Chapter 726 – Demon’s Smile Appeared Again (Part 2)

Then, leading the Guard group, following the carriage, they roared off.

Bi Lv gently poked Yue Yang’s arm, “Look, did I work in with you well? I saw that the idiot knight’s face contorted with anger! I really can’t understand why could the Cruise Monarch have accepted such a narrow-minded and self-righteous Guard Captain?”

Yue Yang snorted, “Just because this guy is crafty, so he will do that. It’s the best cover. And, don’t you think the Cruise Monarch will be more commanding since he has such a self-righteous Guard Captain? And for the city lord of the Mortal Realm, he will be more convenient to deal with his business when such a self-righteous Guard Captain is next to him. I can say that Cruise Monarch’s arrival is absolutely intentional. He finds that Lionheart King, the King Tuo Ye, and others are at war secretly, and he is also curious about our identity, so, with the name of your father’s old friend, he is to inquire about intelligence, and he even wants ally with us as one of his chess between Lionheart King and the King Tuo.”

After listening to what Yue Yang had analyzed, Bi Lv frowned as well.

Cruise Monarch showed up on the dot, people had numerous doubts.

Most importantly, he even hinted that he would like to exchange everything with Yue Yang, Prince Long Teng from the Western Heaven Realm. Wasn’t it that he was borrowing Yue Yang’s power to stab Lionheart King and the King Tuo Ye in the back?”

“What will we do next? In order to work in with your battle plan, I have already asked the subordinates to stay put, but you have to know that I am only a lord of the fallen state, I have no absolute control over those city lords. To say the least, you, the third young master of Yue sect, should leave some bones for others since you have eaten the meat? It’s never a good idea to make others envious.”

“Get out! I detest those behaving inconsistently with their thoughts the most. Standing ten meters away from me and watching me taking a bath is the way you serve me?” Yue Yang roared with fury.

“I’ll serve you in the bath sooner or later. Aren’t you dealing with your business? How can you engage in a love affair with me? Your business should be your top priority.” Bi Lv said, without being angry.

“I personally disapprove of alliance, but I have accepted it with reluctance as you have played a supporting role in my arrangements and contributed to it. Apart from anything else, you only need to tell those old rascals who are as dense as an idiot to take prosthetic teeth if they want to nibble at the bones in case the bones are so hard that their teeth will be broken. Try to be far-sighted and do not be absorbed in scrap profit at present.” Yue Yang waved his hands and dismissed Bi Lv, saying, “Your Emerald Lord, if nothing else, you can leave now. I have a lot of things to do.”

“I’m the former Emerald Lord of the conquered nation,” Bi Lv corrected Yue Yang’s words. Before teleporting, she glanced back and smiled mischievously, asking, “Don’t you worry that the Guard Captain will come back and wage a desperate battle against you?” Original translation from wangmamaread.

“His Infernal Nightmare looks great. I have been short of a cool and outstanding mount.” Being light-hearted, Yue Yang turned around and left his figure to Bi Lv.

“I have seen quite a few excellent men in the Heaven Realm, except for him who made me laugh and weep all at once. Having him in the Heaven Realm may be a lot of fun.” Bi Lv muttered. She suddenly appreciated that her aspiration of a lifetime to recover the Emerald Territory became less important.

Comparing with fighting for supremacy in the Heaven Realm, which possessed a prospect as bright as the moon, the future of recovering the Emerald Territory was as gloomy as a firefly’s glow.

To continue with her plan of recovering the Emerald Territory or to join Yue Yang’s team wholeheartedly to fight for that brilliant cause?

Was Bi Lv, who was only of Heaven Stage Level 3 and ineffectual in recovering the Emerald Territory that was as gloomy as a firefly’s glow, capable of joining his team to fight for supremacy in the Heaven Realm?

Bi Lv engaged in self-examination.

After a long while, she showed a glimmer of smile.

It seemed that she realized something. She shouted loudly towards the City Lord’s mansion, “Wait for me! I will give you a complete shock. Never look down upon me, or you will be so startled that your eyes may fall to the ground!”

Bi Lv raised her fist and waved, as if she was encouraging herself.

She looked back at the City Lord’s mansion while she was being teleported.

Observing that someone with a mask on his face was glaring at her, Bi Lv felt much happier at once. She waved her hands and disappeared.

“She is a troublesome girl.” Yue Yang talked to himself.

“How do you arrange the party tonight?” Zhong Guan, Hei Tu and Bai Ma who were members of the Surrender Trio appeared next to Yue Yang. They had been hiding in Hui Tai Lang’s grimoire world in order to conceal themselves from Bi Lv.

“There will be an interesting welcome banquet tonight. We have to make it into an event that they will never forget.” Yue Yang showed a dazzling smile that could beckon beauties but was regarded as a smile that was ten thousand times much more horrible than the devil’s smile.

Such a smile indicated that someone would be in trouble.

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