Chapter 727 – Cheating Ring: Ding Bo’s Fat Lamb Method (Part 1)

The mass graves outside the Wu Ye City.

The Infernal Nightmare with burning dark flame descended from the sky. The Guard Captain, who was proud and haughty, sat on its back.

A field-mouse-like Shadow appeared in darkness and bowed respectfully in front of the Guard Captain, “Respected Heaven Stage, I’ve got some information. The beauty in the City Lord’s mansion this morning is Jade-Green Lord, the commander of the Rebel Army. She is the daughter of the former Emerald Lord. She has an important letter bearing a seal, which the Upper Heaven Realm presented to the former Emerald Lord. In recent years, she has been in exile outside the Emerald Territory to elude present Emerald Lord Yun Dao. No one knows her existence, except some loyal old followers in the independent Rebel Army in remote cities. I learned through some special, secret channels that the Jade-Green Lord’s wish is to recover the Emerald Territory, but she has not found a suitable ally.”

“What about the man?” The Guard Captain had no personal opposition to the beauty, but he hated Yue Yang’s guts.

“He is Prince Long Teng from the Western Heaven Realm. He is a mysterious martial artist wearing a mask. No one has ever seen what he really looks like. Prince Long Teng is good at hiding his presence. On the surface, he doesn’t reach Heaven Stage. However, his real combat power is unimaginable. He once inflicted heavy losses on Old Demon Wei, who had just leveled up to Heaven Stage Level 5 and was in the limelight.” The mouse-like Shadow could not collect more information about Yue Yang.

“Do you think that such a little bit of information is worth 200,000 gold?” The Guard Captain sneered.

“The information was worth at least 50,000 gold coins actually. However, since you don’t think it’s worth that, here I offer other free information. Prince Long Teng has a special domain power which no one can get out of. Old Demon Wei and others all died in it.” The mouse-like Shadow replied respectfully.

“No one can escape?” The Guard Captain listened, slightly frowning.

“The only survivor is the Master of Black Wind City,” the Shadow paused, and then said, “but he vanished without trace, so I’m temporarily unable to get information about Prince Long Teng’s domain.”

“Is there any other useful information? Do not deceive me with conjectures or legends, I want to know some definite and accurate information.” The Guard Captain snorted distantly.

“The last piece of information is that Prince Long Teng’s partners all vanished recently.” Shadow said affirmatively. Original translation from wangmamaread.

“Are his partners returning to the Western Heaven Realm or hiding somewhere?” The Guard Captain asked.

“…” It was an unanswerable question to Shadow.

“Among people in the Mercenary Guild who have bought information, you are the one that I’m most dissatisfied with, because the vague information that you have given me is far more expensive than others’, which made me disappointed.” The Guard Captain gave him a bronze card, saying, “There is 100,000 gold in this card, take it and get out of here! I virtually don’t want to pay you even one gold if I didn’t consider the Mercenary Guild Agreement. Unexpectedly, your information is not worth the price. I won’t pay for it even if I am wealthy.”

“Your Sky-rank Innate, how can you break your word? According to the Mercenary Guild Agreement, you have to give me 200,000 gold. In addition, it has been approved by the president of Silver Leaf City.” The field-mouse-like Shadow didn’t leave, instead, he saluted the Guard Captain sincerely, hoping that he would change his mind.

“Go away!” The Guard Captain thought that he had done his utmost to help Shadow.

“Although you are a Sky-rank Innate of Heaven Stage Level 5, how can you fail to keep your promise?” The field-mouse-like Shadow felt exceptionally disappointed and sighed.

“You’ll die if you don’t leave!” The Guard Captain was furious at Shadow’s words, because as a Sky-rank Innate of Heaven Stage Level 5, he was challenged and mocked by a weak person of Earth-rank, which terribly humiliated him.

Like lightning, the Infernal Nightmare of Heaven Stage Level 3 spurted a flame towards the field-mouse-like Shadow.

The field-mouse-like Shadow tried to escape, unfortunately, he failed due to his weak strength.

He was engulfed in flames.

Afte struggling few times, Shadow, who had been burning, was burned to ashes by the Infernal flames… Looking at the ashes, the Guard Captain blew a raspberry and laughed at Shadow heartily, “You acted recklessly. How could you, a field-mouse like you, dare to sin against Sky-rank Innates like me? If you want to live, you have to be permitted by us firstly, otherwise, you will die! It is amusing that such a weak bug dared to bargain with me!”

The Infernal Nightmare of Heaven Stage Level 3 he was riding also howled with proud, coughing and pawing. The flame flared, which made the Guard Captain more majestic.

The Guard Captain looked at the distant Wu Ye City, condensing energy with his hands. He prepared to condense a huge energy ball to lay Wu Ye City flat in dozens of kilometers away.

This was one of his proudest skills he has mastered, a ‘Blazing Explosive Bomb’ that could destroy the entire city from a distance. Thirty kilometers away, as long as there was enough huge Blazing Explosive Bomb, he could easily wipe out a city. If there was anyone who could survive, he must be of Heaven Stage level or above.

He didn’t know if the arrogant mask man would die in his Blazing Explosive Bomb.

But he could make sure that Bi Lv, of Heaven Stage Level 3, was definitely not life-threatening. Although she did not look at him even for a glance, the Guard Captain was unwilling to kill such a beauty. According to his experience, the sexy and enchanting Bi Lv was still an innocent virgin.

It would be cool if he could get her back and tame her well.

As for the damn mask man.

Even if he was lucky enough and didn’t die, he would suffer unstoppable revenge from him. Mask man would tremble under his feet… If he thought the special field used to limit Old Demon Wei was effective, then he was wrong, totally wrong. Old Demon Wei even didn’t have a summoning grimoire, and he even didn’t have the qualification to enter the Upper Heaven Realm. Compared to him, the Old Demon Wei of Heaven Stage Level 5 was just a small bug… slightly bigger bug!

“Destroy in the fire, you will never know what punishment you will suffer after you have defended me!”

The Guard Captain lifted the hill-like Blazing Explosive Bomb with his hand.

In a great state, just like god.

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Chapter 727 - Cheating Ring: Ding Bo’s Fat Lamb Method (Part 2)

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