying to see his haughty appearance clearly.

He was doomed to be disappointed.

Because the young man was wearing a holy-ranked twin mask, which made it impossible for the Guard Captain to see clearly who he was. What drove the Guard Captain exceptionally crazy was that the prince was of Quasi-Heaven Stage, who was not a quarter as good as his guards under his command. Did the prince of such weak strength dare to be so arrogant? Weren’t there any Sky-rank Innates in the Southern Heaven Realm? It was the ultimate humiliation for the Sky-rank Warriors to allow the prince to be such arrogant.

“I’m very sorry to have kept you waiting. I had a wonderful shower and fell asleep just then.” Sure enough, the man walking out of the mansion was Yue Yang, who was the only one of Quasi-Heaven Stage that dared to speak at ease in front of a group of Sky-rank Innates.

“What?” Yue Yang’s exasperating explanation made the Guard Captain want to kill him. Actually he’d better not explain.

“Prince Long Teng is blessed with a sound sleep. Because I have to deal with a lot of business, I have been suffering from insomnia. So I admire people having good sleep quality a lot.” The master in the carriage smiled.

“Your distinguished guest, you are very generous. May I know your name? I’m Xue Wu Xiang, Long Teng Sect in Western Heaven Realm.” Yue Yang hadn’t finished his words yet while a beauty came from inside. Sexy and charming, she got a curvy figure. Every man would lose their head over her. In the Guard Captain’s view, such a beauty should be a match for a powerful man like him. Theirs was a match made in heaven. He didn’t expect that the beauty who was in Heaven Stage Level 3 didn’t even look at him. She reached out her delicate hand to hold the guy who was only in Quasi-Heaven Stage, as if she was afraid that the prince would jerk away. They were just like the toad and swan¹ – the Guard Captain nearly threw up blood due to his anger.

“Little liar, why don’t you introduce the guests to me?” The sexy, enchanting beauty smiled, bantering with Yue Yang.

“…” The Guard Captain wanted to beat his chest, stamp his feet, and smash his ribs. Only by doing that could he feel less disappointed. Please support original translation in wangmamaread.

A handsome guy at Heaven Stage Level 5 was in front of her.

She didn’t even look at him.

But she threw herself on a man at Quasi-Heaven Stage. Was she joking?

If she could smile at him as she did at prince, he could even catch a star for her.

The Guard Captain had always believed that he was a fascinating man who had always messed around with women while none of them would hound him. As soon as he reached out his hand, countless women would come and beg to spend a lifetime with him.He never thought that he could meet such a bathing beauty in Wu Ye City, who was as elegant as an arrogant white swan, but she never focused on him, instead, she showed special favor to a toad.

That was so embarrassing!

Also was making people jealous!

“Go away, I’m not acquainted with you.” Waving his hand randomly, Yue Yang shook the sexy beauty off. Meanwhile, the Guard Captain’s eyes were twitching with envy.

“Since you are not acquainted with me, why you jumped into the pool when I was bathing?” The sexy beauty didn’t mind at all, just pretending to stare at him.

“It’s totally slander, an upright gentleman like me would never jump into the pool if you didn’t have invited me. I just thought that you were too lonely to take a bath, so out of kindness, I went into the pool to accompany you. I never thought you should treat me like that, it was so disappointing.” Yue Yang patted his chest and indicated that he was an upright man.

The Guard Captain almost fell off the horse and ceased to breathe on the spot.

How could there be such an upright gentleman in the world?

If not that the master in the carriage didn’t give an order, he would have hacked him with the sword. No, it‘s not enough to hack him to death, he should be cut by pieces to feed the dog! Moreover, even so, it was not enough to vent the anger in his heart!

This guy had never looked at him straight in the eye from first to last.

Why should he treat me like that?

A Quasi-Heaven Stage could be so arrogant, he didn’t understand why master could bear him.

“I misunderstood you…” The sexy beauty secretly smiled, covering her lips, stopped having fun with Yue Yang. She choked back her laugh and made a salute to the carriage, “Bi Lv is greeting your senior. Our juniors don’t know the rules, and if any snubs, hope you will forgive us for being young and frivolous.!”

Translator’s Note:

1. This is a Chinese proverb, a toad wants to eat the meat of a swan (癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉), which means a sow is no match for a goose.

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