Chapter 727 – Cheating Ring: Ding Bo’s Fat Lamb Method (Part 2)

When he prepared to throw the condensed Blazing Explosive Bomb without mercy and to destroy the Wu Ye City, a Shadow appeared silently behind the Guard Captain. On the man’s face, there was a unique twin mask, and his eyes showed a sarcastic smile.

He was Yue Yang, who was preparing the banquet to wait for the Guard Captain.

Yue Yang didn’t sneak attack.

If he had sneaked the attack, then he must succeed.

However, he didn’t do that. He just looked at the Guard Captain quietly, and his eyes shone as if he was staring at the piles of coin.


Immediately, the Guard Captain found someone was behind him, he turned his head around, found it was Yue Yang, his enemy, then his body trembled violently.

His eyes lit up with surprise.

He never thought that his enemy had stood behind him, and he was even unconscious about that. When he was about to seize the initiative, in the black earth scorched, a light smoke emerged and condensed into a field-mouse-like Shadow. The Shadow squatted on the ground and bowed to Yue Yang, “Thanks for Your Highness’s help. Otherwise, Yan Zao would have died now.”

Yue Yang waved his hand and said, “I have told you that it’s the right way to sell the news to me. Not everyone can be as trustworthy as I am.”

The field-mouse-like Shadow respectfully replied, “Please forgive me, because I have accepted the task of ‘Ding Bo’ first, so I don’t want to break my promise before Ding Bo breaks the agreement. Now, however, I am murdered after completing the task. The agreement has been no longer in force. Your Highness, although there is no such precedent before, I will make an exception this time and provide you the information for free.”

Hearing the name that he had been concealing was revealed by the field-mouse-like Shadow, the Guard Captain had a strong intention to kill with his face distorted by rage in an instant.

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“Originally, Ding Bo was the subordinate of the Fallen King in the Southern Heaven Realm. While the Fallen King was fighting against a powerful enemy, he had illicit intercourse with one of his master’s concubines, which was reckless. He fled and changed his name to ‘Shi Feng’, ‘Ni Shi’ and other names after his master beat the enemy by a neck. Then he changed his name to ‘Fei Fan’ and went and sought refuge with the Cruise Monarch in the Upper Heaven Realm. He was fully appreciated by the Cruise Monarch soon thanks to his strong capability to fight and excellent eloquence. He finally became the Guard Captain of the Cruise Monarch after stabbing captain in the back and plotting against his life, wresting his Energy Belt and possessing Puff Ghost, a Heaven Stage level warbeast. There are countless things about Ding Bo humiliating his master and plotting against his friends and relatives. He has been in safety because he has a Cheating Ring of [Sage]-level that can conceal everything.” Shadow reported on the Guard Captain’s information to Yue Yang in this way.

“Is there anything else?” Ding Bo, the Guard Captain, didn’t expect that someone knew many of his secrets and shivered with rage. He swore secretly that anyway, he would kill these two people who knew his true identity. Otherwise, he would be killed if the Fallen King knew where he was. He smiled after being extremely angry, saying, “It seems that you know me well. Apart from the Cheating Ring and the Energy Belt, what else do you know?”

“Ding Bo is proficient in four ways to attack. The first one is the powerful Blazing Explosive Bomb that has to be launched from afar. Within 30 kilometers, the bomb can attack anything that is 10 kilometers away from it. In addition, the farther the target is, the more powerful the bomb will be.” Shadow’s words made the Guard Captain’s face distorted immediately.

“Continue, I promise you that he can’t hurt you in the least, no matter how angry he will be.” Yue Yang promised to Shadow.

“Ding Bo’s second way to attack is the Flame Spray that he had used to kill me just then. The disadvantage of this skill is that he has to ride on the Infernal Nightmare when he wanted to join hands with it to spurt flame. The third one is to kill his enemy invisibly with his poisoned saliva that can paralyse the enemy and Puff Ghost’s skill. Ding Bo’s most secretive way to attack is Fat Lamb Method!” Shadow told Yue Yang Ding Bo’s most secretive way to attack, which made Ding Bo totally astonished. He had never used such special Fat Lamb Method in front of living people, but unexpectedly, Yan Zao knew his secret clearly.

“Fat Lamb Method?” Yue Yang asked Yan Zai with a surprise.

“I am a little confused as well. It should be a very special ability and its trigger needs to meet certain conditions. The enemy’s body will be temporarily transformed into a fat lamb and will be killed within a limited time. And the enemy will die when he is in the form of a fat lamb, which won’t be restored no longer.” The field-mouse-like Yan Zao explained.

“Interesting.” Yue Yang signed, “I have never thought that the Cheating Ring is so wonderful.”

“…” Originally, the Guard Captain Ding Bo had the remaining arrogance, but after listening to what Yue Yang said, he was completely shocked. The last secret was known by Yue Yang. He was too angry to control himself, raising his right hand wearing the Cheating Ring, “You all change into the Fat Lamb to die! Before I die, however, I will use the most cruel means in the world to torture you, you can make a desperate cry now!”

“You can go now. If any need, in the future, I will definitely find you to inquire about the news. I have to admit that you are really a good agent to inquire about the news.” Yue Yang didn’t look at the angry Ding Bo, facing the ugly field-mouse-like Yan Zao waved his hand, “Your message justify the price of 200,000 gold, for the rest of the money, you can find Bao Gu to make complete!”

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