Chapter 728 – The Most Sorrowful ‘Fat Lamb’! (Part 1)

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“Wanna go? No way!” The Guard Captain Ding Bo sneered. Ding Bo couldn’t let Yan Zao go since he knew too many secrets.

He lifted his left hand and summoned a Silver Grimoire, creating a unique Domain belonging only to him.

A gush of smoky substance effused from his body and quickly spread into a semi-circular Domain Space within a hundred meters. It was Ding Bo’s Domain Power, Ghost Domain. In the smog-filled 100-meter space, all enemies would be affected as long as they were inferior to Ding Bo. The Domain would then forcefully bless them with a ghost form.

For enemies trapped in the ghost form, their attacks and defenses would be weakened.

But of course, that’s not the point.

What’s more important was that only the enemy in the ghost form could bring about the unique deformability of the Cheating Ring and change the enemy into a big Fat Lamb.

“Sheep Transformation, with blood as the preliminary.” Ding Bo bit his tongue and mixed his blood with the saliva, then spat it out maliciously.

Spittle and blood with paralyzing toxins squirted out like an arrow.

Even if it was just his spit, it held infinite power.

It was too late for the field-mouse-like Yan Zao to escape from the Ghost Domain. He was hit by an arrow on his back, but in an instant, his body flickered with light. Yan Zao, who was paralyzed, gave out a scream. Countless smoke surrounded his body, and when it diffused, the short Yan Zao transformed into a fat white awkward sheep.

If it were not Yue Yang’s timely help, Yan Zao would have fallen directly off the cliff and his body smashed to pieces.

Yue Yang waved his hands gently, then Yan Zao fell on the ground with a light breeze holding his body, his four hooves touch the ground without any damage.

Yan Zao, even in his sheepish form, thoughtfully looked at Yue Yang and bowed slightly to thank him, then quickly running out of the Ghost Domain. It’s certain that Ding Bo wouldn’t let him go,and with a press of his hand, a light shined from the Silver Grimoire, then the Golden Horn Flame Demon appeared with a flash of flames. Its rank was lower than the Infernal Nightmare. Although it was only Heaven Stage Level 1, it had a wisdom greater than a common warbeasts. Its sly eyes indicated its wickedness. The Golden Horn Flame Demon stomped heavily on the ground, but while there was no reaction in the Ghost Domain, a sea of fire appeared outside of it.

If Yan Zao kept running forward, he would turn into a roast lamb.

“Want to play with fire?” Yue Yang didn’t summon any grimoire, nor did he use the Creation Domain. He just summoned the Spirit of Sky Fire.


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As soon as the Spirit of Sky Fire came out, she blew on the sea of ​​fire outside the Ghost Domain.

The ​​fire immediately burned more brightly, getting out of the control of the Golden Horn Flame Demon and completely taken over by the Spirit of Sky Fire. She turned her hand to the foot of the mountain, the burning flame split which revealed a road. Yan Zao then escaped easily without being burned by flames.

Compared to the Golden Horn Flame Demon, the Spirit of Sky Fire who was born in the Flames of Nirvana made up of storm, flame, thunder, consciousness and spirit was no doubt superior.

The Golden Horn Flame Demon roared at the Spirit of Sky Fire, but it didn’t dare make a rash action.

Because it knew that she was a strong enemy!

“Magma Wyvern!” Ding Bo reached out to summon another Magma Wyvern at the Quasi-Heaven Stage. He sneered at Yue Yang, “Want to compare with me in terms of the number of warbeasts? Come on, Come on, let me show you what a real Sky-rank Innate is, you fucking prince! If you think that I’m no different from other Sky-rank Innates, then you are totally wrong! Do you think that every Sky-rank Innate has grimoires like I do? Impossible! Only a real expert would have grimoires as strong as mine!”

“I agree with you, but I have to tell you, even with the summoning grimoire, you are not necessarily a real expert!” Yue Yang saw the Magma Wyvern rushing into the sky and then swooped to the cliff in the direction of Yan Zao. He summoned Reaper Mantis to let her kill the Magma Wyvern.

“The Centaur Warchief.”

Without being terrified by the Reaper Mantis, Ding Bo immediately summoned a Centaur Warchief with a bow and arrow in its hands and a short spear on its back, instructing it to launch an attack against the Reaper Mantis.

Meanwhile, the Magma Wyvern stopped and turned around, joining hands with the Centaur Warchief in launching a pincer attack against the Reaper Mantis.

Being aware that he was in an advantageous situation, Ding Bo sneered and taunted at Yue Yang, “You want to compete with me on warbeasts? You’re simply disgracing yourself!”

Ding Bo proceeded to summon an extremely hideous Twin Head Giant Demon.

The Twin Head Giant Demon was about 30 meters tall.

It roared as it lifted a boulder near the edge of the mass graves, ferociously throwing it at Yue Yang.

Jumping lightly, Yue Yang dodged the boulder. However, Ding Bo beckoned to a Poisoned Arrow Porcupine of Quasi-Heaven Stage to shoot tens of thousands of arrows that were as thick as raindrops towards Yue Yang in the sky. Ding Bo knew that he couldn’t kill his opponent by these means, but he didn’t intend to kill Yue Yang quickly. He was confident in killing his enemy, but he wanted to vent his hatred by fiercely torturing his detestable foe. The Twin Head Giant Demon that had forced Yue Yang to jump lifted a hill-like stone and threw it directly at Yan Zao of sheep shape in the valley.

Yan Zao managed to dodge the stone with great effort.

However, a warbeast that had absconded from the Ghost Domain, laid in ambush in Yan Zao’s way of escape.

It spewed out yellow thick smoke towards Yan Zao from its hip… Being engulfed by the yellow thick smoke, Yan Zao fainted at once with his body still in the sheep shape.

The warbeast that looked like a weasel picked Yan Zao up in its mouth and went back to its master. Looking down at Yan Zao, Ding Bo taunted him contemptuously, “Pitiable pathetic weakling, do you still think you can escape from me? You are destined to have this miserable fate because you are ignorant of your weakness. As a person in the Quasi-Heaven Stage, your biggest mistake was to fight against a Sky-rank Innate who has a real grimoire.”

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Chapter 728 - The Most Sorrowful ‘Fat Lamb’! (Part 2)

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