Chapter 726 – Demon’s Smile Appeared Again (Part 1)

“Haha.” The master inside the carriage laughed happily, “Little girl, do you know me?”

“A few hundred years ago, my father had exchanged the ‘Dragon Marrow’ for the ‘Frost Jadite’ with you, so my father got acquainted with you. Of course, at that time, Bi Lv was not born. But my father always mentioned your name – the Cruise Monarch.” The enchanting beauty was very respectful to the predecessor in the carriage, and at the same time, she shot a glance at Yue Yang with her beautiful eyes, signaling for him not to stand there idled and he should behave like a junior.

“You are the daughter of the previous Emerald Lord, Bi Hai. About your family, I have heard of something, but the Emerald Territory is not under my jurisdiction, and Lionheart King and I are in different camps, so I am not very convenient to have a hand in your family affair. Now, I’m glad to see the daughter of an old friend is still alive and is growing into a beauty.” The ‘Cruise Monarch’ in the carriage sighed slightly and immediately became happy, “Although I cannot ask you about Mortal Realm, if you have any urgent need, you can trade with me and exchange materials.”

“Thank you.” The enchanting beauty waved her small hand, “My family has come down in the world so that no treasures can be exchanged with, but Bi Lv can introduce one to you, this Prince Long Teng, from the Western Heaven Realm, has recently gained a lot. Maybe he can come up with something and trade with you.”

“Really?” ‘Cruise Monarch’ in the carriage asked Yue Yang, “I don’t know what Prince Long Teng wants to exchange?”

“He wants to change a lot of things, but the question is what do you want?” Yue Yang didn’t think this ‘Cruise Monarch’ would want something common.

“In fact, what I want is very simple. As long as it is a rare and interesting thing, I will be interested in. For example, Spirit Stone, Heavenly Crystal, Wildsoul, summoning grimoire, Ancient Relics, Eternal Youth Springwater, Rune Crystal, God’s Dew, God’s Wine and so on.” The Cruise Monarch in the carriage gave a list of items he wanted to acquire.

“…” Yue Yang was speechless after hearing that. Original translation from wangmamaread.

He didn’t have much of these things. Even if he had mountains of these things that could fill several Rainbow Castles, he wouldn’t exchange them with the master.

Among the items that Cruise Monarch wanted to acquire, Yue Yang only had summoning grimoire and God’s Dew. He got the summoning grimoire by slaughtering a lot of Innates in Tong Tian Tower, and he got God’s Dew at the Twelve Zodiac Temples. He once owned Wildsoul, but it had been infused and promoted to Tao Tie Blade and Star Scorpion. In addition, he just got Heavenly Crystals at the Miser’s Treasure, but this was an important item for Yue Yang to upgrade himself to Innate Elder. He wouldn’t take it out and exchange it with him.

Eternal Youth Springwater was an extremely rare ingredient for Refining Medicines.

Whether it was for Martial Spirit Pill or Martial God Pill, Eternal Youth Springwater was a required ingredient.

Even if Yue Yang got large amounts of Eternal Youth Springwater that he could have a bath in, he wouldn’t exchange it with others. This kind of thing would never be too much.

As for Spirit Stones, Yue Yang used to get only a few Lightning-attribute Spirit Stones at Thunder Fortress. After coming to Heaven Realm, he always wanted to find Spirit Stone, but he failed. Finally, he opened a few boxes that Captain Wild Bull put in the third door of the Miser’s Treasure, and he discovered Spirit Stones, which was extremely rare even in Heaven Realm, in these boxes.

Although Spirit Stones were not like Heavenly Crystal, they were also very rare.

Ordinary sky-rank experts simply couldn’t take advantage of the tremendous energy of Heavenly Crystals. If they wanted to upgrade themselves or warbeasts, one of the more common means was to absorb the energy contained in Spirit Stone.

This absorption process was actually very slow.

However, for many adult beasts that were born with Heaven Stage while had a low potential, using Spirit Stones to upgrade was almost their only way.

They could also enhance their strength in battles… It was correct. However, Sky-rank Warriors improving their strength only in combat didn’t live long, because they might be killed once they were defeated in the incessant fights, which was the main reason that the Heaven Realm allowed them to surrender themselves to the enemy decently in some particular situations.

Nine-tenths of the Sky-rank Warriors or even more would be depleted if they fought to the death in battles.

“Sorry, I don’t have the rare treasures you are looking for since I came from a remote countryside.” Yue Yang didn’t ask them what he could exchange, because he believed that he would suffer losses if he exchanged any treasures for that master’s.

“Really?” The Cruise Monarch in the carriage didn’t mind Yue Yang talking in this way, smiling and saying, “We can exchange treasures with each other if you like.”

“You are my senior. I will listen to you.” Yue Yang saluted the Cruise Monarch casually, being ready to dismiss him.

“See you, my young and interesting friends.” Laughing in the carriage, the Cruise Monarch ordered his subordinates to set out. In an instant, eight Snow White Sky Dragon Horses pulled the extremely luxurious lengthened carriage simultaneously into the sky, riding the wind away.

“…” Looking at Bi Lv who was seductive, the Guard Captain of Heaven Stage Level 5 observed that she was grabbing Yue Yang’s clothes with her hands for fear that he would fly away but ignored him, which made him feel disappointed. Turning to look at Yue Yang, who showed a total disregard of him and yawned, the Guard Captain’s lungs nearly burst with rage.

Out of his duty, the Guard Captain saluted Bi Lv as a knight courteously before he rode the Infernal Nightmare of Heaven Stage Level 3 away.

Chapter 725 - A Noble and Mysterious Guest (Part 2)
Chapter 726 - Demon’s Smile Appeared Again (Part 2)

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